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CST-01: The World’s Thinnest Watch

It’s undoubtedly an incredible piece of watchmaking technology you can’t ignore wearing on the wrists as the CST-01: The World’s Thinnest Watch. The concept lies in enhancing the use of E-ink displays with an added touch of low energy usage… Continue Reading


TaskOne G3 Pro iPhone Tool Case

Apart from making your life easy with a plethora of apps, your iPhone can now serve as an excellent multi-tool kit too with the TaskOne G3 Pro iPhone Tool Case. The mini tool case weighing just 89g and adding a… Continue Reading


Pinch! Buddy

Pinch! Buddy is the best way to keep your earphone cords tangle-free. With a simple three step process to wrap, and an even simpler method of unwrapping, it’s the easiest way to avoid the Gordian knots we all dread. Our… Continue Reading


Bamboo Drink Stakes by Surf Life Designs

Next time you’re up for a party at the beach, make sure you don’t forget to carry these Bamboo Drink Stakes by Surf Life Designs. They are bamboo shaped drink holders which can be easily placed on the sand in… Continue Reading


Key Caddy by Liquid Co.

The only key organizer you’ll ever need. Made from hard anodized aluminum and crafted with beautiful aesthetics by the team at Liquid Co. The Key Caddy can hold an unlimited number of keys and is even slim enough to fit… Continue Reading


Kinsa Smart Thermometer

Welcome to the age of futuristic health technology with your very own Kinsa Smart Thermometer that keeps your entire family’s health status on your phone. It’s not just an ordinary thermometer you had been used to till date; where lies… Continue Reading


Cubit Watch

Similar to the axonometric drawing method employed by architects to showcase an object or a building, the Cubit Watch displays time using this same methodology. It features a hexagonal glass lens that is again complemented with a 3D hexagonal dial… Continue Reading


3Doodler-The Worlds First 3D Printing Pen

Being one of Kickstarter’s greatest crowdfunding success, this pen lets you doodle on air with a thin, flexible and strong thread of heated plastic which hardens within minutes. It’s like having a mini 3D printer on hand which prints your… Continue Reading


Juvo Sous Vide

Juvo – Is a wifi connected sous vide cooker, helping the everyday Joe cook like a pro! Juvo brings you the high cuisine world of sous vide without having to have the years of training required to be a professional… Continue Reading



Get notified of anything on the internet or on your computer at a glance of Noteu. This could be an update on the package you ordered by using its tracking code, or a reminder 15 minutes before a meeting by… Continue Reading