23 Cool gadgets and devices to buy for your friends and family this year

Shopping for your friends and family can be the worst. Especially if they're the type of person who already has everything. It's hard to come up with ideas that they haven't had the chance to buy for themselves. And no one wants to spend time and money on a gift that gets an, "Oh. This is . . . nice."

23 Cool gadgets and devices to buy for your friends and family this year
AIR PIX Pocket-Sized Aerial Camera In Action

Luckily, you have Gadget Flow. We make it our job—literally—to know about all of the cool gadgets and devices you might not have thought of before. This year, don’t even bother to ask your loved ones what they want when gifting time comes around. Get them something they would never have thought of. And with all of the Black Friday sales happening, you’re sure to save some major coin.

We have something for everyone on our list, and your gifts will be sure to make a splash this year.

Facebook Portal TV Smart Video Chatting Device

With friends and family spread far and wide, it can be hard to keep in touch. This year, there’s a cool device you can get them that will help you stay connected. The Facebook Portal TV Smart Chatting Device. All they have to do is connect the device to their television. They won’t even need to worry about placement because the smart camera keeps its focus on you. Forget about trying to video chat on your phone or on a tablet. Use your TV.

LaserPecker Pro Advanced Portable Engraver

If you have a family member or friend who is always crafting and creating, they’ll love the LaserPecker Pro Advanced Portable Engraver. They’ll be able to engrave anything they want on, well, anything they want. It’s compact, and it has a plug-and-play design, so they won’t need to worry about a complicated setup or where to store a bulky item. All they’ll need to do is choose or upload a design and place the item to be engraved under it. The LaserPecker will automatically adjust everything else.

Promate PowerState All-in-One Dock

Any Apple lover will love a Promate PowerState All-in-One Dock. Having a slew of charging docks and cords for all of your Apple devices isn’t the greatest. Things get lost, or you keep things in different places. Make it easier for your loved ones. This charging dock uses wireless core technology to deliver fast-charging capabilities to the iPhone. It also uses a magnetic charging module for the Apple Watch and is compatible with every Qi-enabled device.

SANDMARC Lenses for iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, and 11

Got a photographer to buy a gift for who has an iPhone 11? Get them these SANDMARC lenses. With these five lenses, their camera will be more powerful than ever. They’ll have their choice of macro, telephoto, wide, fisheye, and anamorphic. And each lens comes with a pouch, lens cap, a clip-on mount, and a SANDMARC case. This is just the cool gadget they’ll want.

2BeSafe 6-in-1 Emergency Car Tool

We’re all concerned about the safety of our friends and family. And it’s important they are prepared for anything. Especially in the car. The 2BeSafe 6-in-1 Emergency Car Tool will make sure they have what they need in case of an accident. This tool contains features like a glass breaker, an SOS beacon, and a seat belt cutter. It even has an LED flashlight, two USB chargers, and a 2,200 mAh power bank. They’ll be glad you thought of their safety.

ROYBI Smart Language-Teaching Kids Toy

Anyone can get a kid a stuffed animal or some clothes. If you want to stand out and get something better than your sister-in-law will come up with, get the ROYBI Smart Language-Teaching Kids Toy. This educational toy is amazing. It uses AI and STEM techniques to provide a personalized learning system and works as a conversational companion. ROYBI will improve children’s language-learning abilities and work with kids to perfect their enunciation and help them communicate ideas. It can even teach them a second or third language.

SimCam Baby Smart Detecting Baby Monitor

Any parent is always worried about their baby. This year, gift them with a SimCam Baby Smart Detecting Baby Monitor. Once they place the SimCam in the baby’s room, it will monitor the child and send alerts if something may be covering the baby’s face. It will also let parents know if the baby has rolled over and can’t roll back over. And as a final layer of protection and security, the camera provides AI geofencing and danger zone detection to let parents know if their child is trying to get out of their crib.

VentiFresh ECO Compact Odor Eliminator

Everyone has a smell in their house they hate. For some, it’s the litter box area. For others, it’s the diaper pail. They won’t have to worry about their nose being assaulted all the time when they have a VentiFresh ECO Compact Odor Eliminator. This cool gadget doesn’t require a filter and is eco-friendly. With the press of a button, it draws air in and uses UV photocatalyst technology to zap away odor molecules. It even features a Turbo mode to work quickly in case of unexpected company coming over.

Heatbox Self-Heating Lunchbox

Do you know someone who’s always complaining about the break room microwave? When they have a Heatbox Self-Heating Lunchbox, they won’t have to worry about using the gross work microwave ever again. This lunch box uses steam to heat food and won’t dry food out. It even has an app to let them know just how long to heat their food.

SafeOven Smart Oven Sensor

We’ve all done it. We’ve all left the oven on after we’re done cooking because we got in a hurry. With the SafeOven Smart Oven Sensor, your family and friends will never have to worry about it again. Once this cool device is attached to the oven, it can sense if an electric kitchen range or commercial oven has been left on. The device alerts you via the app, and you can turn it off with the push of a button. How’s that for peace of mind?

Subpod In-Garden Compost System

If you have someone looking to go a bit greener in the future, and they don’t know where to start, give them a hand with the Subpod In-Garden Compost System. This system makes composting easier and less-smelly than ever, thanks to its in-ground design. Just one Subpod can handle 15 kilograms of food per week. And the composting process will create rich soil and byproducts that will have their garden producing the best food ever.

