The best brew gadgets for coffee and tea enthusiasts

A hot cup of coffee or tea—or cold brew, if that's your preference—is often the best part of the day. There's nothing quite like the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans or the scent of your favorite tea. Having the right accessories to brew your favorite drinks makes a big difference. And we're here for you to make sure you have exactly what you need.

The best brew gadgets for coffee and tea enthusiasts
Cuzen Matcha Home Tea Maker brews fresh “matcha-presso”

Americans go through a lot of coffee. About 400 million cups a day in the US alone. Many of us can’t even begin to think about being around people or doing any work until we have our morning cup in us. And tea drinkers are just as obsessed with their drink too. In 2018, Americans consumed over 3.8 billion gallons of tea. If you translate that to money spent on coffee and tea, it’s a daunting number. On average, your cup of Starbucks costs about $5. Every day. But what if we told you that you could make a couple of investments and make the perfect mug of your favorite at home? It’s possible, promise. All you need are the best brew gadgets, and you’ll be a barista in no time.

Plus, once you can make the best brew at home, you can have it any time you want it without the hassle of changing out of your pajamas to make that coffee or tea run. And once you start focusing on making a better cup at home, the options are endless to experiment with your own blends, brew times, and ordering special leaves or grounds.

So, without further ado, here are some of our top picks to get you on your way.

OXO BREW Conical Burr Coffee Grinder provides precise coffee measurements

Make your morning coffee experience even better with the OXO BREW Conical Burr Coffee Grinder with Integrated Scale. This conical burr coffee grinder with scale provides precise measurements. That way, you know you’re getting the perfect amount of coffee grounds for your pour-over cup. Additionally, you can store a whole bag of beans in it. While you’ll use just some each day, the fact that this grinder is closed will keep them safe from too much oxygen. With 38 settings, this stainless steel burr grinder will uniformly grind your beans for a truly flavorful cup of joe.

Mr. Coffee BVMC-PO19B Pour Over Coffee Maker makes the perfect cup

The Mr. Coffee BVMC-PO19B Pour Over Coffee Maker will change your morning routine for the better. This coffee maker will give you step-by-step directions for how to make the perfect cup. The all-in-one coffee maker screen lights up to guide you through the ideal coffee-to-water ratio and help you select the right water temperature. To achieve this, this at-home pour-over device has a built-in scale that automatically weighs your coffee and water. It may seem like overkill, but these measurements are important to give you just the right, full-bodied cup.

Fuffee Social Coffee Mug lets you share pictures to your friends’ mugs

The Fuffee Social Coffee Mug harnesses the thermal energy of your hot coffee to display a black and white picture, and you can choose any picture you want. Then, any time you drink, you’ll be reminded of a special person, place, pet, or saying. With Fuffee, you also get an app that allows you to send pictures to others, so you’ll have a new form of social media to interact with your loved ones. And you can send them any picture you would like—yes, any.

JURA S8 Fully Automatic Coffee Machine does everything

Get rid of all your coffee-making gadgets and replace them with the JURA S8 Fully Automatic Coffee Machine. This single machine takes care of everything from the bean to the cup. In fact, the bean grinder itself has enough room to hold up to 16 servings of beans. So you’ll have plenty of capacity to make coffee for your whole family when they visit from out of town. Additionally, this automatic coffee brewer can create up to 15 different types of drinks.

NOERDEN LIZ Self-Cleaning Smart Bottle sterilizes itself

There’s a better solution than what you’re currently using with the NOERDEN LIZ Self-Cleaning Smart Bottle. This smart bottle cleans itself and kills 99.9% of bacteria. And it also keeps your favorite beverage at just the right temperature for 12–24 hours. And, if you’ve been struggling to remember to stay hydrated, LIZ will blink at you to remind you every two hours. When you want to check on the temperature range of your beverage, just tap on the lid.

Cuzen Matcha Home Tea Maker brews fresh “matcha-presso”

Love the emerald froth and almond-like flavor of freshly brewed matcha but hate all the steps it takes to make it the traditional way? Now you can enjoy it in seconds with the Cuzen Matcha Home Tea Maker. This little number brews and froths matcha tea leaves into perfectly portioned cups just like an espresso maker. The all-in-one tea maker operates using a ceramic mill that grinds the leaves into a fine powder, a magnetic stirrer, and an aluminum tea canister. Just push a button, and you’ve got a perfect cup of matcha.

Double-Wall Glass Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Bottle lets you enjoy tea on the go

Enjoy fresh tea anywhere you go with the Double-Wall Glass Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Bottle. This innovative bottle has a built-in strainer. Simply add in your loose leaf tea and fill up with water anywhere you are. Unlike other tea bottles, the strainer is housed at the bottom, ensuring any amount of water you put inside will work. It’s perfect for both hot and cold tea lovers, too. Thanks to the double-wall construction, it won’t burn your hands on the sides.

Cuisinart PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle Stainless Steel Teakettle heats water to precise temps

You’ll brew your best cups of tea and coffee with the Cuisinart PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle Stainless Steel Teakettle. It has six temperature settings so you can steep your tea to perfection. Choose from 160º, 175º, 185º, 190º, 200º, or 212º, depending on which type of tea you’re drinking. Each temperature setting on this electric kettle notes which type of tea it’s best for, including delicate, white, black, Oolong, or green. Additionally, the 200º setting on this stainless steel kettle is best for French press coffee.

BRÜ Instant Tea Brewing Machine produces the perfect cup of tea

Have your favorite tea ready instantly with the BRÜ Instant Tea Brewing Machine. Offering unprecedented customization to your brew, this machine delivers consistently perfect cups of tea no matter how you like it. With BRÜ, all you need to do is add your tea and press a single button to get brewing. And BRÜ works with loose leaf tea as well as bags. 

Told you we had everything you need. All you have to do is choose a favorite espresso cup or mug and buy your tea or beans, and you’re good to go. Which of these devices do you think will be most helpful for you? Do you already have a process and just want to update your grinder or kettle? Or do you like the idea of the machines that either do it all for you or tell you how to do it step by step? Share!

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