Best bike gadgets and accessories to elevate your rides

Cycling is a great way to get outdoors, see nature, and burn some calories, to boot. But whether you’re dusting off your bike after its long winter hibernation in your garage or you use your bike all year, we’ve got gadgets that are sure to kick up your rides a few notches. Check out our list of the best bike gadgets and accessories to elevate your ride, and make your time on two wheels even better.

Best bike gadgets and accessories to elevate your rides
Angell Luxurious Electric Bike with Smart Navigation

With summer just ten days away in the Northern Hemisphere, at Gadget Flow we’re getting excited about spending more time outdoors. And if you’re like us, one of your ideal ways to spend a summer weekend includes bike rides along local trails, through national parks, and around pretty small towns. If a summer bike ride is on your horizon, you’ll want to check out this round-up of our best bike gadgets and accessories to elevate your rides.

Or let’s say you’re more of an all-the-time cyclist, and you use your two-wheeler for your daily commute. We’ve got you covered, too, with a GPS bike lock, a backpack that keeps your laptop safe, and an urban cyclist airbag.

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A little cycling would benefit everyone this summer. According to Harvard Health, cycling is easy on the joints, provides an aerobic workout, and builds muscle. But, best of all, cycling gets us active outdoors, which is a proven mood booster. So, are you looking to up your summer bike ride game in 2020? These are the gadgets you need.

Stashers Modular Insulated Adventure Bag

If you like to go on long bike rides with the whole family, you’ll want to check out the all-season Stashers Modular Insulated Adventure Bag. Ultra-insulated, this bag keeps food and beverages hot or cold for four to six hours. And the food-grade removable liner is a great way to take fruit, sandwiches, and energy bars with you as you ride. Best of all, for the adults, it holds a standard 3-inch diameter wine bottle. Perfect for a romantic fruit and cheese picnic between stops.

Lumos Kickstart Smart Bike Helmet

One of our best bike gadgets that’s also a smart choice in more ways than one is the Lumos Kickstart Smart Bike Helmet. This smart helmet’s elegant design and intelligent engineering integrate front and rear lights, turn signals, and hard brake in one unit. What’s more, this smart helmet keeps you visible and helps other people on the road understand your direction. Finally, Lumos is comfortable, and it’ll respond to gestures while you wear your Apple Watch.

LINKA LEO GPS Smart Bike Lock

You’ll always be able to track your bike’s location with the LINKA LEO GPS Smart Bike Lock. One of our best bike gadgets, this smart lock will let you see your bike’s movements in over 100 countries. It’s designed to work in any country you have it shipped. LEO also offers tamper alerts and a 90-decibel anti-theft alarm.

LINKA LEO GPS Smart Bike Lock

LINKA LEO GPS Smart Bike Lock on a Bike

Ortlieb Velocity 2020 Cycling Backpack

One of our best bike gadgets that will also make your bicycle commute more convenient is the Ortlieb Velocity 2020 Cycling Backpack. This backpack is entirely waterproof and includes a padded laptop case. Also, there’s an interior zippered compartment for your EDC items. Additionally, you’ll love the ergonomic design, which provides for rear padding to keep you comfortable.

Ortlieb Velocity 2020 Cycling Backpack

Ortlieb Velocity 2020 Cycling Backpack on a Woman

Pixel Dual Color Bike Light

With the Pixel Dual Color Bike Light, you’ll always light up the road. This two-in-one bike light can shine either white or red light, according to your preference. Also, you can attach Pixel to the rear or front of your bike, your helmet, bag, or even your arm, to let others know your location. Finally, with its IP54 waterproof rating, you won’t have to worry about the rain.

Hövding 3 Urban Cyclist Airbag

A gadget that improves your safety on the road is the Hövding 3 Urban Cyclist Airbag. This innovative airbag reads your movements and inflates if you’re in an accident. When you connect Hövding to your smartphone, it also notifies emergency contacts in the event of an emergancy. This feature will also let you know about the device’s battery status. The Hövding is waterproof and repels dirt; it’s a cool new way to stay safe.

Hiplok ANKR Maximum Security Bicycle Anchor

The Hiplok ANKR Maximum Security Bicycle Anchor will always give you a secure place to keep your bike. Install ANKR on a wall to lock with both chain-style and D-shaped locks. But you can also attach this bicycle anchor to the ground. Wherever you need it, ANKR connects with four secure wall fixings. With it’s hardened steel design, this lock is secure and works on concrete, masonry, or wood.

Steadyrack Classic Wall-Mounted Bike Rack

One of our best bike gadgets also keeps your garage or apartment neat and tidy. The Steadyrack Classic Wall-Mounted Bike Rack keeps your bike secure on a wall instead of the ground, where it can take up valuable space. Furthermore, keeping your bike in this position helps keep THE tires inflated. This wall rack can hold up to 35 kilograms, and its 180-degree side-to-side swivel can keep your bicycle nearly flat against the wall.

CYCLYK Universal Smartphone Bike Mount

The CYCLYK Universal Smartphone Bike Mount will keep your smartphone secure and visible while you ride. Most conveniently, this smartphone bike mount can wrap around your device and handlebars to hold just about any smartphone on any sort of handlebar. Best of all, this gadget is easy to set up or transfer to another bike.

I don’t know about you, but I’m already planning my next bike ride after seeing the items on this list. What about you? Do you have any cycling plans this summer? Let us know in the comments.

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