Digital Books Help Kids Learn

Digital Books Help Kids Learn

Technology is a large part of our modern society. Teaching children to become comfortable with technology is important to their future success in school and later in their chosen careers. E-readers and a great way to ease children into the use of computers and other forms of digital technology and they can even be extremely useful in getting kids engaged in learning essential skills such as reading, math, science, and following oral and written directions.

School Readiness
More than ever, technology has become part of the classroom: and this trend starts as early as pre-k. reports that in early 2015 the U.S. Secretary of Education and the Federal Communications Commission Chief proposed a shift in schools to make digital textbooks the standard as early as 2017. If children are going to be using digital textbooks in school, then the use of an e-reader or kids reading apps like Nook for at home reading will help to prepare them for the coming changes in education. Education and Communication leaders recognize that using digital books offers a unique method of learning that gives children access to features like built in dictionaries and thesauruses, all while preventing the early onset of physical trauma caused by carrying backpacks full of heavy textbooks.


The Intuitiveness of the Touch Screen
Children love to put their hands on things. It is obvious from the first months of life that the instinct to touch is strong. Taking this instinct into consideration, a touch screen is easy for children to learn how to use because it is intuitive for them.

Reading Resources lists the Nook reading app for kids as one of the best reading apps for kids. They boast that not only is the app free to download, but it is both educational and fun for kids to use. The app is simple to navigate, offers brightly colored images of book covers, and the e-books have bright illustrations. Along with reading materials, the Nook kids reading app supports different types of digital books including: audio books, recordable books, and read along books. Many of the e-books even include interactive activities to go along with the stories. With different types of reading and several levels of difficulty, the reading app for kids offers books for nearly every age group and can therefore grow with your child as their reading skills improve.

Building Confidence
It can sometimes be difficult to get children engaged in wanting to learn to read and to build their reading confidence. E-book apps for kids can help ease the process of teaching your child to read by increasing their interaction with what they are reading, having games built into the digital books, and even having congratulatory songs, achievement badges, and other rewards coded into the reading. explains that positive reinforcement of a job well-done is one of the best ways to build your child’s reading confidence, so the built in positive reinforcement that comes in many of children’s e-books makes the reward process easy. E-reader apps also enable kids to quickly learn to operate technology and thus grow their confidence in that field as well. Even children as young as 3 years old are able to recognize and point at a picture of a dog, so learning to point at an app icon with the face of a dog on it to bring them to a story about a dog becomes almost second nature. Once a child learns that they can operate an e-reading app, it makes the transition from a mobile device like a tablet to the more complex operations of a computer somewhat simpler for the child.

Long Lasting
If you have kids, then you know that they can be hard on their stuff-especially toddlers. Books are easy to tear-even for kids who are trying to be careful. Luckily, e-books are tear proof. So long as you monitor your child’s use of the mobile device they are using to read their e-books, you are likely to have an e-book remain accessible far longer than an ordinary board or paper book. And with an e-reader app for kids from the Barnes and Noble Nook line, your child can access their books from any device on which the app has been downloaded. So, if your child has to unexpectedly be picked up from school by their grandparents, they can read their favorite books on their grandparents’ mobile device by accessing their Nook account through the app.

An e-reading app for kids is one of the best tools for learning available today. The technology is so popular that the nation’s schools are gearing up to switch to digital textbooks. With kid=friendly features like colorful illustrations, fun audio e-books, easy to navigate touch screen access, and interactive activities, e-reader apps make learning fun and engaging, turning a lesson into entertainment.

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