ArmRestor is a Top-Notch Car Accessory Taking You Back to What Driving Should Be Like – Comfortable and Distraction Free

ArmRestor is a Top-Notch Car Accessory Taking You Back to What Driving Should Be Like – Comfortable and Distraction Free

Nearly 500,000 young adults are subjected towards facing the traumatic effects of distracted driving every year, some of them being fatal. You’d be surprised to know that when a driver takes his eye off the road for an average of 5 seconds at 60 km/hr, he is actually covering a distance of an entire football field without looking on the road. Much of this distraction is because of smartphone usage which is the very reason why car mounts and interesting heads-up displays like Navdy are on the rise of popularity.

But a smartphone is not the only device which gets a driver distracted on the road. Even looking for a tissue or a water bottle can do the same which unfortunately is still overlooked when it comes to designing car accessories today. So does this mean we’ll always be struggling for these everyday accessories inside the car and place ourselves in a dangerous position while doing so? Apparently not if you help ArmRestor reach its crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter.

ArmRestor distraction free driving

Drive Healthy and Without Distractions

Apart from minimizing these unnecessary distractions with its all-in-one car accessory, ArmRestor aims to correctly position you in a sitting stance using the comfortable resting pad. Long hours of driving can often result in a backache or shoulder ache as you tend to rest your entire body weight on these areas while driving. But once you get a properly positioned armrest in place, the tendency of sagging your body lessens and so will the pain. This is because the armrest helps in resting your arms naturally which in turn reduces your shoulders from sagging inwards or your back from slouching. That makes ArmRestor truly versatile not only as an accessory enabling distraction-free driving but a healthy driving too.

ArmRestor coin holder and tissue dispenser

Have Your Coins, Tissues and Water Bottles in Place

A car undoubtedly looks best when it’s organized. Having said that, it’s now important to say how ArmRestor will help you organize your daily traveling needs. First is the unique coin dispenser which will hold your quarters, nickels and dimes properly in place and ready to be dispensed whenever necessary. You need to place them in the proper chambers labelled Q, N and D from the front following which the puck will attach them to a spring and have them secured in place. Whenever you wish to remove a coin, just place your finger under the mouth opening and slide them out one by one. Pretty easy as compared to those containers that fall off from the dashboard everytime your car hits a bump.

ArmRestor bottle holder

Next in line comes the tissue compartment which can accommodate large household tissues or standard size Kleenex tissues. In order to enjoy easy dispensing, all you need to do is place them in the center of the inner backside lip. The detachable bottle or phone holder can be moved to either of the side trays located at the end of the device. It allows swivel action for your comfort and can be moved in a 270-degree fashion with preset locking positions. This also enables you to have your phone near your fingertips so that you don’t keep looking for them when your eyes should be on the road ahead.

ArmRestor car accessory with arm rest

Enjoy Absolute Comfort During Long Drives

The cushion pad for arm resting is made of synthetic leather and can be fitted along any area of the door panel. The pad is slidable and can also have its height adjusted to enable absolute comfort for the end user. Since the whole unit slips in between the window and weather stripping without obstructing your vehicle, you can enjoy the ArmRestor even during bad weather conditions outside when the window needs to be closed. It’s not ideally meant for a driver’s seat alone. You can have ArmRestors for the passenger seats as well if required. The device is made of automotive friendly plastics with UV stabilizers and is scratch resistant to ensure durability. They are available in two colors: beige and black with the pre-order price starting from $25 (the Super Early Bird Special priced $24 is already gone!) on Kickstarter. If you really wish to drive without distractions and never feel those horrible backaches after long hours on the steering wheel, ArmRestor is the accessory you’re looking for. Happy Gadgeting!

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