Potential X FocusBuds Productivity-Boosting Earbuds

It’s hard to stay focused all of the time. If you know someone who has been struggling with it, get them a pair of Potential X FocusBuds Productivity-Boosting Earbuds. This cool gadget uses EEG neurofeedback technology to actively help your brain stay focused on the task at hand. Which means they’ll be able to finish it faster and get back to spending time with you. They’ll have up to eight hours of playtime on one charge, and the earbuds feature Bluetooth 5.0, one-touch voice control, and noise-isolation features.

Twelve South AirFly Pro Bluetooth Transmitter

The Twelve South AirFly Pro Bluetooth Transmitter is a great gift for someone who is always traveling. All they’ll have to do is plug the transmitter into the seatback display, and they’ll be able to wirelessly listen to the in-flight movie. They’ll even be able to use it on the elliptical or treadmill when they’re at the gym. And it handles two pairs of headphones, so they can listen with a friend.

Tile Sticker Small Bluetooth Tracker

We all know someone who is constantly misplacing things. The remote, their keys, their phone… And it’s always right in the house with them. Help them out this year and get them a Tile Sticker Small Bluetooth Tracker—or four. This cool gadget will adhere to just about anything and will help them locate the object within a 150-foot range. The tracker has a built-in three-year battery life, and it’s waterproof.

Duet All-in-One Floor Cleaning System

If you know someone who has pets and hard floors, they need the Duet All-in-One Floor Cleaning System. This cool device has everything they need to keep their floors clean. Which we all know is hard to do with kids and animals around messing everything up all the time. The Duet features a dust mop, a sweeping broom, and a dustpan—and it has five sides so nothing you sweep up will come flying back.

Distinct EDC Customizable Multi-Tool

Some people like cool gadgets that do everything. They love how small something can be, yet how it can do so much. For those people you know, you need to get them a Distinct EDC Customizable Multi-Tool. This everyday carry device is more than 30 tools in one. It’s thin, lightweight, rust-resistant, and durable.

Vonmählen High Five Signature Keychain Phone Charger

Give the gift of power this year. Power to charge pretty much any device. The Vonmählen High Five Signature Keychain Phone Charger is a universal charger that has five connections to be compatible with both Apple and Android devices. It uses a magnet to keep itself together and uses a dual-port USB-A adapter along with a two-in-one connector to give you multiple ports.

Pebblebee BlackCard Wallet Finder

Losing your wallet is one of the worst things that can happen. It’s amazing how much of our lives is in such a small thing. All of your friends and family need a Pebblebee BlackCard Wallet Finder. All they’ll need to do is slide this cool gadget in their wallet cardholder, and they’ll be able to keep track of their wallet anywhere. If you’re within 500 feet of your wallet, the Pebblebee app will tell you where it is. If they’ve dropped their wallet at the grocery store or on the beach, or misplaced it in the house, they’ll be able to find it.

Helios Touch Evolution Touch-Sensitive Wall Lighting

For your friend who has a sleek, modern sense of style, get them the Helios Touch Evolution Touch-Sensitive Wall Lighting. Thanks to this lighting being totally modular, they’ll be able to arrange it however they like. Each set comes with five panels, and the LED lights are touch-sensitive and turn on and off with just a tap. Hold your hand on the panels to control the brightness for even more lighting options.

Image credits: Helios Touch

JBL Link Music Wi-Fi Speaker

Everyone could use a cool new speaker in their house, which means any of your friends and family would love a JBL Link Music Wi-Fi Speaker. This small speaker packs a punch—in the form of music coming at you from 360 degrees. It responds to Google Voice Assistant, so you can control it that way, and you even manage it from the Google Home app.

Kano Harry Potter Coding Wand

Be the cool parent, aunt, or uncle when you get the kids in your life a Kano Harry Potter Coding Wand. Let them experience the joy of becoming a wizard without a trip to Hogwarts when they use this cool device. Your child will build the wand and its code, and they can go through over 70 step-by-step challenges to improve their skills. And the wand works with tablets and computers, including iOS, Android, Mac, and PC devices.

Square Off Smart AI Chessboard

There is more to this chessboard than meets the eye. If you have a game-lover in your life, they need the Square Off Smart AI Chessboard. This board is enabled with robotics, sensors, and artificial intelligence, and the pieces move on their own. You read that right—the pieces move on their own. They’ll be able to play a game against the AI, or they can challenge opponents from all over the world. And there are 20 different levels of difficulty, so it’s perfect for all experience-levels.

AIR PIX Pocket-Sized Aerial Camera

The selfie-lovers in your life need the AIR PIX Pocket-Sized Aerial Camera. This small aerial camera can fly so that they can get the best pictures, from any angle. It’s perfect for large groups, so no one has to sit out and take the picture, and it’s great for getting the perfect selfies when you’re traveling. This cool gadget can even capture HD videos and livestream to Facebook or YouTube.

Now that you’ve taken all your notes and decided who is getting which of these cool gadgets and devices, you can sit back and relax. Because we just took all the stress away for you. Are there any gift ideas that you have for the person who has everything that we didn’t include?

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