Best robots coming in 2023—HP SitePrint, Amazon Astro, Mirokai & more

What can we expect from robots in 2023? Check out today's digest. We're highlighting the evar Parky, the gitaplus, and more.

Best robots coming in 2023—HP SitePrint, Amazon Astro, Mirokai & more
We can’t wait to see Mirokai come to life

It’s 2023, and robots are now a part of nearly every sector, from household help to industrial applications. So what new robotic creations will we see this year? Check out today’s roundup of the best robots coming in 2023.

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Robots in 2023 will continue to offer help at home. Yarbo, for instance, is releasing the Snow Blower S1 and Lawnmower M1 this year, simplifying 2 time-consuming chores.

Then, the evar Parky solves EV charging anxiety. A CES 2023 innovation honoree, this robot can find the direction of your electric vehicle and give it a charge.

Want to see what’s new for robots in 2023? Keep reading!

1. The Yarbo Snow Blower S1 autonomously clears driveways and sidewalks of snow via remote control. Preorder it for $3,839 on the official website.

Yarbo Snow Blower S1 clearing snow

Thanks to the Yarbo Snow Blower S1, clearing your sidewalks and driveway of snow is as easy as tapping some buttons on an app. In fact, this 2-stage snowblower can remove deep, heavy snow and shoot it up to 40 feet away.

2. The gitaplus cargo-carrying robot carries up to 40 lbs of gear and follows sidewalk etiquette. It’s coming soon and costs $3,475 on the brand’s site.

Best robots coming in 2023
gitaplus in brown

Shopping on foot becomes a lot easier with the gitaplus cargo-carrying robot. Additionally, it hauls up to 40 pounds of gear. Then, cameras and radar help the robot see its surroundings and follow users.

3. The Amazon Astro 2nd Gen smart robot works as a home or office security system that can patrol the area. It costs $999.99 and is available by invitation.

Amazon Astro 2nd Generation
Amazon Astro 2nd Gen in a home

The Amazon Astro 2nd Gen smart robot adds serious security to your house. Moreover, this clever robot uses cutting-edge navigation technology to move around your home and go where you need it. Furthermore, it sends alerts when it detects someone unfamiliar and can even keep an eye on your pet.

4. The HP SitePrint construction layout robot prints accurate construction site layouts on floors. Contact the brand for price inquiries.

HP SitePrint
HP SitePrint side view

Construction managers can save time and make better use of labor with the HP SitePrint construction layout robot. Using autonomous technology, it prints precise, accurate layouts. What’s more, it’s easily portable for use between sites.

5. The Yarbo Lawn Mower M1 intelligent mowing robot uses advanced algorithms to stay within virtual boundaries. Buy it for $3,519 on the company website.

Best robots coming in 2023
Yarbo Lawn Mower M1 cutting grass

Homeowners can save time every week when they add the Yarbo Lawn Mower M1 to their tool shed. This robot can mow up to 2.3 acres of land and tackle inclines up to 68%. Moreover, with its RTK-GPS positioning and advanced algorithms, it heeds virtual boundaries.

6. The Acwa Robotics Pathfinder robot can move inside water pipes without disrupting water distribution. Contact the company for pricing.

ACWA Robotics Pathfinder Pipework Robot
Acwa Robotics Pathfinder in a water pipe

Communities can improve their drinking water distribution networks with the Acwa Robotic Pathfinder robot. It passes easily through pipelines and offers a full condition assessment of the pipes, including residual thickness, micro-cracks, corrosion, localization, and more.

7. The Ottobot autonomous delivery robots make indoor, curbside, and last-mile deliveries. Contact the company for price inquiries.

Ottonomy io Ottobots Ottobot making a delivery

Your food or curbside shopping order may come via one of the Ottobot robots in 2023. These delivery robots create digital maps of service areas, and their live location is updated while they autonomously deliver items. Moreover, they can navigate crowded and unpredictable surroundings.

8. The Ouster REV7 OS scanning sensors offer double the range and better object detection for autonomous operations. Their price is TBA.

Best robots coming in 2023
Ouster REV7 lidar sensor series

Although the Ouster REV7 OS scanning sensors aren’t robots, their tech will undoubtedly be integrated into some autonomous applications in 2023. The company’s next-gen L3 chip powers these new sensors, offering groundbreaking performance and features for a range of operations.

9. The Parky autonomous EV recharging robot can travel to your car for a recharge. It’s coming soon, and the price hasn’t been announced.

evar Parky product video

Say goodbye to EV charging anxiety with the Parky autonomous EV Recharging Robot. All you have to do is park your car and call this EV charging robot to your vegucke using NFC. The robot will locate your car in the parking lot, dock onto a dispenser, and start charging.

10. The Agrist L harvesting robot remedies farm labor shortages and can work 12 hours per day. Contact the company for price inquiries.

Agrist ‘L’ in a YouTube video

Responding to farm labor shortages is the Agrist L harvesting robot. Its proprietary AI algorithm uses cameras that help the robot identify and harvest ripe peppers with precision, even through layers of leaves.

11. The Enchanted Tools Mirokai revolutionary robot adapts to a variety of environments & uses.

Enchanted Tools Mirokai revolutionary robot in orange

Meet a robot unlike the rest: the Enchanted Tools Mirokai. This revolutionary gadget is both radical and simple, offering compatibility with many different use cases. A useful technological innovation, it has an interactive head and real-time animated facial expressions. Not only that, but it also has connected handles with opposable thumbs that achieve 97% success at grasping. 

Robots in 2023 are poised to help us humans with a range of tasks, from the mundane to the laborious. Which ones would you like to see? Let us know!

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