Beach accessories you can use while social distancing

It's summer in the time of COVID-19. And, while some beaches are open, it's likely you're wondering how you can maintain a proper social distance while you enjoy the sand and waves. We think these gadgets can help. Have fun in the sun—at a distance from others—with these beach accessories.

Beach accessories you can use while social distancing
Geneinno S2 Portable Sea Scooter in Use

You crave a relaxing day at the beach, Kindle in hand, while the waves crash beside you. But you might be confused about how you should keep your distance when the shore is packed with people. That’s why today we’re rounding up some excellent beach accessories you can use while social distancing.

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First of all, let’s be practical. To ensure that you’re keeping a safe amount of space between yourself and others at the beach, you’ll want to have a look at the CDC guidelines for public beaches. Among other measures, it recommends that visitors stay at least six feet away from people they don’t live with. And it states that you shouldn’t share food, toys, equipment, or anything else with people not in your household. Stuff we’re already used to by now.

In the end, you can still have fun at the beach with your own family or any other family in your social distancing pod this summer. And that’s where these beach accessories come in. With a motorized kickboard for kids, a portable sea scooter that can take you deep underwater, and a jet-powered surfboard, this beach equipment is so fun that you might even forget you’re social distancing. Although try to remember when you’re standing in line for that strawberry daiquiri.

Yujet Surfer Jet-Powered Surfboard

The Yujet Surfer Jet-Powered Surfboard is sure to make you rethink the traditional surfboard. This board can reach speeds of up to 25 mph on one charge. Explore the open water confidently with the electric engine that requires almost zero maintenance.

Campster Full-Height Ultralight Chair

Another of our beach accessories you can use while maintaining social distance is the Campster Full-Height Ultralight Chair. This compact chair will seat you 17 inches above the ground, and you and your family can use a set of them to stay six feet from your fellow beachgoers. The unique twist-to-lock design takes less than ten seconds to set up.

Havospark Sharki Motorized Kids Swimming Kickboard

Your kids will have a blast this summer with the Havospark Sharki Motorized Swimming Kickboard. Sharki provides fun and safety with its electric motor that reaches 1.5 meters per second in water. Underwater propulsion helps this beach accessory bring a smile to any kid’s face. You’ll be playing in the water all afternoon with this gadget.

Red Shark Bikes Enjoy Inflatable Stand-up Paddleboard

The Red Shark Bikes Enjoy Inflatable Stand-up Paddleboard doesn’t require any manual rowing. Just use the pedals to move forward. This is one of our best beach accessories that will let you and your family meander around the water at your leisure. This board has room for yourself and two others.

Geneinno S2 Portable Sea Scooter

You’ll want to include the Geneinno S2 Portable Sea Scooter on all of your dives. This smart sea scooter is lightweight and has 350 brushless motors that give you 22 pounds of thrust for an hour. The smart app monitors speed, depth, light, battery level, and more. Finally, the parental mode lets you control the scooter while your child practices swimming.

beachsafe Personal Self-Cooling Safe

Another of our favorite beach accessories that you can use while maintaining social distancing is the beachsafe Personal Self-Cooling Safe. With this gadget, you won’t have to designate someone as the beach towel guard for your valuables. This safe also has a charger and a cooling fan so your devices won’t overheat in the sun.

Matador Pocket Blanket 2.0 Versatile Travel Blanket

You’ll have no trouble maintaining six feet of distance from others when you’ve got a Matador Pocket Blanket 2.0 Versatile Travel Blanket. This blanket fits nicely in your pocket or bag and comes with a storage pouch for easy carrying. Best of all, its Easy-Pack Pattern makes this blanket fold up in a snap.

Easy Eddy Three-Piece Modular Paddle Board

You won’t need a large car to haul the Easy Eddy Three-Piece Modular Paddle Board. This modular SUP is comprised of three pieces, letting you put it together at the beach and take it apart when it’s time to leave. This is another great item on our list of beach accessories for social distancing because it will keep you in the water and away from the crowded beach.

It’s possible to have fun at the beach this summer and maintain social distancing with these beach accessories. Just be sure to follow your beach administrator’s guidelines. Did any of these gadgets strike your fancy, or do you have any to recommend? Let us know.

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