Smart bike accessories to improve every ride

Do you prefer two wheels over four? A bike is a fantastic mode of transportation. It helps the environment while also keeping you fit. Whether you cycle to and from work, up and down mountains, or just for fun, here are some clever bike accessories to enjoy every trek to the fullest.

Smart bike accessories to improve every ride
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  • Where can I find more bike accessories? We’ve got everything you can imagine (and more!) in our bike category.

Since their creation in 1817, bikes have come a long way in their design, capabilities, safety standards, and comfort. And with creation comes innovation. We’re spoiled for choice when it comes to accessories. From smart lights to illuminate your path to conveniently placed mirrors, these clever bike accessories will improve every ride.

SmartHalo 2 Smart Biking Device

This all-in-one connected device provides you with easy navigation, real-time data, and a powerful light. SmartHalo 2 even features activity tracking and connects to your smart home. It does all of this (and more!) with an easy-to-read display without distractions.

iTrakit GPS In-Frame Bike Tracker

Bike thieves are no match for the iTrakit. This in-frame bike tracker resides inside the frame of your bike meaning it’s totally concealed from everyone. Even with its slim design, it still provides impressive data. You can easily track down your bike no matter where it goes and the battery will last you a whole year.

Kradl Bike Lift Storage System

Kradl helps you maximize your space while safely storing your wheels. Attaching to the ceiling, it uses a pulley system to help you store and access your bike when you need. All it takes is two mounting screws yet it can hold up to 40 lbs.

Pixel Dual Color Bike Light

Attaching to your clothing, gear, helmet, or anywhere you need Pixel helps you give information to other people on the road. It has two light options; red and white. Use it to indicate and make yourself known on the road. With the IP54 waterproof rating, it can hold up to just about anything.

COROS SafeSound Urban Smart Cycling Helmet

This incredible helmet does so much more than protect your noggin. The COROS SafeSound Urban is loaded with smart features. You can easily take and end calls, receive real-time navigation audio, and it even has integrated tail lights to keep you visible.

Swytch Electric Bike Conversion Kit

If you’re looking to had a little more power to your commute, check out Swytch. It’s a kit that converts your standard bike into an electric one. Weighing only 5.5 lbs., it offers up to 30 miles on a single charge and even has a front headlight.

Beryl Burner LED Bike Light Set

Speaking of lights, the Beryl Burner LED Light is a great way to keep yourself visible and informed on the road. The front light 180 lumens while the back has 100. With six settings to choose from, everyone else on the road will have a clear view of your position.

The RearViz Bicycle Mirror

The RearViz is a bicycle mirror that can go right where you need it. Attaching to your forearm, this compact mirror shows a full view of your blind spot so you can navigate with ease and total peace of mind.

AIRLOK Secure Bike Hanger

For total security, AIRLOK is a must. This bike hanger features a hardened steel lock for which there is only one key. Plus, it lifts your bike clean off the floor to give you back your much-needed apartment space.

Everysight Raptor AR Cycling Smartglasses

Using the power of AR, the Raptor Smartglasses offer real-time information for all your cycling metrics. The display is semi-transparent so you can truly keep your eyes on the road in front of you. It offers your speed, heart rate, distance, power, and so much more.

reTyre Zip-On Tire System

There’s nothing worse than not being prepared for the terrain. That’s where reTyre comes in. This zip-on tire system lets you swap out tire treads instantly and anywhere, letting you tackle anything from mountain ranges to city avenues.

TRON XD Fingerprint Shackle Lock

Securing your bike after your commute shouldn’t require a headache. TRON XD makes it easy with the fingerprint access. Simply place your finger on top to instantly unlock the shackle lock and access your bike. Incredibly, the battery lasts for 2000 openings on a single charge.

Waterproof Bike Rear Light

Let others on the road know right where you are even at night with this waterproof bike rear light. It easily attaches to the stem of your bike and shines a bright red light that no one can miss. It’s USB rechargeable so you can charge up anywhere.

FormMount Phone Magnetic Smartphone Bike Mount

Go totally hands and hassle-free with FormMount. It uses a strong magnetic hold to keep your smartphone right where you need it, no matter how bumpy your journey may be. It’s even been tested for 17mph rides down railroad tracks (but maybe don’t try that at home).

Which one of these clever bike accessories do you need the most? Let us know in the comments!

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