15 Party gadgets to rock your New Year’s Eve

Prepping for that New Year's Eve party must be already on your list this week. Just to make sure you aren't spending too much time prepping, we've gathered 15 interesting party gadgets that can totally rock the Eve in style.

15 Party gadgets to rock your New Year’s Eve
New Year’s Eve Party Celebration

No matter what your plans are this New Year’s Eve, we’ve got the party gadgets that will make your night. We’ve got just the thing for that cozy night at home by the fire, or we have champagne blasters that will set that party off come midnight. Don’t make the rookie mistake of unprepared on the biggest party night of the year. (And also don’t make the rookie mistake of not having a DD. There’s plenty of Ubers and Lyfts and taxis.

If you’re one of those brave souls who is going to venture into Times Square, we’ve got some items on the list that might appeal to you. And if you’re planning on avoiding the crowds and the mess and will be home with a cocktail, brew, or a bottle of wine, we’ve got just want you need for that too.

Everything on this list is under $100, so no worries about breaking the bank to get that final thing to set your party off.

Bubbly Blaster Champagne Sprayer Gun

If there is one thing you need for your party this New Year’s Eve, it’s most definitely this champagne sprayer gun. Nothing screams midnight like reining down champagne all over everyone. And it’s probably the one night where people won’t be super ticked off at you for doing it. Let’s just make sure we’re putting the cheap stuff in there though. Don’t want to waste the good stuff. The Bubbly Blaster attaches to any 750ml bottle and turns it into a spray bottle. It’s made from high-quality brass and aluminum, not plastic, so it won’t break on you in the middle of your champagne-fueled, champagne-spraying rampage.

Aged & Ore Duo Double Walled Whiskey Glass

There’s nothing worse than your whiskey not being exactly how you like it. And we all have our specific ways of drinking it. For me, no shots, please. Give me a nice Irish whiskey that I’m going to out a big ice cube in and sip on all night in between glasses of red wine or bubbly. And when you’re hosting, it’s easy to keep holding that drink all night long, not noticing your ice ball getting smaller and your whiskey getting more watered down and warmer by the minute. What you need is this double-walled whiskey glass. And the unique bell shape will even offer you better aromatics and ethanol aeration. Trust me, it matters. A good glass can make all the difference.

Shots Club – Ultimate Shot Glass Party Kit

We all say we’re not going to do shots. And then we’re at a party—or hosting a party and don’t have to drive home—and all of a sudden it’s “Sure, why not!” When that moment arrives, as it is wont to do on New Year’s Eve, make sure you have a Shots Club shot kit at your disposal. The set comes with eight shot glasses and two gun decanters. You’ll even have holsters for the gun decanters, so you’ll be able to walk around a la Cowboy Captain Morgan all night long.

Wine Sitter Elegant Stemware Stabilizer

This stemware stabilizer might not look like much, but it could very well be the difference between your carpet getting trashed or not. Ask me how I know what it’s like when someone spills red wine all over your light beige carpet. It ain’t fun to clean out. (Grape pop is way worse. Pretty sure Satan invented whatever coloring is in there. Ask me how I know about that too…) And when you’re sitting at the table and drinks and flying and people are waving their arms around, you’re going to want everyone’s wineglasses securely tucked inside one of these.

Jewelice 520 Carats Jewel Ice Maker

Ice balls, big ice cubes, and Death Star ice balls are out. (Just kidding, Death Star ice balls will never be out.) Class up your drinks a bit with this 520-carat diamond ice cube. You can even add fun edible flowers or herbs to your Jewelice to enhance your drink or make that cocktail look extra cool. Making a gin and tonic? Trying adding some cinnamon sticks, cloves, and anise stars to your ice cubes. As the ice cube melts, it’ll change the way your drink tastes.

Beer Pong Golf Travel Edition Drinking Game

I tend to forget that not everyone else is drowning in cold or snow come New Year’s Eve. If you’re lucky enough to be somewhere warm out, this Beer Pong Golf game is the perfect addition to your party gear. It comes with all the parts you need, so don’t worry about ordering it and not having the golf clubs. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to chip the ball into the cups. So, beer pong plus golf.

Bruu Moving Beer Pong Robot

If you love beer pong but golf isn’t your thing, you need the Bruu. Think you’re the master at beer pong? Add robots and make the cups move. Or is Chad coming over and he spends all his time with his bros playing beer pong and thinks he’s just the best? Well, put his skills to the test and let him try this version. Either way, it’s going to be funny to watch people play. What’s cool is that Bruu can determine the edge of the table, so it’ll never fall off.

