Upgrade your paddle boarding skillset with this electric SUP collection

Love paddle boarding but wish you could ensure your and your family's safety while you're on the water? Then check out the SipaBoards Drive Collection.

Upgrade your paddle boarding skillset with this electric SUP collection
SipaBoards Drive Collection in a lake

Enjoy paddle boarding while staying safe with the SipaBoards Drive Collection electric jet-powered SUPs. The paddleboards in this electric SUP collection each have an integrated motor. It acts as a backup power system if the wind, tide, or current overpower you.

You love the freedom of paddling on the open water, but you also know how quickly the conditions can turn. With the SipaBoards Drive Collection’s jet propulsion engine, you get a backup against nature’s more unpredictable moments. It’s also great for children and beginner paddlers.

Check out the electric motor

At the core of every SipaBoard is a jet propulsion engine. This motor gives you three hours of assisted cruising at a speed of up to four knots, taking your paddling experience up a few notches.

Wouldn’t you feel better about those remote excursions if you knew you could get out of a tough spot when necessary? These paddleboards give you confidence while you’re out on the water.

Meanwhile, the motor doesn’t produce any drag, allowing you to paddle easily once you shut it off. That’s right, you can still get the paddling workout you love with these electric SUPs.

Inflate this paddleboard in minutes

Also, you don’t have to lug your air pump with you when you have a board from this electric SUP collection. The integrated compressor, the SipaDrive, inflates your board in under five minutes. That way, you can spend your energy paddling, not pumping.

SipaBoards Drive Collection in a video

Go for the emission-free battery

Meanwhile, you won’t have to worry about the SipaBoard’s motor harming the environment. The SipDrive runs on a battery system that’s quiet, clean, and efficient. It’s a sustainable gadget that lets you visit your favorite coves, beaches, and more while keeping them pristine.

SipaBoards Drive Collection Electric Jet Powered SUPs
SipaBoards Drive Collection in the water with a dog

Enjoy a 6-hour battery life with these electric SUPs

What’s more, these electric SUPs have a long battery life of up to six hours. That’s a full afternoon of easy, safe paddle boarding. And, according to the company, the boards recharge quickly, so you’ll never have to wait long between adventures.

SipaBoards Drive Collection Electric Jet Powered SUPs
SipaBoards Drive Collection with people

Travel up to 7 kilometers per hour

A push of a button is all it takes to get a boost. You can go fast downwind or with the current. Otherwise, you can push against them. The electric motor gives you speed when you want and safety when you need it.

SipaBoards Drive Collection Electric Jet Powered SUPs
SipaBoards Drive Collection with people paddling

Store the SipaBoard easily

Impressively, this SipaBoard series folds neatly and fits into a backpack. So it really doesn’t take up much space and is super portable. This is ideal, especially if you want to hike to the beach or river before setting out.

This electric SUP collection’s portable feature is also convenient for storing in your home. Instead of taking up your entire garage or a room in your apartment, it stay in a closet or a drawer.

SipaBoards Drive Collection Electric Jet Powered SUPs
SipaBoards Drive Collection with a group

Paddle at night with the integrated LED lights

Even cooler, you can go night paddling with the SipaBoards thanks to their integrated LEDs. The water takes on a different persona once the sun goes down. And, with these LED lights, you can experience it.

Choose from 3 models of electric paddleboards

This electric SUP collection consists of three models to suit your needs. Check them out to see which is right for you.

The SipaBoards Drive All-Rounder

For an all-around great paddleboard, go for the SipaBoards Drive All-Rounder. It features lightweight, premium materials and fusion-tech heat bonding. Meanwhile, it offers balance and is suitable for solo rides or rides with a toddler, dog, or light passenger.

The SipaBoards Neo Drive

The Neo Drive features a single-layer fusion-tech MSL self-inflating board, making it one of the company’s lightest Drive models. Also, its wide body gives you stability no matter your age or skill. It’s a great board for beginners, and the carry handles make it easy for young paddlers to hold.

The SipaBoards Tourer Drive

At 12 feet long, the Tourer Drive is the longest model in the series. It’s also the fastest and lightest. Thanks to its length, it can travel up to 7 kilometers per hour. This is the electric paddleboard for you if you’re an experienced paddler.

If you want to make paddle boarding even better, go for the SipaBoards Drive Collection. This electric SUP series keeps paddling fun but ensures that it’s safe and easy when you need it to be. Also, with the emission-free electric drive, you get plenty of power while keeping the environment in mind.

The SipaBoards Drive Collection electric jet-powered SUPs are coming soon and start at about $1,956. You can reserve your spot now on Kickstarter.

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