The most amazing new tech gadgets so far in 2019

Whether you’re into photography or smart home devices, kitchen gadgets or e-bikes, new technology is alway exciting. Keeping up with all the latest announcements can be tricky, but we’ve got you covered.

The most amazing new tech gadgets so far in 2019
Most Amazing New Tech 2019
  • What are some affordable smart home accessories? A smart home can be as expensive as it sounds. With big leaps in innovation come big price tags to go along with them. However, there are lots of devices out there that are plenty smart and won’t break the bank and we’ve found 14 of the best. 
  • How can technology help me every day? While everyone has their own favorite, tech brands have taken hold of our need for simplicity and have designed products and devices to make our lives easier. These tech life hacks are all about giving you unprecedented access, ease of use, and peace of mind for everything from our health to our home security.
  • Which luxury tech gadgets can make my home entertainment setup better? When it comes to technology in the home, there’s one area that many people are quick to upgrade: their home entertainment setup. Whether it’s an update in audio, visual, or something truly unique, it can make all the difference for movie night. Go on – treat yourself by checking out these luxury tech devices to take your home entertainment to the next level.

When it comes to new technology, we’re always on the edge of our seats. Brands of all sizes are able to throw their hat in the ring thanks to crowdfunding. Plus, with the internet, new ideas get pushed in front of more viewers at a faster rate than ever. This not only popularizes a single product, but it brings the median knowledge about technology among the masses up a notch. With this, innovation accelerates even faster.

Just a few years ago, a smart assistant’s limited capabilities could tell us basic information such as the weather. Now, smart assistants can learn from our preferences and thereby further automate processes for us. And we can’t get enough.

While a robot takeover is highly unlikely, all of this innovation begs the question: what could possibly come next? Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s talk about the here and now. Just in 2019, we’ve seen exceptionally fascinating innovation across all fields of technology. Here are the most amazing new gadgets so far this year.

Limodo Window Wizard Smart Window Cleaning Robot

The obvious excitement for any new innovation is about automation. Any time a device can do the heavy lifting for us is a time we celebrate. The Window Wizard from Limodo is an intelligent robot that scrubs your windows. Using powerful suction, it attaches to your windows and glass doors. Then, using smart sensors, it moves about the class, clearing away dirt, grime, and fingerprints with ease. It’s so smart that it can accurately map out its path for the most efficient cleaning and it’ll detect edges so it doesn’t fall.

Denon HEOS 3 Compact Bluetooth Speaker

It’s 2019; we should be able to access all our music from a single spot. With the Denon HEOS 3, that’s a reality. This surprisingly compact speaker delivers big sound from just about any and every music source. It works with all sorts of streaming apps but also connects via Bluetooth to other sources. You can even plug in via USB. If the big sound isn’t big enough for you, you can pair multiple units together to create house-fill surround sound.

HD Mask Surveillance Camera USB Spy Cam

Throwback to everyone’s childhood dream: now there’s a spy cam you can buy and you’ll actually use. The HD Mask is a teeny tiny surveillance camera. However, it comes in the form of a USB plug and outlet. You (or anyone else) won’t notice the small camera lens on the front. But it actually records in 1080p HD. Not only that, but it also begins recording when it detects motion, so you don’t have to sift through hours of footage. What’s more, the USB charging feature is fully functional so none will be the wiser.

Aria Modern Home Affordable Smart Home Gadgets

Creating the ideal smart home is no small feat. It’s also no small impact on your wallet. The Aria Smart Home Gadget collection is here to simplify it all. Featuring smart lights, LED strips, sensors, and more, this range is surprisingly affordable. Coming in sets, you can outfit your entire home on a fairly modest budget. Plus, you can manage them all through your smartphone or via Alexa and Google Assistant. Although they’re affordable, they certainly don’t look it. The Aria range features sleek lines and cool colors to only add to your interior aesthetic.

Image Credits: String Lights – Festoon House

Panasonic LUMIX DC-ZS200 Leica Digital Camera

If you love to travel, having the right camera is the best way to capture (and remember) all your great adventures. The LUMIX DC-ZS200 helps you nail the shot no matter where you travel or how far from the action you are. Thanks to the built-in Leica lens, you can zoom in up to 15x. This is perfect for capturing the finer details from a distance. And, with the 20.1-megapixel sensor, you know you’ll get quality images with little noise. This nifty little camera also records 4K video, offering 30 frames per second.

Logitech G915 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Gamers rejoice – now you can go for hours without having to recharge your keyboard. The Logitech G915 is totally wireless so you can sit back, put your feet up, sit on the couch, or be anywhere you are while you play. Thanks to the 30-hour battery life, you won’t think twice about how much juice it’s got left. And, the low profile mechanical switches will improve your speed. Above all else, the keyboard is delightfully thin so you can also take with you when you’re on the go.

KOMPLETE KONTROL M32 Micro Keyboard Controller

If you’re into creating music, you may have already heard about the KOMPLETE KONTROL M32. This micro keyboard controller is compact yet totally capable. With 32 keys, it comes with Smart Play features, innovative software, and seamless integration offer intuitive control. The micro keyboard controller also makes it easy to control your instruments, loops, effects, samples and more straight from the device. And, because it’s compact, you can create anywhere you are.

