The Scollar Mini Smart Pet Collar Helps Your Pet at Every Stage

The Scollar Mini Smart Pet Collar Helps Your Pet at Every Stage

Wearable technology has finally made its way to man’s best friend. We see pet trackers, trainers, monitors, and everything in between. Unfortunately, these tend to come in all different devices adding extra weight to our pets’ collars. In addition, they all come in sizes for large breeds. Enter the Scollar Mini Smart Pet Collar. This clever pet wearable:
– is designed for cats and small dogs
– incorporates loads of features and technology
– helps with all stages of your pet’s life

It may be compact, the but Scollar Mini packs a punch. Whether you have a cat or a dog, it helps you understand your pet on a whole new level.

The Mini Smart Pet Collar that Does It All

Unlike other pet wearables, the Scollar Mini puts all of the technology in one place. It offers full GPS tracking so you can use the app and see your pet’s location. Additionally, this smart collar can monitor your cat or dog’s health and level of activity. The app even sends alerts to remind you about feeding schedules, medications, and flea/tick administration. Finally, the collar has a tappable display so anyone can view your contact details if your cat or dog is lost.

mini smart pet collar

Smarter than Your Average

The Scollar Mini is super smart. In addition to the above, it can also function as your pet’s access key. It easily pairs and integrates with other smart devices. As they approach, and according to your parameters, your pets can open pet doors and even get food from a pet food dispenser. Additionally, you can use the app to set zones in your home. With seamlessly integrating modules attaching to the collar, you can use the beacon discs to keep a watchful eye even when you’re not there. With this, your pets will stay off that expensive couch or even away from another pet’s food bowl.

mini smart pet collar

Added Convenience

If all of the above wasn’t enough, the Scollar Mini goes a step further with even more convenience for the owner. The collar features a safety LED to keep your pet visible even at night. It also has a breakaway module for exploring cats so they won’t get stuck while out and about. The battery, which lasts an impressive 30 days, is also easily changed without removing the collar.

mini smart pet collar

What We Love

Finally, an all-in-one device for our smaller pets! We love that this collar is useful from puppy and kitty training through to adulthood.

Future Improvements

The current model is available in blue and red. It’d be great to see more colors to match the personalities of our furry friends.

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Kickstarter: until February 23rd
– Pledge: $99
– Delivery: August 2017

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