9 Unique kitchen gadgets to master any recipe

Are you always ordering take out to avoid cooking? Creating a home-cooked meal every night can be exhausting, especially if you’re a novice in the kitchen. Give yourself a helping hand by adding in some handy gadgets and tools to your meal prep.

9 Unique kitchen gadgets to master any recipe
Unique Cooking Gadgets Offer a Helping Hand for Every Meal

What did it look like the last time you cooked a meal at home? Were you fumbling around, trying to turn the page on your iPad as you follow along with a recipe? Did you find yourself wondering why your food was so bland only to realize you forgot to season as you cooked?

While a Michelin-star chef could probably create a masterpiece with even the most basic tools, the average person could use a helping hand (or two) in the kitchen. It’s not like you need an all-in-one machine to do the cooking for you (though if you’re looking for one, check out June Oven).

Instead, you can make some smaller additions to your cabinets and drawers with these unique kitchen gadgets to help you master any recipe.

Prepdeck All-in-One Meal Prepping Hub

One key way to cooking a successful meal is to properly prep your food. With Prepdeck, you can do just that. It’s an all-in-one hub where you can chop, slice, dice, and cut everything with the built-in cutting board. Then, you can fly through your ingredients as you can place the prepared food into individual compartments along the back. There’s even a spot for scraps and waste so you can quickly clear it away. With everything prepped and organized, you can focus on making sure the food is cooked to perfection.

Thermomix TM6 Smart Food Processor Oven

Sometimes, you need a helping hand in the kitchen. And with the Thermomix TM6, you can have over 20. This incredible food processor functions as a chopper, slicer, fryer, steamer, kneader, sous vide, and so much more. Just load your food into the container and use the touchscreen display to set your settings. It also integrates a scale into the design and shows your measurements in real-time. Or, you can access the online recipe library for seemingly endless cooking options.

Breville Handy Mix Scraper Intuitive Hand Mixer

For the novice cook, a hand mixer seems like a great tool until the batter is flung all over the kitchen from too much power. With the Handy Mix Scraper, this won’t be an issue. Thanks to smart sensors and technology, this hand mixer can vary its nine speeds and power based on the task at hand. From fluffy meringue to the perfect bread, this mixer can handle the job with precision.

Peter’s Pantry Smart Measuring Cup

If you’ve ever tasted a completely dense cake, chances are that you didn’t properly measure your flour. It’s a common mistake because it’s so easily done. The Smart Measuring Cup takes all the guesswork out of your measurements so you can be certain they’re accurate. Simply pour in your ingredient and the measuring cup will tell you its ounces, grams, or millimeters on the digital readout. With an actual number, you’ll know exactly how much you have.

HOUCY 3-In-1 Ultra-Fast Defrosting Tray

How long does it take you to thaw a steak? Probably way too long. Even worse, if you don’t thaw it enough, you’re left with a pretty terrible-tasting meal. HOUCY makes the entire defrosting process a breeze. Using a microporous design and superconducting gas, it has greater thermal conductivity. This means it has more efficient heat transfer. In layman’s terms: this thing will thaw your steak fast. Crazy fast. In fact, it can thaw it out in as little as 15 minutes. And unlike the traditional methods of thawing, HOUCY reduces the growth of bacteria.

Breville Smoking Gun Home Food Smoker

If you’re looking to add a fancy touch to your home-cooked meals, check out the Smoking Gun. It’s a food smoker that you can store right in your kitchen drawer. However, it’ll make your meals look like something out of a Michelin-star kitchen. You can infuse everything from appetizers to desserts to sauces to cocktails with a tantalizing smoky aroma. With a 17.5-inch detachable hose, it’s easy to get the smoke even in the smallest of containers for a bigger impact.

Electric Smokeless Grill by VonShef

For those in apartments or those who simply don’t want to brave the cold, it can be hard to enjoy grilled food. But with the Electric Smokeless Grill from VonShef, it just got easier. As the name implies, this device lets you achieve that delicious freshly-grilled flavor and texture but it does it all without the smoke. This means you can use it right inside your kitchen. From veggies to meat, you can grill it all. It’s even nonstick and dishwasher safe to make clean up almost easier than the actual grilling. With precise temperature selection, you can get the exact level of cooking you desire.

Anova Precision Cooker Pro Sous Vide Device

Have you tried sous vide cooking yet? It’s all the rage. Simply put your uncooked food into a compatible bag and submerge it in water. Then, add in the Anova Precision Cooker Pro and press start. It uses a low temperature over a longer period of time to deliver exceptionally evenly cooked food with a tender texture. Its success is all down to being able to precisely control the temperature which you can select right on the device.

Saki Automatic Pot Stirrer

Remember when we said you could use a helping hand in the kitchen? The Saki Pot Stirrer is here to help. All you have to do it set it inside your pot or bowl and attach the adjustable arms to the edges. Once you press start, this incredible device will continuously and automatically stir the food inside all without human intervention. While your stuff is stirring, you can measure your ingredients, check on the oven, start plating, and so much more.

That resolves it: you can close the drawer full of takeout menus and head to the grocery store to cook your own meals from now own. Thanks to these unique kitchen gadgets, it’ll be easier than ever to nail any and every recipe. Which ones do you think will help you the most in the kitchen? Let us know in the comments!

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