Snapchat Spectacles 3 3D Video Glasses

Have you heard about Snapchat’s Spectacles? If you have in the past and quickly wrote them off, we urge you to reconsider. The social media platform’s latest rendition combines quality, style, and capability. Offering 3D video, these stylish sunglasses are outfitted with two HD cameras on either side. They capture exactly what you see, and then render the collective footage in 3D. Plus, they’re easy on the eyes. The stainless steel frames come in two modern colors to match anyone’s style. In fact, no one will even notice they have two cameras attached.

Sevenhugs Smart Remote X All-in-One Controller

If you’ve ever wanted a god complex, get the Sevenhugs Smart Remote X. Sleek, smart, and simple to use, this all-in-one controller connects to all your smart home devices, giving you unprecedented control. You can use it to manage your smart lights, fans, locks, security cameras, and just about anything else. With everything in one place, you never have to deal with opening and closing loads of different apps. Just press the button you need and be done.

Altice Amplify Smart Speaker

Power, meet intelligence. The Altice Amplify from Devialet is a truly smart speaker that will blow you away with audio quality. With three full-range drivers and two diamond woofers, it’s actually surprisingly compact considering the sound that comes out. While this is great, one feature you’ll love even more is the built-in access to Amazon Alexa. You can ask this speaker anything you would the Echo Dot and you’ll get the same results. This includes accessing and managing all your smart home devices, meaning the Altice Amplify is more like a smart home hub.

Whistle Go Explore Pet Location Tracker

While you may love tracking your own activities during the day, you should do it for your dog, too. Whistle Go is a wearable device that lets you track your pet. You can open the app to see how many calories your dog burns, as well as how long their walks are and more. Using your pet’s age, weight, and breed as a starting point, Whistle Go is totally waterproof and can even let you know if your dog has wandered off. With a 20-day battery life, you’ll never have to worry about it dying mid-walk.

Fujifilm Instax Mini LiPlay Smartphone Printer Camera

Do you love taking photos on your smartphone? Who doesn’t? Especially with all the latest releases and incredible specs, smartphones have certainly come a long way. Now, you can print those photos you love with the Instax Mini LiPlay. It’s a smartphone printer camera that offers delightful prints anywhere you are. And, the device is also a camera, meaning you can totally leave your smartphone behind while you capture your memories.

Nanoleaf Canvas Interactive Ambient Light

We’re pretty sure you’ve never seen lights like these before. Nanoleaf isn’t shy when it comes to innovation, and their Canvas Light carries on that trend. You can totally customize the layout and design of the individual light squares. Then, you can further customize the look by picking colors and patterns for them to display. All responding to your touch, these incredible lights work on walls as well as your ceiling. You can even play games with these lights. In a nutshell, the Nanoleaf Canvas provides limitless designs to cater the light perfectly for your space.

VAIO SX12 Ultracompact Laptop

While some laptop manufacturers are all about giving you maximum screen size, VAIO is going for total portability. The display of the SX12 measures just 12.5 inches. But, what it lacks in screen size it more than makes up for in compactness. The laptop measures less than an inch thick. Plus, it weighs only two pounds. With these specs, you can truly take it anywhere you go. And, even though it has a super small footprint, the SX12 still has six different ports (which can’t be said for the MacBook). These include USB-C, SuperSpeed USB 3.0 and 3/1, HDMI, VGA, and more, giving you all the functionality you could ever need.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+

Samsung is always leading the way of innovation in the smartphone space. Although their foldable phone didn’t work out (or at least hasn’t yet), their Galaxy range is always expanding and improving. The Note10 and Note10+ are no exception to this trend, both of which feature an edge-to-edge display. This means it’s essentially free of bezels so the entire front of the device is accessible and usable. And, the smartphones also come in your choice of LTE or 5G, the latest in connectivity. If you’re not sure which to get, the Note10 measures 6.3 inches while the Note10+ is 6.8 inches (although this doesn’t really make the choice easier).

Saint Laurent Cotodama Lyric Speaker Canvas Moving Display Speaker

You could look up song lyrics on Google in the midst of your elegant dinner party. Or, you could have the Lyric Speaker Canvas. A collaboration between Saint Laurent and Cotodama, this exceptional speaker is complete with a moving display. It’ll show the lyrics to all your favorite song. And, the lyrics don’t just scroll like a karaoke bar. Instead, this classy speaker injects life into the lyrics. They’re fully animated as they dance across the screen, looking more like a piece of virtual art.

FOREO ISSA 2 Silicone Sonic Toothbrush

Sure, you may have an electric toothbrush, but it’s nothing like the FOREO ISSA 2. Soft to the touch, this waterproof toothbrush holds its charge for an entire year. Plus, it has 16 different speed settings, giving you the perfect clean every day of the year no matter what your needs are. If you’re a heavy brusher, don’t worry about excess pressure. The super-soft bristles won’t cause damage to your teeth or gums while the sonic technology ensures each one of your teeth is given the royal treatment.

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