This Salvador Dalí figurine is the ultimate gift for art lovers

Salvador Dalí was one of the greatest artists ever to have walked the Earth. It’s only right that he should get his own action figure.

This Salvador Dalí figurine is the ultimate gift for art lovers

Many people in this world have mastered the paintbrush. But very few artists have an imagination to match that of Salvador Dalí, the original surrealist master. Dalí produced many “hand-painted dream photographs,” as he liked to describe his paintings. He was also a talented sculptor, movie set designer, and photographer. He even worked as an architect. Such creative brilliance shouldn’t be forgotten. The new Salvador Dalí action figure allows art lovers to keep a reminder of the great man on their desk. The figurine even comes with miniature versions of Dalí’s most popular works.

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Surrealist master

For the art lovers

Born in 1904, Salvador Dalí was always outside the norm. He believed he was his deceased brother’s reincarnation. As a young adult, he dressed in old-fashioned English clothes and cultivated a flamboyant Mask of Zorro-style mustache. But for all the eccentricity, it was Dalí’s talent that got him noticed.

The new Salvador Dalí figurine celebrates both his eccentricities and his artistic abilities. The model is a perfect cartoon likeness of the artist, complete with three styles of interchangeable mustache. Draped over one arm, a melting clock pays homage to Dalí’s most famous work, The Persistence of Memory. The five-inch figurine also comes with a tiny easel and five famous works in miniature form:

  • The Persistence of Memory
  • Soft Construction with Boiled Beans (Premonition of Civil War)
  • As You Like It
  • Galatea of the Spheres
  • Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee around a Pomegranate One Second Before Awakening
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Here’s the one with the long title

Collectible collection

The new figurine is part of the Art History Heroes Collection, a set of action figures that celebrate great artists. Along with Dalí, the line-up includes Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt and Vincent van Gogh.

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The latest addition

Dalí is the seventh artist to join this elite group, and the new figurine is endorsed by the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation. The box is covered in interesting facts about the life of Salvador, and you get some great little masterpieces.

[tweet_box]Salvador Dalí was one of the greatest artists ever to have walked the Earth. It’s only right that he should get his own action figure.[/tweet_box]

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Place him anywhere

While the PVC design doesn’t match the elegance of Dalí’s work, there’s no denying that this fun little figurine would make a great gift. Keep it on your desk and you might just inspire your co-workers to take an interest, as well.

“Today Is Art Day’s mission is to make art history more fun and accessible to a wide audience. To accomplish this mission, we have created a collection of artist action figures called the Art History Heroes Collection.…Salvador Dalí is the seventh artist to enter the collection.” — Today Is Art Day on Kickstarter

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Artistic genius

The good stuff

Mini Dalí is loads of fun for any art fanatic. The style is much like Nintendo’s Mii characters, and the tiny paintings are a brilliant addition.

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The perfect gift

Artistic critique

Aside from the mustache range, this simplistic depiction of Dalí doesn’t quite capture his crazy personality. But hey, it’s an action figure!


– Kickstarter: Until April 30th

– Pledge: $28 USD

– Delivery: August 2018

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