How to Enhance the Credibility of Your Crowdfunding Campaign?

How to Enhance the Credibility of Your Crowdfunding Campaign?

Albert Einstein was quite true when he had said that:

“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.”

If you are into crowdfunding, you must value those words above. Not because they came from the great Einstein but also because every bit of that sentence is so true. Crowdfunding, like the name suggests, is a process where you’re relying your entire project on someone else’ money. In fact, you’re asking people to pay for your product without actually giving them the product right away. That’s a lot to ask for and I don’t think that without proper planning, you’ll be able to gain that trust you so want to have from them. It’s mandatory for you to make your project believable. It’s mandatory for you to make those backers believe in you too. Building trust is not an easy task. But if done well, it’s not that difficult either!

Tips for Building Credibility for Your Crowdfunding Campaign

1. First and foremost, you should make your product’s title say it all! It should be catchy and worth that click. Always remember to think from the perspective of the backer and whether you would have clicked your project after seeing that title if you were a prospective backer. Like the recent campaigns from Jaunji and Oros Apparel does.

2. Next should be your focus on the project video. This is because most crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo start the project description with the video. If that doesn’t display how your products would work in real life, you can also be sure to have lost half the battle already. You can have a look at the video of Magnetips to understand my point more clearly here. It’s descriptive, creative and not boring at all!

How to Enhance the Credibility of Your Crowdfunding Campaign?

3. After the video comes the images. After featuring over 2500 crowdfunding campaigns, we have watched that lifestyle images offer more clicks and engagement than simple white-background ones. You can have a look at my previous detailed post on this topic for better understanding too! As for my recent favorites on this area, I’d say Bold Knot had done a really cool job with the images for their crowdfunding campaign.

4. Now comes the description. Yes, you also need to talk about the features and how the product will benefit your everyday lifestyle but firstly, you need to make sure your story is told well. Like for example, I really liked the way Ruggie explained their product with proper statistics and a short but sweet infographic before heading for their product features.

5. One more aspect most crowdfunding campaigns overlook is to speak about their budget. You need to be more open to your backers about it and let them know how the money will be used. Like this project by Rowena Wise showcases the entire breakdown of how the money will be used once crowdfunded! That gives you a five star rating on credibility instantly.

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6. It’s important to highlight how you’re going to move ahead with the work progress. A detailed project timeline chart like the one that Pocket Watch did would do best here.

7. To get some of those extra points on credibility, you can also highlight your previous campaigns and how they did if required. First timers will have to omit this point for now though.

8. Once you’re done with your project, don’t just vanish from your social media networks and update forums instantly. Let your backers know that you’re doing your work and getting their orders done on time. A couple of workshop pictures or Periscopes would do.

How to Enhance the Credibility of Your Crowdfunding Campaign?

9. And even after you deliver your product to your backers, don’t forget to ask for feedback and respond to queries as much as possible. This will automatically add in more credibility for the future campaigns that you come up with.

Sounds like a deal? Also use these strategies on your crowdfunding campaign and watch the magic for yourself. If you have more points to discuss, share with me in the comments below.


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