This Wearable Belt Scooter Will Help You Travel Faster and Lighter

This Wearable Belt Scooter Will Help You Travel Faster and Lighter

Getting where you need to go can be hard. If you’re living in, or around, a city like Los Angeles, then you might need a car. Personally, I commute 30 miles to work and 30 miles home every single day- but if you’re in a city similar to New York City, then you probably utilize public transportation, like all the time. I heard somewhere that most New York city-dwellers do not even own a car. As a Los Angelan, that’s a foreign concept to me. Well, what do people do when they live a mile or more from their bus or train stop? Sure you can ride your bike, but taking it with you on public transport is bulky and your commuting neighbors might offer a glare or two. Thankfully for anyone who is concerned about space and portability, there’s the wearable belt scooter.

Standing on Belt Scooter
You read it right: you can use this scooter to quickly commute to your train stop, then wrap it around your waist for absolute portability. The design was crafted by Hungarian student and designer, Ádám Török, with the idea that transportation needs to be both convenient and economically friendly. He notes that that cars will eventually become unnecessary, stating that “A vast range of methods has been developed in recent in years but these will all become obsolete if the vehicle is developed that is entirely portable, even wearable as part of our clothing.”
Scooter wrapped around waist
Belt Scooter Upright

It might not be the kind of belt that can hold up your trousers, but it will leave your arms free while you’re standing or sitting on the train or bus. As a bonus, you won’t forget it laying under your seat while you’re rushing to your next destination. At this time, the scooter is only a model and its functionality is a concept. The belt scooter’s future consumers will be able to provide more information about the smoothness and durability of the scooter – that is, if someone decides to manufacture the scooter for public consumption.

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