Top 5 pre-launch crowdfunding services you can use for your campaign

Planning your crowdfunding campaign way before your launch date is a must. With these pre-launch marketing services, you can actually spread the word like you should and channel your campaign towards success.

Top 5 pre-launch crowdfunding services you can use for your campaign
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When you first step into the world of crowdfunding, it might seem like a complicated procedure to work through your entire marketing plan. Especially during the pre-launch phase, many campaign creators go through the dilemma of trying to set up an adequate campaign promotion structure and go at it alone. As a part of the industry ourselves and having worked with over 5,000 campaigns, we can say that working with the right services with industry experts is a great way to get an extra boost. Beginners of any industry need initial guidance in order to find success and crowdfunding services do exactly the same for campaign creators.

Plan your crowdfunding campaign promotion ahead of time

Plan your crowdfunding campaign promotion ahead of time

When looking for external help, a bigger question emerges – how do you find such agencies and which ones can you trust?

We’ve been collaborating with a lot of industry experts and agencies over the years for our extended services such as podcasts. In doing so, we’ve determined some of our favorites who can help with every stage of your crowdfunding campaign. Here are our top five pre-launch crowdfunding services you should use for your campaign.

Indiegogo’s unique pre-launch program

Right after you decide to launch your campaign and start prepping its presentation, the first thing you must consider is spreading the word before you launch. For this, you might consider doing ads on Facebook or other social media. But, without a landing page, all that effort is futile. This is where the Indiegogo pre-launch program can be of use. With just three simple steps, you can create a landing page for your campaign in minutes. And the best part, you’ll be able to collect emails during this pre-launch period and then reach out to your base as soon as you launch.

Crowdreach for Facebook Ads promotion

When it comes to planning a pre-launch campaign, you have to consider Facebook Ads. As easy as it sounds, promoting your campaign on Facebook can actually be difficult. Over time and with Facebook’s growing user base, it has become even more challenging to use Facebook Ads if you are not familiar with it. Targeted advertising is a must and if you are not a professional in Facebook marketing, it’s advisable to seek help from people who are a pro, like Crowdreach. They not only help you with targeted Facebook advertising but they’ll also provide you with a super-easy setup that will make the entire process a breeze.

Pre-launch marketing strategies can give your campaign an extra boost

Pre-launch marketing strategies can give your campaign an extra boost

Gadget Flow for pre-launch campaign feedback and promotion

Next up is – us! Over the past seven years, we’ve helped thousands of crowdfunding campaigns reach our diverse user base who is interested in crowdfunding. Along with live crowdfunding campaigns, we also have a lot of campaign creators looking to promote their product and establish interest before their launch. To help during this pre-launch phase, we came up with dedicated services for pre-launch customers in the last few months. The first is Crowdinsight, is a unique way of getting valuable feedback for your campaign from industry experts with a one-time fee. We also offer dedicated pre-launch plans through our usual promotion packages to help you channel your pre-launch promotion the right way.

Enventys Partners for PR distribution

Pre-launch is the perfect phase for you to plan your PR distribution. Now, if you want to do it right, you’ve got to take help from experts such Enventys Partners who do their best in spreading the word for your campaign. Their public relation tools will help you gauge the ideal channel for your campaign promotion in those critical first few days. And if you want to take things even further, you can also use their other marketing plans and strategic packages to get better coverage.

Kicktraq for competitor analysis

During your pre-launch phase, one last thing that you should consider in your plan is competitor analysis. Crowdfunding is quite popular these days and there are chances that you might find campaigns similar to yours. With Kicktraq you will be able to track their progress and success rate even before you launch. This will allow you to gauge your campaign’s rate of success and determine possible improvements you might have to make.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these services (including ours!) and whether or not you’d like to try them out. If you think we’ve missed out any, let us know in the comments below.

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