The best smart plants to improve your daily life

When you think about making your daily life better, smart plants probably aren't the first thing you think of. But there are myriad reasons as to how they can do just that. From air quality to not having to worry about if the grocery store has run out of basil, household plants can serve more purposes than just being decorative.

The best smart plants to improve your daily life
Glowpear Urban Garden Self-Watering Planter Box in White

We know, plants are kind of a pain. They typically require a lot of care. But just like technology has moved into the future in other realms, it’s gotten more advanced when it comes to your favorite flora and keeping them healthy. We now have smart plants that can practically take care of themselves. So even if you have a black thumb of death (raising a hand over here), you can keep that aloe from dying.

Sure, houseplants look nice and add a certain level of sophistication to any room, but they serve more purposes than just that. Indoor plants can greatly improve your home’s air quality, and there are certain plants that are better at doing so, like dragons trees, English ivy, and Gerbera daisies. Though, if you’re looking to add plants to your home, and you have pets, be sure to make note of plants that harm animals.

And what’s better than having fresh herbs on-hand at all times? Forget about that bike ride to the supermarket. Or worrying about how many pesticides have touched that rosemary. When you grow at home, you can control that and eat organic foods.

Urbie Air 3-in-1 Advanced Indoor Air Purifier offer comfortable air

Achieve comfortable air in your home every day with the Urbie Air 3-in-1 Advanced Indoor Air Purifier. It works in three different ways to clean the air around you. First, it uses a plant and smart system to be an eco-friendly air filter, removing harmful particles so you can breathe easier. It also removes excess humidity. Finally, yet most impressively, Urbie Air can even water the plant all on its own. It uses three powerful fans to pull in humidity and bio-filter VOCs. Plus, it houses five smart sensors so it’s always working efficiently. These include tracking the air quality, humidity, temperature, water tank level, and the thirst of the plant inside.

Verdeat Personalized Home Garden automatically grows your plants

What’s better than farm to table? Depending on where you keep the Verdeat Personalized Home Garden, you may get table to table. This organic growing tool provides you with chemical-free farming of 76 plants at once. It doesn’t matter what the weather is outside, this home gardening device still grows produce without requiring much energy. Using the connected app, this indoor garden can run autonomously, providing irrigation and food to your plants for up to three weeks. Along with giving you access to fresh greens, this indoor garden mimics sunlight to boost your mood. Made from 95% recycled materials, this zero-waste food-growing planter reduces water consumption by up to 90%.

Glowpear Urban Garden Self-Watering Planter Box is a time saver

If you want to garden but don’t have a green thumb, the Glowpear Urban Garden Self-Watering Planter Box can help you achieve that. It’s designed so plants take the amount of water they need. This ensures you won’t accidentally over or under water them. It’s capable of growing fruit, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Plus, like the mini, this version comes with a clip-on drip tray, which means you won’t encounter spilled water. This planter can be placed either indoors or outdoors, making it a beautiful addition in whatever space you have.

Steady State Upcycled Plant Food and Sustainable Grow Kits has everything

Looking to grow happy and healthy plants at home? Look no further than the Steady State Upcycled Plant Food and Sustainable Grow Kits. Featuring a kit for herbs and a kit for vegetables, each one has everything you need to keep your plants thriving. This includes an illuminated plant house, scoops, seeds, fertilizer, and more. But, there’s a truly eco-friendly approach that other kits don’t have: upcycled phosphorous. These kits actually use phosphorous that has been recovered in its pure form before it can pollute our waters. This essential nutrient for plants is then part of a closed-loop, meaning it’s totally sustainable.

GreenFrame Potted Plant Room Divider creates a happier work environment

The GreenFrame Potted Plant Room Divider provides any work environment with a faux window to the outdoors. If your workspace is one of the unfortunate ones that doesn’t have a great view of outside, GreenFrame provides a solution. This office divider provides a stand for three potted plants. While it doesn’t create a cubicle feeling, it will divide a room naturally by adding some office greenery. Additionally, this stand provides indoor sunlight thanks to its natural-light lamps that hang above the plants.

Dewplanter Water-Generating Planter uses condensation to hydrate your plants

Because the Dewplanter Water-Generating Planter takes care of hydrating your plants, you just have to sit back and enjoy them. Plants are a relaxing, healthy addition to your home—except when you become stressed trying to take care of them. By harvesting the condensation around it, the Dewplanter gets enough moisture to water your plants. Furthermore, almost any type of plant can work in this planter—so you can choose between tasty greens or beautiful flowers.

Herbitat Smart Hydroponic Indoor Garden lets you grow produce at home

Easily grow your own fresh, delicious, and nutritious produce at home with the Herbitat Smart Hydroponic Indoor Garden. Featuring a soilless NFT grow system, this smart home garden maximizes plant growth while creating zero mess. As a result, it’s exceptionally easy to plant, grow, and also harvest your plants. With an intelligent system in place, Herbitat features Wi-Fi connectivity as well as integrated nutrient, water, and temperature sensors to know just what your plants need in order to grow. The grow pods are also detachable so you can pull them out for maintenance as needed.

Plastia Berberis Large Self-Watering Planter helps you grow plants easily

With the Plastia Berberis Large Self-Watering Planter, it doesn’t matter how large your garden space is. You don’t need a fence to lean your tall-growing peas and beans because you can connect supports to this planter. In fact, this self-watering pot is even great for plants that grow really large, like tomatoes. Simply plant a seed or started plant in this outdoor planter to get things going. Then this outdoor self-watering planter manages water intake on its own. This pot has a large water reservoir that you can ensure stays full by monitoring the water-level indicator.

Herbstation All-Season Farm uses magnetic LED lights

The Herbstation All-Season Farm makes growing herbs indoors easier than ever. This self-watering planter keeps water in reserve for seven to ten days. It uses this water to keep your plants hydrated as they need it. So you don’t have to remember to water daily. Because this on-demand watering system doesn’t use any pumps or other connections, just top it off each week. Using magnetic LED grow lights, this on-demand watering planter gives your garden friends the effects of sunlight. There’s even a greenhouse pack that encourages your plants to grow well during the cold season.

Now that you know you can grow stuff at home without killing it, don’t you want to go get a planter? And aren’t you glad we gave you a whole list of them to get started with? Let us know what you’re thinking of getting!

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