Bosch just launched a smart bike system, and here’s why you must get it

Bosch recently announced a myriad of new products coming soon, but the eBike Smart System stands out. It's loaded with features, like displays, stat tracking, and efficient battery performance. Do you enjoy riding eBikes? Then you don't want to miss it.

Bosch just launched a smart bike system, and here’s why you must get it
The Bosch eBike Smart System has an effective display

Those who enjoy riding eBikes will certainly appreciate this handy new gadget. Bosch is now offering the Bosch Smart System—a package that includes a smart display, a dedicated app experience, and more. The system is designed to enhance your eBike experience by providing greater tracking and connectivity using its wide range of technical abilities. Let’s go ahead and take a closer look at this smart new biking kit, shall we?

Bosch just launched a smart bike system and here’s why you must get it
Bosch eBike Smart System features robust battery life

The eBike Flow app is intelligent and customizable

The Bosch Flow app is ready to give you a finely connected experience. In fact, it’s the primary link to the experience Bosch seeks to offer. It uses OTA updates so that the eBike stays up to date with the latest and greatest features. You can customize riding modes and record activities. It even pairs with apps like Apple Health to monitor health stats more accurately.

It has an innovative LED remote control unit

The control center features an LED remote that’s easy to use. It’s comfortable and ergonomic, which is a huge plus, especially for extended riding sessions. There are different colored LEDs to let you know what mode you’re in during rides.

It also works without needing the display, for those who wish to simplify things further. Don’t worry though, the most important information will still be available. The LED remote uses Bluetooth to link to the Flow app.

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The Kiox 300 display is stylish and clear while riding

Included is the Kiox 300 display, which is sharp and stylish. It’s easy to read while riding, and it help improve safety. Data about your session, plus fitness information, is all there for you as you traverse your routes.

Like the control unit, it uses OTA updates to keep the software current. While the display doesn’t have any buttons, the remote control is able to manage it. You can adjust the positioning of the display as needed.

It has a powerful drive unit and reliable battery

The smart system features a new rechargeable PowerTube 750 battery. This should prove to be quite effective for longer rides, including more strenuous ones. It can be charged 50% in only a few hours and fully in 6 hours using the included charger.

A very robust Performance Line CX drive unit is ready to deliver some serious power. It can provide up to 85 Nm of torque, which you can adjust accordingly via the Flow app. Pretty awesome if you ask us.

Bosch just launched a smart bike system and here’s why you must get it
Bosch eBike Flow app keeps your system connected

It offers a feature-rich eBike experience from Bosch

It’s clear that Bosch set out to give customers an experience that exceeds expectations. There’s some significant tech in the Smart System, which even includes the ConnectModule. With a nice display, solid performance enhancements, efficient battery, and tons of stat tracking, you can’t go wrong considering this package. It has plenty to offer both eBiking veterans and newcomers alike.

You can learn more about the Bosch Smart System from the official press release here. More information on pricing and availability is coming soon.

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