The FLOTE Hands-Free Stand Enriches Your Tablet With Superpowers in Order to Remain Floating in Air

The FLOTE Hands-Free Stand Enriches Your Tablet With Superpowers in Order to Remain Floating in Air

With the massive increase of the mobile generation, one aspect that has found a rise in demand is the thirst for smaller, portable form factors. This has eventually led to the popularity of tablets and e-readers today. As Gartner rightly predicted, 2014 is going to see the worldwide tablet market growing by 47 percent, especially because of lower average selling prices that attracts new users. But with all that growth in the tablet market, one thing that’s still under question is the consumer’s health. It’s definitely an ergonomic truth, even proved by Harvard researchers, that continuous use of tablets by holding them in hand can affect the user’s neck and head flexion angles causing unnecessary fatigue. Considering the fact that over 61% of e-readers prefer to read while in bed, this problem doesn’t seem to be nearing any solution.

Having said that, it’s definitely a loophole that requires an alternative solution since tablets are the future of computing and one tiny blotch cannot just take away the entire experience from the user. While generic iPad stands do pose as substitutes for this problem but in terms of efficiency, there still lies a difficulty in placing the user’s head in a neutral position when using the tablet. That’s exactly the problem Dave Cutler was facing two years back which led him to create a hands-free stand of his own that could make prolonged hours of tablet use painless and stress free. This was when FLOTE had made its appearance in the world of tablets for the first time.

Prolonged Hours of Tablet Use Made Stress Free

A successful Kickstarter project from 2012, FLOTE has made its way towards becoming one of the most ideal tablet stands for the mainstream users today. Coming from the world of adjustable stands, it’s got the potential to hold your tablets in air so that you enjoy your tab experience without any pain or extra effort. Hold it in any virtual position you prefer and FLOTE is going to serve diligently, without making you realize that it’s there. Being extremely efficient in the purpose it wants to solve, FLOTE has become the favorite stand for tablets even in the world of critics. In their review of FLOTE, Cult of Android had said, “You might love the Flote m2 Tablet Stand more than you love your actual tablet”. It is indeed a class by itself especially because of the intricate design and engineering that goes behind what comes as a sleek tablet holder.

FLOTE hands-free tablet stand

FLOTE is different not because it’s an adjustable stand but because of the simplicity that lies in the way this stand can be adjusted. With the use of the adjustment sleeve and the boom angle knob, this stand can be easily placed in any suitable position based on your choice such that you don’t get stressed while you surf your tablet. The cradle can hold practically any tablet or e-reader with or without case and does not require any special adapter to do so. That is actually great because this can make FLOTE an efficient support as a workspace gadget for those who like to travel with their tablets instead of laptops. The base is small but elegant in its design which gives an overall sleek outlook to the whole stand thus making it a gorgeous steel or aluminium piece you could use anyday as your tablet support.

FLOTE Complements Your Interiors With It’s Classy Design

Unlike most stands, the sophisticated design of FLOTE makes it complement your interiors or workspace as well. Steel has always got a style of its own and when it’s in the shape of a sleek form factor, the scene looks just perfect for your home decor. Built by U.S. craftspeople, the stand has been made keeping the durability in mind which can make it last for a lifetime. It’s not just a useful gadget, rather it’s a piece of skilled mastery that has taken normal tablet surfing experience to a complete new level of comfort and sustainability.

FLOTE tablet stand complements your interior

Currently available as a floor or desktop stand on their store, FLOTE is nearing its way towards setting a benchmark in the world of efficient gadgetry made for a better living. Use it well in your daily hours of tab surfing and take the experience to a level where you’d enjoy it even more and that too, while relaxing. No unnecessary neck pains, no painstaking moments of dropping your tab while you fall asleep and see a broken one in the morning. All you do is sit back and let your tablet stay in air using FLOTE, just as if it’s flown towards you to make your day even better. Happy Gadgeting!

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