How to Write the Best Press Release For Your Crowdfunding Campaign?

How to Write the Best Press Release For Your Crowdfunding Campaign?

Getting the word out for your crowdfunding campaign is a diverse process. While we did discuss on how to go about with project promotion strategies online, it’s now time to talk on the more standard and professional aspects of promoting your crowdfunding projects post it goes live. Writing a perfect press release is undoubtedly on the top of that checklist. You might consider not following the basic guidelines of writing a press release and going your way instead but I would like to say that certain things are meant to be the way they are. You need not mess with that professional approach at all.

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But it’s quite evident that writing a perfect press release is not easy. You need to follow a lot of guidelines and stick to the basic principles in order to make your mark. However, having had the opportunity to promote over 3000 campaigns till date, we as a team did face a lot of project creators trying to consult us for review whenever they are writing a press release for their campaigns. That was what led me towards writing a dedicated post on press releases and how to create a proper one for better media attention.

How to Write the Best Press Release For Your Crowdfunding Campaign?

Do Your Research and Look For Examples

It’s always good to do your research before starting to write your press release. There are thousands of examples online you can check for the templates and the kind of wordings used. My personal favorites would be the 28 examples from FitSmallBusiness as well as the sample press releases from SMEToolkit. In fact, you can also download the free press release template from HubSpot for better understanding of the same.

Go For a Catchy Headline

Most of the media outlets where you’ll be sending your press releases are super busy. These people often don’t go through the entire press release content. What draws their attention first is the headline. So you need to make it sound catchy and something people would want to know more about.

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Stick to the Basic Structure

Press releases have a certain structure you need to follow. Like you need to write “For Immediate Release” on the top of the page, the publication address and the person concerned details on the top left followed by the headline. The first paragraph should start with the date and the location you’re writing from. This needs to be followed with the entire writeup which should not be more than a page. The last paragraph needs to have information about your company and the kind of work it does. You can also add your awards and achievements here followed by the contact information.

Make Your First Paragraph a Good Looking Summary

You can’t convince the super busy media outlets to read your entire press release. Instead, try making your first paragraph a summary of the announcement you’re about to make.Lauren Selikoff, chief marketing officer for Allison & Partners said in a discussion on this topic to Inc, “You need to have the theme and anything that is newsworthy summarized very concisely and neatly. The remainder of the press release is kind of fleshing out the story. But the main story has to get across in the first paragraph.”

Add At Least One Quote

It is a standard rule that your press release should always have at least one quote from the founder or the person concerned in the content. These quotes generally speak about the product or how it’s going to benefit the society.

Link to Your Product Media

Since you’ll be discussing about your product launch here, always link to your product’s media content at the end. Preferably under the contact information section. This can be really helpful for those who’ll be impressed with your press release and would like to write on your product upfront. Let them have the details they need in this one press release instead of asking them to search on the web or go through repeated emails for the complete content and media combo.

Add Your Project Timeline In Detail

Highlight your project dates (start and end date for crowdfunding) including the tentative shipping information in the content. This would help in clearing up any confusion on the same.

Avoid Superlatives

Write your press release like a reporter would do. Adding dozens of superlatives is a complete no-go.

Reaching Out to Media

Once you’re done with the press release, next step would be to personally contact the media outlets or blogs or wherever you would like to send your content across. Stick to the early morning schedule and get these across with a catchy personal email. You could also add a link to your press release on the project page for media outlets to refer to instead of going through all the detailed content on your project page.

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Press releases are not just for mainstream news and big projects. Every crowdfunding project creator can show their professionalism while contacting media outlets with that press release as an attachment. It helps build trust and credibility. Do you agree?

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