5 Brands That Make Out-of-the-Box Everyday Accessories

5 Brands That Make Out-of-the-Box Everyday Accessories

Sometimes, very small things can have a very large impact. For the lack of a single bolt, even a machine the size of a cruise ship can come apart. The same goes for technology. Your phone may look beautiful when you first unbox the device, but its condition will quickly deteriorate without some protection. Likewise, a good laptop stand can completely transform your working life. Such products are often overlooked, but they play an important role in our daily lives. We decided to celebrate the everyday accessories with a look at five of our favorite brands.

Twelve South

Hailing from Mount Pleasant in South Carolina, USA, the people of Twelve South love their Apple products. In fact, everything that tight-knit team produces is designed for a Mac, an iPhone, an iPad, or an Apple Watch.

The HiRise and BookArc stands are some of Twelve South’s most popular products. The former mimics Apple’s design aesthetic, with simple forms made from brushed aluminum.

In contrast, the BookArc products make a statement all of their own. The curved design looks like modern architecture, and some of these stands are constructed from beautiful wood.

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Hard Graft

Since its inception ten years ago, Hard Graft has won many plaudits for design. But that’s no surprise, given that it is the brainchild of two designers.

The Monaco-based company makes a variety of everyday essentials, from gym bags to leather key fobs. Each product has its own sense of style, but minimalism is a clear theme. You won’t find any brash logos or overly bold colors here — just high-quality materials and high-end craftsmanship.

We particularly love Hard Graft’s brushed suede Holdall Bag and leather Apple accessories. You can even store your Apple pencil in beautiful tanned hide.


Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, the good folks of Bellroy are wallet experts. In fact, the company was a pioneer of the thin wallet trend.

Bellroy’s sophisticated sense of style is epitomised by the Low Down Wallet. Made from premium hide, this beautiful product holds cards, bills and coins without causing a back-pocket bulge. The stitching is flawless, and the leather is environmentally friendly.

Away from wallets, Bellroy makes some nice phone cases, tablet sleeves and notebook covers. They are the kind of everyday accessories that will make your office co-workers just a little jealous.

This Is Ground

Born in Los Angeles, This Is Ground also likes to work with leather. But this startup has its eye on the jetsetting tech community, offering products that help you travel in style.

For instance, the Venture Backpack has a special tray for your laptop that allows you to pass straight through airport security. The front section has pockets for chargers and peripherals, and the bag is protected by Tile Bluetooth tracking.

This Is Ground devotes the same innovative spirit to many smaller products. The Knick Knack Nacho is a classic example. Named after its shape, this little pouch is perfect for storing loose change and other small things.


The final brand on our list has quite a back story. Co-founded by a digital artist and a furniture maker, this startup began with wooden accessories for Apple products.

This core passion remains clearly visible in products such as the Walnut iPhone Case and Wood Desk Shelf System. These accessories blend natural materials with the perfect curves of modern manufacturing. Away from the office, you can improve your home with a Walnut Desk Lamp, or impress guests with Reversible Maple Placemats.

Nowadays, Grovemade has even expanded into wallets and other leather goods. The Leather and Walnut Keyboard Wrist Pad brings the two ideas together.

Everyday Accessories

This roundup offers just a taster of how good everyday accessories can be. Which is your favorite brand ? Tell us in the comments!

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