19 Useful products that will instantly improve your life

While many of us get swept away in the romance that is a world of robots doing all our chores, there are plenty of useful products available here and now that can improve your life instantly.

19 Useful products that will instantly improve your life
  • How much time do we spend on chores each day? About 29 minutes a day.
  • What are some new gadgets I’ve never heard of? We debuted our Never Seen Before category for incredible products you have to see to believe.
  • Where can I find more useful gadgets? We’ve got a whole category just for you to explore.

Are you still vacuuming your own floors? Does your smartphone still run out of battery before you’re home? Are you still giving into all your cravings with little to no willpower? Do you still get a kink in your neck from hunching over your tablet?

Did you know there are plenty of products out there to solve all these problems? We did. And now you’ll know, too. Some may call these useful products life hacks, but we call them necessary.

WINGBRUSH Interdental Toothbrush

We’re sorry to report this news: if you’re an adult, you should be flossing. Lucky for you, the WINGBRUSH makes it easier than ever. Unlike traditional floss, this nifty brush slides between your teeth, capturing any and all particles in its path.

iRoller Liquid-Free Touchscreen Display Cleaner

Your smartphone and tablet screens are dirtier than you think and iRoller is here to change that. Without the use of liquid, it glides over your display to wipe away dirt, grime, and, most importantly, bacteria. After a few swipes, your device looks brand new.

Fillit Pocket Reusable Adhesive Pocket Storage

Digital nomads, this one’s for you: the Fillit Pocket attaches directly to your laptop or tablet to give you a convenient storage slot right where you need it most. Stuff it with pens, sticky notes, your smartphone, power bank, wireless mouse, or anything else you need to lug around.

Dreamfarm Savel Flexible Food Saver

Food waste isn’t just an annoying habit of our current culture, it’s also hurting your wallet. The Savel Food Saver is a flexible and adjustable device that totally covers the exposed side of your fruits and veggies. Just pop them in the fridge and they’ll last much longer.

SkyFloat Mid-Air Magnetic Tablet Mount

Lots of tablet stands claim to be hands-free, but that doesn’t mean they don’t take up valuable real estate. The SkyFloat flips this tired method on its head by using the power of magnets to suspend your device in mid-air. It comes with two ceiling plates so you can put your device exactly where you need it.

iRobot Roomba 614 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

If there is any technology you should be embracing, a robot vacuum is it. The Roomba 614 features iAdapt Navigation so it can make its way through your house with ease, picking up all the dirt, dust, and dander in its path.

Sidesip Safe Travel Drink Container

Do you drink coffee, tea, water, or anything else on your commute? Taking even a quick sip from your travel mug obstructs your view. Enter Sidesip. With an innovative lid design, the spout is on the side so you can keep your eyes on the road and sip to your heart’s content.

Saki Automatic Pot Stirrer

Whether you love or hate cooking, standing over a pot and stirring is about as boring as it gets. With Saki, you never have to do it again. It attaches directly to your pot with two arms, providing precise and thorough stirring. This saves your sauces, soups, and stews from burning (and saves you some elbow grease).

Gryp Germaphobe Keychain

Raise your hand if you’re a germaphobe! If you go out in public, germs are unavoidable. But, with Gryp, you can save yourself from most. This compact keychain keeps your hands and fingers from coming into direct contact with doors, handles, pumps, and more.

Sammy Screamer Motion Alarm

Sometimes, you just need a good, loud reminder to break bad habits. The Sammy Screamer attaches to a variety of objects, such as a jar of cookies, and will literally scream if you move it. It’s perfect for sticking to a diet as well as making sure doors and windows remain shut.

ThinOptics Compact Keychain Reading Glasses

As you get older, your eyes age, too. The ThinOptics Glasses are impressively compact and come with a keychain design so you can inconspicuously carry them around. They fold and unfold instantly, making light of even the smallest font.

ILoveHandles Tug Outlet Adapter

How many times have you yanked your plug out of the wall? Even once is too many. The Tug Outlet Adapter gives you plug tuggability so you can rip it out of the outlet as much as you’d like without dealing with the downsides.

SpoonBuddy Multi-Use Kitchen Gadget

We’ve certainly blogged about the SpoonBuddy before and we’re here again: this thing does it all. It’s a spoon rest, jar grip, bowl, measuring cup, and can even serve as a handle on any surface.

Night Tech Gear Night Runner Shoe Lights

If you like to exercise outside after work, you need to check out the Night Runner Shoe Lights. They attach directly to your sneakers and light your path as you move. In addition, they also serve to let others know where you are on the road.

Orbit Bluetooth Glasses Tracker

There’s no better way to ruin your day than to lose your glasses. With the Orbit Glasses Tracker, that’ll never happen again. It’s slim and compact and attaches directly to your glasses. Using Bluetooth and an app, you can always keep eyes on your glasses.

Klikkit Smart Reminder Button

Klikkit is a smart reminder button that ensures you never miss an important task. Stick it onto your daily medication, your floss, your workout clothes, or anything else you need to remember. With the app, you can look over our progress.

Cling nanoMAT Super Adhesive Nano Pads

There are plenty of places we wish we could secure our smartphones and the Cling nanoMAT helps you do just that. Using nano-suction technology, this slim pad suctions to your device so it can be secured anywhere.

FRESHeTECH Air Lock Bag Resealer

This incredible device is able to reseal your plastic bags in just seconds. The Air Lock has an internal heating element to adhere the plastic together. This creates an air-tight seal to keep your food fresher for longer.

Pocketbands 3.0 Hidden Pocket Wristband

Say goodbye to filling your pockets with the Pocketbands 3.0. This slim wristband has a hidden pocket on the underside. It’s the perfect size for your house key, a few coins, some cash, pills, or any other small item to you need to have on you.

Do you have any must-have gadgets to make your life easier? Let us know in the comments!

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