12 Technology life hacks to help you every day

While our technology often gives us headaches, there are some gadgets and devices that truly make our lives better. From remembering something for you to helping you track down lost items to better multi-tasking, the technology is here to make every day easier.

12 Technology life hacks to help you every day
Everyday tech life hacks
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In the early days of clickbait articles, “life hacks” referred to any shortcut, small or large, that would simplify something in your day. For example, putting a rubber band on a paint can allows you to get excess paint off the brush before you paint your wall, reducing the runoff. Or, remembering to monitor your smartphone signal when looking at houses to buy, ensuring you don’t end up living in a dead zone.

While everyone has their own favorite, tech brands have taken hold of our need for simplicity and have designed products and devices to make our lives easier. These tech life hacks are all about giving you unprecedented access, ease of use, and peace of mind for everything from our health to our home security.

Sevenhugs Smart Remote X All-in-One Controller

You may have purchased a lot of smart home devices to make your life easier, but keeping track of them all may have done the opposite. The Sevenhugs Smart Remote X puts all the control right in your hand. From your smart TV to your video doorbell to you smart lights and everything in between, this remote can control it. Just make sure you don’t misplace it.

FOREO ISSA 2 Silicone Sonic Toothbrush

Whether you use a traditional toothbrush or an electric, this one will simplify your brushing. Not only does the impressive sonic technology clean your teeth to perfection, you also never need to worry about the battery dying. This is because the batter lasts for an entire year, giving you the freedom to travel without a second thought (but with pearly white teeth).

COROS SafeSound Urban Smart Cycling Helmet

Life hacks are all about combining small needs into one solution and the COROS SafeSound Helmet does just that. This smart helmet uses the latest research and technology to keep your noggin protected. But it also keeps you connected. With a built-in speaker system, you can listen to your music or follow turn-by-turn audio directions. It also sports integrated tail lights and three light modes to make sure you’re seen (and safe) while you ride.

Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro Dual-Display Laptop Monitor

Need more space while you work? The DUEX Pro is a dual-display monitor system. Attaching seamlessly to the back of your laptop, it provides an instant second screen right when you need it. Likewise, it tucks away when it’s not in use, keeping your workspace compact and portable. The beautiful 12.5-inch display offers 1080p resolution, making it perfect for spreadsheets (or social media).

SanDisk ibi Smart Photo Manager

The only thing worse than running out fo space on your smartphone is realizing you’ll have to delete photos to get your space back. With the SanDisk ibi, you can store all your photos without having to delete them. This smart photo manager also lets you seamlessly share your photos with your friends and family, simplifying the entire process. With the app, you can access your photos any time you want without sacrificing your phone’s storage.

Ember Connected Copper Mug

Who loves a nice cup of hot coffee? Now, who loves a nice up of luke-warm coffee? Exactly. Keep your coffee from getting cold with the Ember Connected Copper Mug. Complete with a built-in heating element, you can keep your coffee or tea piping hot for up to an hour. For your favorite drinks, you can use the app to determine preset temperatures. All you have to do is make sure you’re get to that meeting on time (hot coffee in hand).

EQUA Smart Water Bottle

No matter what you’re feeling, if you don’t feel 100%, water will help. EQUA is a smart water bottle that can help you stay hydrated. Thanks to a super smart built-in sensor, it knows every time you take a sip. So, as a result, it knows just how hydrated (or dehydrated) you are. Pairing with an app, EQUA alerts you when it’s time to take a sip so you can always stay on top of your hydration.

URGONight Brain Sleep Trainer

A single night with poor sleep is enough to halt your productivity. With URGONight, you can actually train your brain for better sleep. This wearable takes just 20 minutes per day to work. Simply pop it on your head and and work through the exercises. The device then tracks your brainwaves to then determine what you’ll need to do in order to get optimal rest.

Anova Precision Cooker Pro Sous Vide Device

Everyone loves a perfectly cooked meal right at home, but few of us actually have the skills. The Anova Precision Cooker Pro is here to do the work for you. This sous vide can handle anything you throw its way thanks to the 12-liters-per-minute flow rate. Plus, the battery lasts 10,000 hours on a single charge. That’s enough for a year’s worth of delicious meals.

Vortix Insect Bite Cure Device

If you’re like a magnet for bug bites, you can use technology to ease the itch. The Vortix Insect Bite Cure device takes just seconds to give you relieve. Just hold the device over your big bite and press the button. From ant to mosquitos, bees to wasps, this high-tech device treats the bite instantly by increasing blood flow and circulation. It’s a non-toxic solution that’ll keep your hands from scratching all over.

Vortix Insect Bite Cure Device

This high-tech device treats insect bites instantly by increasing blood flow and circulation

ResQBattery Smartphone Jumpstarter

Does your smartphone need a jumpstart? Let the ResQBattery come to the rescue. This pack of two batteries is perfect for stashing in your car, locker, desk, or anywhere else you’re far from an outlet. It’s impressively slim so you can continue to use your device as it recharges. Incredibly, it’ll give your smartphone an extra five hours of talk time which is plenty to get you to a proper charger.

ResQBattery Smartphone Jumpstarter

It’s impressively slim so you can continue to use your device as it recharges.

Pale Blue USB-Rechargeable Batteries

Ever have a battery run out on the remote mid-game? There are few things as frustrating. Well, until you look in the drawer to find you don’t have any spares. The Pale Blue Batteries are actually USB-rechargeable, meaning you never have to buy more ever again. When they run out, simply plug them in. They can even be recharged over 1,000 times.

Do you have any gadgets or devices that are total life hacks? Let us know in the comments!

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