Withings Activité Reimagines an Efficient Fitness Tracker Camouflaged as a Haute Swiss Watch

Withings Activité Reimagines an Efficient Fitness Tracker Camouflaged as a Haute Swiss Watch

Not everyone wants to carry another smartphone like form factor on their wrists. But that is exactly what’s happening with the new age smartwatches and fitness trackers that give you all your essential personal data from a device which looks like your smartphone encovered with an aesthetically designed rubber band. The data is undoubtedly important and extremely beneficial in terms of evaluating your everyday lifestyle but it’s hard to accept such a form of technology which walks in a path way beyond style and sophistication. The concern is not about the technology these gadgets offer; it’s more about whether the mainstream consumers are interested in wearing it after all. Where lies the loophole in this whole world of fitness trackers is quite evident from the off-track design which takes the style-conscious generation far away from accepting this technology inspite of all its beneficial aspects.

But what if there was something which could merge this form of high-end innovation with the quintessential spark of French design that eventually led the device to become a part of daily lifestyle. Withings has always been renowned for their health inspirational smart devices that have been excellent both in terms of design and operation. To build a digitally enhanced analog Swiss watch complemented with fitness tracking abilities is not a thought that can easily be turned into reality. As Withings CEO Cédric Hutchings had said on The Verge, “We tried to really turn the equation upside down, and to stop trying to make a piece of technology with a screen, a piece of rubber, something you need to charge every day. We tried to start with a watch.” Adding to the classic collection of fancy watches we see around, Withings Activité is that one timepiece that helps you sustain in the present generation with an inspirational design from the past as well as the future.

Digitally Enhanced Swiss Watch With Fitness Tracking

Unlike Android Wear and its digital interface, Activité works as your regular fitness tracker but with a normal watch dial that looks somewhat close to a chronograph. Coming with a regular Swiss-made analog watch face together with a genuine leather strap, this definitely looks like another luxurious timepiece to complement your haute couture collection. Ever since wristwatches made its appearance, they have been efficient enough to track the solar and lunar movements thus helping us in knowing the universe. Following those footsteps in watchmaking, Withings now wanted to create a timepiece that could help you know your inner self as well. Connecting to our body’s natural rhythms is not an easy job but Activité claims to be that one wristwatch which can take you through this journey from the simple dials of a watch. As discussed on T3 by Hutchings, “At Withings, our mission is to Inspire health and with the Activité we have created a universally appealing tracker that promotes the benefits of healthier lifestyles in a chicly designed watch people are eager to wear.” A classic timepiece that has been reinvented with the thought of merging both fashion and function in a natural yet digitally inspired way.

Withings Activitie swiss watch fitness tracker

With its analog progress meter that serves as the second dial on the watch, Activité lets you track yor daily health activities seamlessly from your everyday timepiece. The analog visualization of your health progress can be digitally connected with the Health Mate application on your phone which in turn works as your personal coach in order to achieve your fitness goals. It also monitors your sleep performance and wakes you up gently with a vibration. Tracking your steps, swimming or running activities is a breeze on this watch which counts 30 minutes of daily activity to perfection thus letting you come close to your healthier side without undergoing any strenuous tasks. By combining high-end craftsmanship with technology, this watch is definitely going to catch a lot of eyes in the near future.

Tribute to the World of French Design and Class

Since French elegance in timepiece design has been a favorite for many years, Withings chose a group of skilled artisans from Paris to create this one-time masterpiece as a tribute to this world of classic skillcraft. The leather strap has been made from French Calf leather which is renowned for its sheer elegance and beauty. It is a naturally tanned leather which is where lies its amazing smoothness that adds a chic touch to the entire timepiece.

Track your health with Withings Activite

Withings Activité is undoubtedly a Swiss-made sophistication which connects to your smartphone and depicts accurate time depending on your location and timezone. The sapphire glass cover is not only unbreakable but is also responsive to your touch i.e. tapping twice on it can make you visualize your alarm clock time. Currently, the watch comes in two color modes – black and silver which is 5 ATM water resistant and does not need to be recharged constantly for over a year. Coming at a price of 390 USD, Withings Activité is set for its first round of release this fall 2014. A wristwatch that makes fitness tracking an incredibly sophisticated activity everyday. Happy Gadgeting!

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