How Working Remotely Increases Your Work Productivity

How Working Remotely Increases Your Work Productivity

Running a company with a nearly 100% remote workforce is not easy. However, statistics show that nearly half of the world’s employed population will be working remotely by 2020. In fact, I feel that remote working ends up making you more productive at work. Yes, it’s very different from the typical style of work we’ve been used to but, nevertheless, it’s unique. Most importantly, it breaks the makes your work life more interesting and less monotonous. You don’t feel claustrophobic within a cubicle. Instead, you’re free to blend your work with your daily life as you wish. Today, the Gadget Flow team works from over eight countries across the globe and working remotely has become our culture.

How Working Remotely Increases Your Work Productivity

Ever since I entered remote working, going to work never feels boring anymore. In fact, I feel more productive with each passing day. Here’s why:

Work From Anywhere

I strongly believe that everyone has their own way of doing work. Some prefer the standing desk while some like to have a portable one. Working remotely gives you the freedom to create your own work environment. If you are a digital nomad who likes traveling, you can still work remotely. If you are a home maker who prefers being at home during the usual workday hours, you can still work remotely.

Flexible Schedule

Everyone is different. Naturally, everyone’s instincts are different. Some might feel more productive working for hours before taking a break. Others might want to munch on shorter tasks and take breaks more frequently. Working remotely gives you that liberty to choose your breaks. You design your schedule based on your preferences, whatever they may be. Whether you have to run errands or do cooking during the day, you can design your work based on your daily activities. As for me, I like doing my important tasks early in the morning before everyone wakes up. This is a highly productive time for me with little interruption. It also starts my day off on the right foot so I can handle any surprises my day typically brings.

No Regular Commuting

Whether it’s from my couch or by the beach, I can work from anywhere I want. All that time I would have spent traveling to and from work is now spent on something more useful. Even from the financial perspective, you’re going to save a lot of money on gas, train tickets, and parking fees. The logic is simple – your work travels with you wherever you go. 

How Working Remotely Increases Your Work Productivity

Be Your Own Boss

Waking up on time now comes naturally to me. The credit for this level of punctuality goes to my work life. I am not forced into following a strict schedule designed by someone else and work seems more like a part of my daily life. It’s not that I am not stressed; being the CEO of a growing company, I have a lot of tasks on my plate. Somehow, the workflow doesn’t make me feel so burdened all the time and I look forward to tackling each and every day.

Do you work remotely? What keeps you going throughout the day? Share your experience in the comments below.

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