Get instant heat when you need it with the Comfort Touch scarf

Your neck is one of the most temperature-sensitive parts of your anatomy. When you're feeling the chill, this scarf provides instant heat.

Get instant heat when you need it with the Comfort Touch scarf
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  • Is there a heated winter scarf? Yes there is, and it goes by the name of Comfort Touch.

“Moooom,” you would protest, “I’m not even cold!” Most of us can remember our parents wrapping us in scarves and wool hats to keep out the winter cold — whether we wanted the protection or otherwise.

Of course, most of us come to appreciate the warmth of a scarf as adults. In the coldest conditions, that simple wrap can make a big difference to your comfort levels.

Now imagine your scarf was as warm as your first cup of coffee in the mornings. That’s essentially what the Comfort Touch scarf provides. Woven into the super-soft wool, this innovative accessory has a panel that provides instant heat.

What are the health benefits of wearing a scarf?

In the harshest winter weather, a good scarf can make a significant difference to how you feel.

Being completely exposed — neither covered by clothing nor hair — your neck is an easy target for the icy wind. Feeling the chill, your body responds by reducing the circulation in your neck and shoulder area. This only makes you feel stiffer and colder.

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In other words, it makes sense to wrap a cozy scarf around your neck in winter. The Comfort Touch is cozier than most, thanks to a weave of high-quality wool.

instant heat 02

Instant heat

When you need a quick boost, the built-in heat panel can provide toasty warmth in just 20 seconds. What’s more, you can adjust the scarf for different conditions.

Instant Heat

Because no-one outside of Hogwarts has mastered magic, the Comfort Touch runs on electricity instead.

instant heat 06

Turn it up

This scarf comes with a matchbox-sized power pack that tucks into your clothing. This rechargeable battery holds enough charge to provide two hours of continuous warmth. It takes exactly the same length of time to recharge inside the provided case.

instant heat 05

Survive any chill

Given that the temperature doesn’t remain static all winter, the Comfort Touch has two heat settings. You simply flick a switch on the battery case to choose your preferred level of coziness.

instant heat 07

Not just a scarf

Made from skin-tested wool, the Comfort Touch scarf lives up to its name. The material is soft and smooth, yet also lightweight and breathable. It’s easy to wash and durable enough to take on any outdoor adventure.

“Comfort Touch Scarf is a unique product developed by InLab Design. Its classic and stylish look also feels as good as its name. Our scarf is specially designed to keep you extra warm when the temperature around you drops, whether you are commuting, at work or out having fun with friends and family.” — InLab Design on Kickstarter

What we like

It’s pretty cool how the heat panel is woven directly into the fabric of these scarves. Although the technology is not unique, we haven’t seen it applied in this way before.

instant heat 04

Star pattern

Future designs

While these scarves are far from ugly, you won’t find the plain colors and star patterns in any glossy magazine. A sprinkling of style would improve version two.


– Kickstarter: Until August 16th

– Pledge: $98 USD

– Delivery: October 2018

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