Kikkerland Bartending Glasses Set

Making mixed drinks for people can be a pain. Especially when a lot of people are over. And if you don’t have experience behind a bar, it’s even slower. Jiggers and shakers and all of that can be time-consuming. You just want to pour. But you still want a good, balanced drink. That’s where Kikkerland comes in. They take all of the guesswork out of it for you. These four glasses include the markings for sixteen unique drinks. You’ll be able to just read the glass and look like a pro this New Year’s Eve.

Chill Systems The Chiller’s Pack Drink-Cooling Backpack

Remember when I said that if you were heading to Time’s Square to watch the ball drop, we had something for you? Well, this is it. This Chill Systems backpack can hold three bottles of wine or six cans of beer. Don’t worry about not being well-lubed for the ball drop while you’re stuck in the same place for hours on end. You’re a champ for being there, and we’ve got you covered for what you’re going to drink while you’re there. For bathrooms? That’s all on you though. We’re not quite sure how that one works with all of those people there.

Sello 2 Wine Preservation System

Want to open that really nice bottle of wine for New Year’s Eve but not sure if you’re going to finish it? That’s always the dilemma. Because if you have no way of properly saving it, you’re stuck pouring money down the drain after it oxidizes. That’s one of the worst feelings. Sure, if you’re going to get to it in a day or two, it might be fine. But if you can’t get to it until the next weekend, you’re out of luck. Not with Sello 2. When you use this, it will regulate moisture levels and oxygen inside the bottle, and reduce temperature and light. Just put a cartridge into the bottom basket of the device and put it in your wine bottle like you would a cork. Your wine will stay good for a week like this.

Sello 2 Wine Preservation System

Sello 2 Wine Preservation System in Use

Vacu Vin Wine Saver Vacuum Pump

I personally have three of these in my house, and a bag full of fifty of the stoppers. These are life in my house because my husband is a wine rep. New Year’s Eve always leaves you with a ton of partial bottles, and rather than dump them all, go get a Vacu Vin to save them all. If you store the wine at the proper temperature and keep it away from light, you’re guaranteed a few days. For some wines, we’ve had them last past a week. And even if you don’t have a bunch of winos coming over to ring in the new year with you, it’s still a great idea to have one of these and some stoppers shuffling around your kitchen or bar area.

Chambong – Enhanced Champagne Consumption Glass

Forget about beer bongs. Chambong is where it’s at for New Year’s Eve. There’s always those few at a party who want to take things to the next level, so let them have their fun while you watch and shake your head. But that’s what I’d be doing. Also, it’s New Year’s Eve. If ever there was a time to let loose and have a good time, that’s when to do it.

Allocacoc CupCooler Instant Drink Chiller

You’ve asked your friend to pick up a six-pack of your favorite beer on their way over. Because in the midst of preparing and making sure everyone else had everything they need, you forgot about you. But when they arrive, they’ve arrived with a warm six-pack. First, you need to have a serious conversation about expectations with your friend. Unless they couldn’t find it anywhere else and it was their last resort. If you have an Allocacoc CupCooler, it won’t matter. You’ll be able to have your cold beer immediately. Don’t worry about shoving a beer in the freezer only to forget about it and wake up to a mess later. This cool party gadget has a built-in cooling mechanism that will keep your beverage between 32 and 41 degrees F.

Keter Cool Bar Concealed Cooler

If you’re taking the party outdoors, this handy cooler is just what you need. The Keter Cool Bar will serve as both a cooler and a table. The telescopic pedestal is a great addition that makes this cooler compact when you don’t want to be using it as a table. But the open-concept cooler is perfect for parties and making sure people can see just what they need. Our recommendation? Get a few to strew around the back patio.

Wine Folly Special Edition Genuine WAF Champagne Stopper

Most of us operate under the assumption of “Once a bottle of bubbly has been opened, it must be consumed because there’s no way to save it.” Not true. With these Wine Folly stoppers, you can open that bottle, drink a partial, and save the rest for later. These party gadgets do a great job of keeping everything under pressure and keeping your bubbly fresh. Just be careful when you’re taking one off, because they are just like popping a cork. If you’re not ready for it, it can go flying. And none of us wants metal to go flying through the air.

Wine Folly Special Edition Genuine WAF Champagne Stopper

Wine Folly Special Edition Genuine WAF Champagne Stopper

Have you already stocked up all of your party gadgets for New Year’s Eve? Or are you in the camp who hasn’t even put any thought into it?

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