9 Laptop backpacks to keep your tech protected

Your tech is your life. And that's especially true for your laptop. If you're commuting back and forth to work, traveling for business, or working someplace else for the day, it's important to make sure your tech is protected. Because we've all seen that person walking around carrying their laptop out in the open, and it makes us cringe. If you're looking for a new backpack—or want to suggest a bag to that one guy on the train—we've got them here.

9 Laptop backpacks to keep your tech protected
Razer Rogue Gaming Laptop Backpack in Black

You’ve had that moment where you walked out the door just carrying your laptop in a sleeve. Or maybe you threw it in a bag that was definitely not meant for carrying something so pricey. And, when you’ve dropped that much money on an object, you kind of want to make sure you’re treating it the way you would your baby. Because, let’s be honest, it’s practically your baby, right? There are a ton of different laptop backpacks, and we’re here to help you narrow them down.

It’s important to think about all of the different aspects you’ll need from your computer backpack. Are you going to carry other electronics in it? Are you going to travel with it in situations where you might get caught in the rain? What about when you hit the gym? There’s a lot to consider, and you want something that looks good and fits all of your needs.

Take a peek at our choices, and start carrying your laptop and other tech gadgets better.

ODA Hop Modular Bag System is designed for daily and travel use

You’re a busy person. You have days at the office, long weekends for pleasure, and quick business trips across the ocean. And the ODA Hop Modular Bag System will fit all of those needs. Moreover, this bag system features three different configurations for daily use and travel. Hop comes in two parts—an everyday backpack and a shoulder bag—which magnetically fix together to form a single piece for a weekend trip. Wherever you’re going, they’ll fit with your aesthetic and make all of your travel easier and more streamlined.

Bellroy Duo Totepack Computer Backpack holds a 15″ laptop

Make carrying your laptop easy with the Bellroy Duo Totepack Computer Backpack. This convertible tote has room for a laptop up to 15 inches in size along with other belongings. Its central padded compartment keeps your laptop safe, while separate side pockets organize smaller items. You can be sure that this laptop pack will protect your computer, but it also gives you room for your water bottle, smartphone, wallet, and more. Plus, this laptop backpack converts to a tote when you tuck the straps in.

Anti-Theft Password-Protected Backpack keeps everything secure

Keep all your valuables safe and secure when you have the Anti-Theft Password-Protected Backpack. At the top is a built-in security feature not usually seen on backpacks: a password-protected lock. It uses the same lock trusted by briefcase manufacturers to ensure no one can access your stuff even if they steal your bag. The Anti-Theft Backpack comes in three color options as well as two styles. You have the choice of a traditional backpack or a sling bag. In addition, these bags have another extremely convenient add-on upgrade: a USB-charging design.

Catalyst Waterproof Backpack Portable 20L Bag protects your stuff from the elements

When you use the Catalyst Waterproof Backpack Portable 20L Bag, you can take your devices on any adventure with you. This 20-liter backpack has enough room for all your essentials. You can fit a laptop, a change of clothes, and your toiletries. So, whether you’re going on a backpacking overnight or a hike to a waterfall, this is your go-to waterproof backpack. Plus, this hiking backpack can become super compact and fit into a carry pouch, which is practically pocket-sized. Additionally, this nylon backpack is water resistant and durable, so it’s okay if it scrapes against some rocks or branches while you’re adventuring. 

Bellroy Campus Student Backpack totes all your essentials

Designed with busy schoolgoers in mind, the Bellroy Campus Student Backpack has all the space you need. With designated compartments for almost anything you can think up, this school backpack keeps you organized. It has a padded 15-inch laptop compartment, so this school pack ensures your essential devices stay safe. Additionally, this school bag has a key clip so you can always get into your apartment. Along with an easily accessible external pocket, the other compartments keep all your essentials right at hand.

BP3-20 Backpack Gym Office Travel Bag opens completely flat

Simplify travel with the BP3-20 Backpack Gym Office Travel Bag. Uniquely designed, this backpack opens flat for easy access to your personal belongings. So you can see and access everything inside and easily pack and unpack it. The BP3-20 offers a patented design that gives you a spot to change your shoes. An oversight by every other bag company, this allows you to step into the BP3-20 after you remove your shoes and before you put new ones on. This saves you from having to put your bare feet or socks on the ground—perfect for post-snowboarding or outdoor adventures. Go from the gym to the office and beyond with everything in one place. 

Razer Rogue Gaming Laptop Backpack minimizes fatigue

Confidently bring your gaming laptop out and about with the Razer Rogue Gaming Laptop Backpack. Made of high-quality materials, this pack provides an exterior that is both tear and water resistant. The padding in the dedicated laptop compartment keeps your gaming laptop safe while the secondary compartment separates your other gear. Plus, the frameless design, padded shoulder straps, and back panel make it comfortable and easy to carry your entire gaming setup. The backpack also evenly distributes weight, resulting in less fatigue even if you’re carrying a heavy load.

Tigernu Waterproof Laptop Commuter Backpack keeps everything safe

Carry all your stuff the smarter way with the Tigernu Waterproof Laptop Commuter Backpack. The Laptop Backpack has enough space for laptops up to 15.6 inches. In addition, the exterior is also waterproof, so you have total peace of mind that everything inside is safe and secure. There are three different options to choose from. The basic features a padlock for extra security. The mid-range includes the padlock and also features a built-in USB port for easy charging on the go. Finally, the top end has all these features plus a TSA lock, a reflective strip, and a waterproof cover for even more security. 

Knack Bags All-Purpose Backpacks work for all situations

No matter where you’re off to, the Knack Bags All-Purpose Backpacks will hold your belongings. Plus, these aren’t just professional backpacks—they’re also designed with a hidden expandable packing section for travel. Additionally, this series of everyday backpacks comes in small, medium, and large depending on what you need. And the sizes aren’t arbitrary, as Knack Bags notes how much each travel bag can hold. The small size carries a couple of outfits and a 13-inch laptop, while the medium holds two to three outfits and a 15-inch computer. Furthermore, the large backpack has room for up to four changes of clothing and a 17-inch laptop.

Your commute and travel will be so much easier with one of these backpacks. Having everything just where you need it and knowing your precious laptop is safe will give you peace of mind. And you’ll be more streamlined and able to get to the tech you need right when you need it without digging around. Which one do you think will best suit your individual needs? Let us know!

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