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    SmartPlate – Instantly Track And Analyze Everything You Eat

    Our product is SmartPlate, the first intelligent plate that instantly tracks and analyzes everything a consumer eats. Much research has proven that people who track and journal what they eat drastically improve their physical condition, but current solutions on the… Continue Reading


    Productivity Exercise Bike by FitDesk

    Staying fit simultaneously while you work is now possible with this brilliantly concepted Productivity Exercise Bike by FitDesk. This desk will allow you to rest your elbows comfortably while you spin and thus portrays a better fitness and work life… Continue Reading


    I Am Your Father Wall Decal

    This line has already won a lot of hearts who admire the Star Wars series and now it’s time you can showcase it indoors with the I Am Your Father Wall Decal. It’s a new form of sci-fi inspired Êwall… Continue Reading



    A high quality open-source photo printer that seamlessly interfaces with smartphones. No wires. No apps. Just beautiful images. SnapJet is an instant-film printer. Polaroid technology–for your smartphone. All you need to do is put your phone on top, and push… Continue Reading



    The Goji Smart Lock takes pictures of visitors at your door and automatically sends real-time picture alerts to your mobile phone. All lock activity is recorded and logged by the system, and can be easily reviewed using the Goji mobile… Continue Reading


    Root: A Smart Countertop Gardening System

    A countertop garden with an automated light and watering system. Grow vegetables and herbs anywhere. ROOT is a space-efficient, easy-to-use gardening system that can grow up to 16 vegetables, herbs or flowers. All you need to do is plug in… Continue Reading


    Shibaful Turf iPhone Case

    Let your iPhones embrace the spirit of nature with this adorable Shibaful Turf iPhone Case. Inspired from the grass on Yoyogi Park in Tokyo, this case brings the greenery from Japan directly to your pockets. It has been made using… Continue Reading


    Ico Wall Kitchen Hood by Elica

    Call it a sophisticated installation for your kitchen or just another air vent, the Ico Wall Kitchen Hood by Elica is a perfect combination of energy efficiency and performance in a sleek form factor. You can start up the hood… Continue Reading


    Pocket DJ by JD Sound

    Unleash your hidden skills of being a DJ while you party on the go with this extremely portable Pocket DJ by JD Sound. It’s got a BPM analyzer and beat tracker which can help you play two MP3 files at… Continue Reading


    Stairs Door Cover

    Create an illusion of an imaginary staircase from your doors by using this enchanting piece of Stairs Door Cover. It’s a canvas like adhesive wall mural which can be easily applied on doors and looks nothing less than a large… Continue Reading


    Wool & Deerskin Gloves by Upstate Stock

    As the snow steps in your location so will the demand for these Wool & Deerskin Gloves by Upstate Stock. They are a set of fancy woolen gloves which have been creatively concepted with a deerskin front. A made in… Continue Reading


    Spherical Ice Ball Maker

    Chill the beverages of your choice in a unique style with this Spherical Ice Ball Maker. At first, simply use the included ice mold to prepare an ice slab from your freezer. Then place it on this maker which will… Continue Reading



    Stop checking your phone a million times a day. Wear nudge, and get one when something important happens. Nudge is the nifty notification wristband, that lets you keep your phone in your pocket. Unlike other smart devices, it doesn’t try… Continue Reading