A UV electric toothbrush is an amazing way to keep your mouth bacteria-free

Everyone wants a brighter, cleaner smile. In fact, your set of pearly whites is one of the first things most people notice about you. So it’s important to keep your gums and teeth healthy. Unfortunately, our toothbrushes are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and other microbes. What’s bacteria’s mortal enemy? UV light. To keep your toothbrush clean and your teeth in top condition, you’ll want to consider getting a toothbrush that uses UV light to kill germs on its bristles. One of the best ways to gaurentee that your teeth are in top condition is to make a habit of brushing them at least twice a day with a toothbrush that keeps bacteria to a minimum.

A UV electric toothbrush is an amazing way to keep your mouth bacteria-free
Bestek M-Care UV Light Electric Toothbrush in Use

Your oral hygiene is essential. Healthy gums and teeth have been linked to improved cardiovascular health, fewer complications with pregnancy and birth, and a lower likelihood of developing pneumonia. However, the tool you use to keep your teeth clean every day—your toothbrush—is teeming with bacteria. And do you really change it every three months, as dentists recommend? It’s time to ditch your old toothbrush and pick up an M-Care UV Sanitizing Sonic Toothbrush. This UV electric toothbrush uses ultraviolet light to kill 99% of the bacteria that accumulates on its bristles.

Bestek M-Care UV Light Electric Toothbrush

Bestek M-Care UV Light Electric Toothbrush in White and Blue

The Sanitizing Station eliminates bacteria

You love having clean teeth. Unfortunately, if you don’t clean them properly, toothbrushes can harbor bacteria, fungi, and viruses. In this day and age, you want to be sure it’s not your toothbrush that’s making you sick. Luckily, the M-Care UV sanitizing station kills 99% of all germs.

It also has an automatic air-dryer that will eliminate moisture every time you use your toothbrush. So you can say good-bye to the uncomfortable feeling of using a wet toothbrush if you haven’t waited six hours between brushing sessions. What’s more, with this sanitizing station, you can be sure that every time you brush, it will be as if you’re brushing with a new toothbrush. That’s something everyone can get behind.

The travel case and wireless charger are great for trips

Electric toothbrushes are great until it’s time to travel. The leading brands on the market today don’t offer any sort of travel option for their brushes. For this reason, people who have electric toothbrushes often take a regular brush when they travel. When you own an M-Care, this doesn’t have to be you.

Bestek M-Care UV Light Electric Toothbrush

Bestek M-Care UV Light Electric Toothbrush in the Bathroom

Your UV electric toothbrush comes with a travel case so that you can easily pack your brush and sanitizing station with you wherever you go. Its wireless charger provides 50 brushes on a single charge and means you’ll deal with fewer wires in your life.

Three clean modes give you more options

Another great feature of this UV electric toothbrush is its three brush modes. With up to 31,000 strokes per minute, these modes let you personalize your brushing sessions. M-Care knows that we don’t all have the same teeth and that people’s brushing needs can change from day-to-day.

For example, for a good, every-day clean, the standard mode provides a complete, whole mouth cleaning. For people experiencing sensitive teeth or gums, the soft mode generates a gentle, stimulating massage. When you want to brighten your smile,  the whitening mode runs at the optimal speed to remove stains. You’ve never had more brushing choices.

Bestek M-Care UV Light Electric Toothbrush

Bestek M-Care UV Light Electric Toothbrush in Its Case

Three time modes and a smart timer make teeth cleaner

Speaking of choices, the M-Care also has three-time modes. So you can choose to brush your teeth for one, two, or three minutes. The UV electric toothbrush will remember your selection the next time you brush. What’s more, this toothbrush is a smart device with a smart timer takes the guesswork out of brushing your teeth.

Every 30 seconds, the toothbrush pauses to let you know that it’s time to brush another side of your teeth. This will make your teeth be squeaky clean, with minimal effort. Your friends will be asking if you’ve had your teeth whitened. Nope, you’ve just found a more effective way to brush.

What comes in the box?

Every M-Care UV electric toothbrush arrives at your doorstep nicely packaged. Each box contains a UV-Sanitizer Station, the M-Care Brush, USB Charging Cable, Brush Heads, Travel Case, and User Manuel. Basically, everything you need to have the best oral hygiene of your life. The user manual explains how to use the device and gives tips on how to brush your teeth. The whole system is like having a cosmetic dental consultation in your own home.

Bestek M-Care UV Light Electric Toothbrush

Bestek M-Care UV Light Electric Toothbrush Design

A one-year warranty protects against malfunctions

The company provides a 12-month warranty on the UV-Sanitizing Station. That’s a full year of protection against any malfunctions. And, if you register your UV electric toothbrush online, they’ll throw in an extra six months. In total, that’s up to a year-and-a-half of guaranteed service. Bestek has been an industry leader for the last twelve years. The company is committed to providing quality, innovative products with next-level customer service. Also, Bestek has been an Amazon Best Seller, receiving fantastic customer reviews for over a decade. This is a toothbrush you can be confident in buying.

What we love about the M-Care sonic brush

This UV electric toothbrush is the cleanest toothbrush we’ve ever experienced. The UV Sanitizing Station kills 99% of bacteria, and an air-dryer keeps the brush dry. You’ll feel good knowing that your toothbrush is microbe-free every time you brush.

What we would love to see:

Since this is a product we’d like to use long-term, it would be great if there was a battery replacement option.

Where can you buy your M-Care?

The M-Care UV Sonic toothbrush costs $59. You can pre-order it on Indiegogo.

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