Get Your Whole House Online with Luma

Get Your Whole House Online with Luma

Wi-Fi is only great when it works. Relying on your roommate to not have his tablet, TV, remotes, smartphone, and camera all connected at once and making Google load at a crawling pace gets old. Real old. In our fast action world, we can’t even imagine life without Wi-Fi. After all, it is the 21st century. Luma, an intelligent Wi-Fi system, will make your problems disappear.

Wi-Fi should be on demand and always accessible. With reliance on a connection more today than ever before due to smart home devices and our ever-growing networks, it’s imperative that we’re online. Luma makes sure you get online and stay there, all with a secure and totally bespoke connection that you can control.


The package may be compact, but Luma simply connects to your modem with an Ethernet plug and gets you online. After the first is connected, you can add more Luma devices to fill your home with accessible Wi-Fi. You can connect every single device in your home and maintain a strong connection for each of them. The reliable connection is consistent and Luma is super smart. It knows who is online, which devices are used, and even where connection is weaker (so just add another Luma!).


The best part of Luma is the amount of control and customization you can have. By using the app, you can instantly see which devices are online and how they’re being used. You can even block websites for certain devices (ideal for children with tablets), set time limits so you can finally get dinner back to family time, and even block entire users (perfect for parents who need some chores done around the house).

Luma white

Luma, like any great home device, is small and can be easily concealed. Its hexagonal shape is inviting and eye pleasing. It’s available in silver, gold, orange, and white to match virtually any décor you choose. At just over an inch thick and only 4.6 inches tall, it can be easily placed behind a picture frame or in your entertainment unit. On the back are ports for power, Ethernet, USB, cable, as well as a reset button in the event you need to start again.

Luma at home

You can buy a single Luma unit for just $99 or you can save money with a set of three for just $249. Gone are the days are unplugging your router for 30 seconds in hopes that the Wi-Fi gods are pleased. Simply add Luma to your household and get fast, reliable, and consistent connection.

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