Awesome never-seen-before gadgets from Kickstarter and Indiegogo

There's a reason why we love crowdfunding campaigns so much. They're always full of smart, innovative designs. It's easy to get lost in everything Kickstarter and Indigogo have to offer. And do you really have all of the time and money required to undertake this task? Probably not. So we've narrowed it down for you and are sharing some of the campaigns we love from this year so far.

Awesome never-seen-before gadgets from Kickstarter and Indiegogo
SuperCalla Easy-Coil Charging Cables in White

Every time we think we’ve seen it all, someone surprises us. And the level of talent and innovation in Kickstarter and Indiegogo gadgets is pretty mindblowing. Some of the ideas are so complex, we’re left marveling at the brains behind them. And some of the ideas are so simple with such great functionality that we’ve wondered why no one else has thought of it.

There are thousands of crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. So where do you even begin when you want to start perusing? Sure, you can browse by category, but that still leaves you with information overload. And an empty wallet. Then again, too much time on Kickstarter and Indiegogo is always going to leave you with an empty wallet, to be fair. We’ve handled some of the legwork for you, and we’ve chosen some of the ones we love. From health to fun to necessities, it’s all here.

Solos Wellness Smart Glasses

Many posture devices serve only one purpose, but the Solos Wellness Smart Glasses give you more. These lightweight smart glasses have Whisper® Audio Technology for superior phone conversations and speech recognition. And the Open-Space directional stereo speakers provide a high-quality audio playback experience. They’re compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. And, with the glasses, you’ll receive the mobile app, AI Coach, and AI Care, which will serve as your personal fitness coach and assistant.

Glamos Virtual Touchscreen Device

Imagine being able to turn any screen into a touchscreen. You can do just that with the Glamos Virtual Touchscreen Device. Designed by an ex-Samsung engineer, this gadget uses LiDAR technology to turn any screen into a fully interactive touchscreen. And since it’s pocket-sized, you’ll be able to take it anywhere. It features a 180° field of view and has a three-foot radius. One of the best features of this device is that you don’t need a special app or software to use it. All you have to do is place it, plug it in, and start. We love a good crowdfunding campaign that makes our lives easier.

GUILIN Lampscape Air Purifier

The GUILIN Lampscape Air Purifier not only effectively makes the air in your home safer, but it also looks beautiful and functions as a piece of art. GUILIN uses photocatalysis technology to eliminate viruses, bacteria, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, formaldehyde, molds, and odors from your home. The light shines through the base and the clear mountains, bouncing off the lines etched into the acrylic. Made of sustainable high-quality materials, GUILIN consists of a rectangular steel base that is embedded with low voltage warm white (2700K) LED lighting.

HiMo Folding E-Bike

Love your electric bike but don’t love hauling it around everywhere? Then the HiMo Folding E-Bike is exactly what you’re looking for. This electric bike is lightweight and easy to carry around thanks to its A380 aluminum alloy frame. You’ll have a removable energy-efficient 7500 mAh battery, and that translates into a 30-kilometer mileage range and a top speed of 18 kilometers per hour. And you can do it all from the comfort of your padded mesh seat. With a crystal clear LED display and high-performance LED headlights, people will see you, and you’ll see just what you need to.

Cynaps Open-Ear Headset Cap

The Cynaps Open-Ear Headset Cap might be just what you’re looking for. The integrated Bluetooth headset sends audio directly to your ears using bone conduction. Use it to listen to calls and music privately, without earphones. It also includes a 350-lumen headlight right in the bill. What’s more, you can use it for working on projects or to light your way at night. Hang it up at the end of the day to recharge it on the magnetic dock. With 27 styles and a size range from small to XXL, it comes in an option you’ll love.

SuperCalla Easy-Coil Charging Cables

Charging cables are always a tangled mess, and keeping them in semi-order is a pain. SuperCalla Easy-Coil Charging Cables change all of that. These charging cables have magnets along them, so you can easily coil and uncoil your cables. Plus, you only have to uncoil just what you need rather than the whole length. You’ll be more neat and tidy than ever before, and they’re great for traveling. SuperCalla cables have high-speed charging and data transfer capabilities, come in both black and white, and they come in both three-foot and six-foot lengths. You know this is a crowdfunding campaign you can’t resist.

PICO Self-Watering Palm-Sized Garden

Do you neglect every herb or flower that enters your home? The PICO Self-Watering Palm-Sized Garden will change that. This unique indoor garden will help you take the guesswork out of caring for plants so that you, too, can enjoy fresh basil in your kitchen or fragrant jasmine at your desk. Powered by high-performance efficient LEDs from OSRAM, PICO can replace the sun entirely and let you grow plants year-round indoors. Similarly, PICO’s watering system makes sure your plants always have the perfect amount of water. All you need to do is pour water in once a week, and the capillary wick will do the rest.

V-Tex All-Season Nanotech Shoes

Imagine going on your adventures with the comfort of a slipper but the durability of a boot. That’s exactly what you get with the V-Tex All-Season Nanotech Shoes. With 12 different features, you’ll never want to take off these impressive shoes. Resistant to cold temperatures, water, and sand, they’re great for everything from the beach to the mountains. They’re even windproof and heat resistant. For those who are always on the go, they’re totally breathable, stain proof, and antibacterial to keep you looking (and smelling) your best, thanks to their advanced nanotech knit material.

Next time you’re thinking about replacing something in your home or you’re on the lookout for new tech to fulfill your addiction, be sure to check out our Crowdfunding category. We’re constantly updating it with gadgets from Kickstarter and Indiegogo, so you can get it all in one place. What’s that last crowdfunding campaign you supported? Let us know!

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