The SpeedX Leopard is the World’s First Smart Aero Road Bike

The SpeedX Leopard is the World’s First Smart Aero Road Bike

So, last year, I attempted a bike race. I was raising money for a wonderful non-profit and I committed myself to 40 kilometers of hills with some professional riders. The training was gruelling and I never left my flat area of town which was a huge mistake. I felt as though I was improving but had no idea how to tell. Suffice to say, I didn’t finish the race but it wasn’t for a lack of trying. I managed to go head over handlebars at one point and popped my back tire. Twice.

The SpeedX Leopard is nothing like my bike. In fact, it’s everything that my bike is not. As the first smart aero road bike, the SpeedX Leopard has all the bells and whistles to improve your cycling while minimising distractions.

SpeedX Leoopard

Most noticeable about this bike is that the aforementioned bells and whistles seem to not be visible – but this has been done on purpose. Upon closer inspection, you’ll find the SpeedX Leopard has hidden brakes and zero visible wires to keep the bike as aerodynamic as possible. This design is made to minimise resistance from the air, but it also looks pretty damn cool. The lights on the bike are also interchangeable and smart as they can automatically illuminate to keep others on the road aware of your movements when it’s dark.

SpeedX Leopard

Holding it all together is an incredibly light yet durable frame. At just 1.2kg, half that of a traditional bike, the frame is made with 207 layers of folded carbon fiber – the same stuff trusted by aerospace and military professionals. This material is perfect for the SpeedX Leopard as it absorbs shock to give you a more comfortable ride in addition to being expertly shaped to be more aerodynamic.

What makes the SpeedX Leopard so smart is the integrated computer which provides real time cycling data to help you train and improve. You’re able to use your past metrics to race yourself and improve your time on your tried and tested courses along with a view of your current and best times. The XCoach system becomes your personal coach and shows your current speed, heart rate, calories, slope, distance, altitude, cadence, and more all in neat snippets of information on the 2.4-inch screen. The computer also provides you with GPS and, because it’s connected, you can receive alerts about the weather and conditions of the road ahead. Charging just 30 minutes, the computer will last you 40 hours and record your data for 800 kilometers.

SpeedX Leopard computer

Despite my rocky relationship with cycling, the SpeedX Leopard makes me want to get back on the horse. It’s the ideal bike for novices and professionals alike as it’s great for everyone to improve. The SpeedX team’s original goal on Kickstarter of $50k now pales in comparison to their current funding of nearly $1.7 million. Ending the campaign on April 22nd, you can still reserve your own SpeedX Leopard for just $1,299, a whopping $400 off the retail price. Each purchase takes advantage of the SpeedX Smart Bike Fitting System and the lifetime guarantee for the frame.

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