The XTND Electric Board Is the Latest Thing in Intelligent Tech

You can’t go far without encountering artificial intelligence nowadays. It takes many forms, but the main purpose is always to make things easier for us humanoids. Personal transportation is one area which is really benefiting from the technology, as proven by the new XTND Electric Board. It utilizes intelligent tech to learn your favorite routes and your riding style. The board then uses this information to tweak its own performance.

– Intelligent tech allows XTND to match your riding style and help you improve

– Pressure sensors ensure that you are safely on the board before starting the motors

– Board weighs just 6.6 pounds and has a range of 12.5 miles

Intelligent Tech

Powered skateboards have been around a long time now. The very first gasoline-powered board landed on the streets of California in 1975. In the time since, surprisingly little has changed. The energy source is now electricity and some boards use modern materials — but there isn’t much else new.

You might say that XTND is the first birth in a new generation. Compared with many electric skateboards, it’s more like a new superior species. The board takes advantage of the latest AI tech to adapt to each rider. As a result, both Tony Hawk and your grandma can safely skate around the neighborhood.

intelligent tech 02

To understand your needs, XTND collects data while you’re on the move. It can recognize your skill level and learn your favorite route to work. The board thinks carefully about these factors, and then makes adjustments to its own performance. The exact set-up is entirely suited to you.

In addition, XTND has several intelligent safety features. The deck has pressure sensors that know whether you are standing safely on the board. Until you stop doing handstands or whatever, the board simply refuses to move.

intelligent tech 05

It can also detect the wobbles that start before a painful fall. The board reacts by slowing down. Furthermore, XTND has integrated safety lights that turn on automatically as dusk approaches. Some new cars don’t even have that.

The technology doesn’t end there. XTND has its own remote control, along with a smart security system. This allows you to track your board if it’s ever stolen, and lock the motors from afar. That should slow down the getaway.

intelligent tech 01

A New Generation

Code can only get you so far. In order to make such a significant leap forward, the folks behind XTND have made some major hardware upgrades.

The deck and the trucks are sculpted from lightweight carbon fiber, while the titanium baseplate adds strength. XTND weighs just 6.6 pounds and is remarkably slim. It just looks like a regular longboard from the future.

intelligent tech 04

Performance is another area of improvement. The board can hit 28 mph on the flat and climb 20% inclines. When you ride downhill, regenerative braking helps to top up your power reserve. The swappable battery takes just 60 minutes to charge, and it offers a range of 12.5 miles. Did I mention it even comes with a wireless charger?

“We want to help make our cities better, smarter and healthier places to live, which is why we have completely redesigned the concept of electric boards to make urban commuting as efficient and fun as possible. The XTND Board is not only the lightest electric board, it’s also the smartest.” — XTND on Kickstarter

intelligent tech 03

What We ❤️

This board offers genuine upgrades in every single department.

Future Designs

Can we get back to you in about 20 years? Not much else you can add right now!


– Kickstarter: Until July 8th

– Pledge: $1099

– Delivery: March 2018

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