Earity Voice-Controlled Earbuds Bring Distraction-Free Conversations

Earity Voice-Controlled Earbuds Bring Distraction-Free Conversations

With 1 in 3 smartphone owners using their devices while driving, the likelihood of facing fatal crashes is increasing over passing time. It’s a number which has surmounted to such a level that in every 30 seconds an American gets in a car accident related to distracted driving. The root cause behind this situation is your mobile devices which have unknowingly become so important that you just can’t keep your eyes off them even when you’re driving or when you’re engaged in some sports activity. Futuristic HUDs like Navdy are trying to fill up that zone and make drivers feel more safe during their time on the driving wheel but these solutions are more focused on driving alone and does not fit in any other sphere of life.

What you need is a more compact solution which will brilliantly merge with your everyday lifestyle and be a more distraction-free source of interaction on your phone. You don’t need to check your phone time and again especially when you’re engaged in some other crucial activity such as driving and that way, save your lives from facing any kind of fatal accidents which may occur due to such carelessness. This new Indiegogo campaign called Earity is trying to crowdfund their new set of voice-controlled earbuds which tries to make conversations and audio distraction free in a form factor that fits smartly in your fashion forward life and not as a bulky headphone.

Earity earbuds

A design that’s built to keep you moving!

Designed to provide you with crystal clear sound quality using voice commands and a highly long-lasting battery life, this earbud has been made with the idea of reducing the number of fatal accidents that occur due to distracted driving caused by smartphone usage. You simply need to pair it with your smartphone (Android or iOS) only a single time and then let this incredible piece of wearable technology take control of your audio as well as conversations using voice commands. Music empowers our soul with energy and positivity which is often ruined due to  unwanted cables that create a tangled mess. Earity liberates you from that zone and brings comfort back into your lives with a design that encourages freedom of movement.

Earity earbuds on Indiegogo

The stylish design fits comfortably in your ears and informs you of any incoming call with a voice command. Using this command system, you can actually decide whether to take up the call or not by simply saying “Yes” or “No”. No fidgeting with the phone in the busiest of streets; a simple voice command will do it all. To pair with this is the chic design which complements your style and image thus merging effortlessly with your daily fashion statement.

20 Days of Battery Life At a Time

Another interesting aspect of this earbud is its long-lasting battery life which can last for 20 days at a time. So, it does make for a wonderful accessory you can actually carry in your exotic vacations and stay connected with your music without bothering much about the battery power. The storage and charger pack can smartly fit in your pocket and carried anywhere just to be of help in case you’re on a really long trip. Once the earbud runs out of charge, just place it inside the capsule and that’s enough to feed it with power for the next round of effortless usage.


Since this design fits beautifully in your ears and does not come with wires or extra baggage, you can be sure of being safe on the road whenever you’re driving or doing any other sports activity. Continuous fidgeting with the phone is not required as a simple voice command is enough to help you receive or reject calls. The earbud pairs with your phone via Bluetooth and also helps in providing crystal clear audio quality using passive noise isolation and audio transparency. Coming at a pre-order price of $79 on Indiegogo, these earbuds are scheduled to ship early January 2015 post successful completion of their project. Distraction free audio and conversations come molded in a gorgeous device that’s both chic and highly useful. Happy Gadgeting!

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