Vobot Clock Is a Smart Amazon Alexa Clock with a Bit of Charm

Vobot Clock Is a Smart Amazon Alexa Clock with a Bit of Charm

If you recall my last smart clock review (the LaMetric Time), you’ll notice the Vobot Clock occupies a similar territory in name. However, the two are not directly comparable due to many things, namely the price. Where the LaMetric Time hovers around $175 to $200, the Vobot comes in at a very reasonable $50. So, while the Vobot doesn’t have all the app integration of the Time, it can still do plenty of smart things. In fact, a better comparison is with the Amazon Echo Dot except the Vobot is cuter. Yes, I just called a smart clock cute. Don’t worry, I’ll explain. The Vobot features:

–  Amazon Alexa integration

– Touch and motion controls

– Scheduling features for a more informative and healthy lifestyle

Vobot Clock Is a Smart Amazon Alexa Clock with a Bit of Charm

A Stylish Clock

The Vobot is a small device, easily placed on all but the smallest of flat surfaces and, combined with the stylish looks, helps it look at home in any room. Your countertop, entertainment center, dresser, nightstand, and desk all serve the Vobot well. Right now, the Vobot is living on a side table in my living room so it’s easy to see and reach.

There are only 3 physical buttons and they’re all located on the back to keep the exterior looking sleek. There are also two hidden features. One is a hidden touch-sensitive button on the top part just behind the front bezel for activating voice controls. The other is a speaker for music playback as well as hearing Alexa’s responses. The speaker has a grill so it’s not completely hidden but it’s not a sore spot.

As far as build quality, Vobot is built solidly plus the copper/bronze trim around the screen matches my decor pretty well. It definitely fits in better than an Echo Dot which attempts to just disappear without adding anything more to a room. So, if style matters, the Vobot is the better choice.

Vobot Clock Is a Smart Amazon Alexa Clock with a Bit of Charm

Smarts And Personality?

The Vobot takes its main functionality from Amazon Alexa for the voice interactivity. But, the team behind Vobot didn’t just stop there. They added in Sleep Coach and Daily Routine. Sleep Coach helps you fall asleep by playing different sounds such as white noise, nature sounds, or even hypnotic music. On the other hand, Daily Routine will wake you up with music (wake-up genre or choose your own). These are simple functions with excellent application to make your life easier. Good going, Vobot team.

Now, back to Amazon Alexa. It really is a powerhouse as far as voice commands go. Of course, Google Assistant is a tough competitor but Alexa is very close behind in terms of everyday functionality so you’ll be able to accomplish most tasks without fuss.

But that’s not the true personality here. In a completely unnecessary addition, the Vobot has digital eyes. That’s right, the little screen “looks” at you when you ask it things. My favorite instance is when Vobot finishes answering a question: it blinks at you like an expectant puppy who just fetched a ball. I’ll occasionally ask random, inconsequential questions just so I can see the little eyes. It’s adorable and makes a compelling case for a purchase over the Echo Dot. In fact, since the Vobot already does everything the Echo Dot does while adding features, you’d be crazy to not buy Vobot. If you don’t, she’ll be very sad. You don’t want her to be sad, do you?

Vobot Clock Is a Smart Amazon Alexa Clock with a Bit of Charm

What We ❤️

The Vobot build quality, design, and functionality are top notch while adding in a nice side of personality to bring a smile to your face.

Future Designs

Voice functionality without needing to touch the button on top is coming soon so I’m excited for that!


Amazon website

– Price: $48.90

– Delivery: 2 days with Amazon Prime

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