Meet a unique portable air conditioner for summer 2021 with 3D airflow

Don't overheat this summer! TORRAS is on the way with the coolest new product around: the Coolify portable air conditioner. Does it actually work? Read on to see how this wearable device can help you chill out. You just might be glad you did!

Meet a unique portable air conditioner for summer 2021 with 3D airflow
Torras Coolify portable air conditioner keeps you cool

Not everyone likes being hot. The exhausting feeling of sweating in the brutal summer heat or after a long workout is less than enjoyable to most. But a new device is here to help relieve that feeling. The TORRAS Coolify is a portable personal air conditioner that can lower your body temperature in only 3 seconds! It even features a Ku Peltier radiator and 3D airflow. At a time when our summers seem hotter than ever, this simple hands-free solution is sure to become a must-have. Let’s take a closer look at what this gadget’s all about.

Chill out with this portable air conditioner that lowers your temp with 3D airflow
Coolify portable air conditioner is perfect for hikes

Lowers temp by 18-degrees in mere seconds using built-in Ku Peltier technology

Right away, one of the most exciting things about the TORRAS Coolify portable air conditioner is its use of a Ku Peltier ceramic semi-conductor radiator. This radiator has a large number of thermoreceptors that it uses to focus on your neck area. According to the product website, it can cool your body and reduce its temperature by as much as 18-degrees. This is accomplished in just a matter of seconds. At that point, the device can continue running until you’re ready to switch it off.

Coolify features 3D airflow design with 36 different air vents

TORRAS doesn’t stop at using high-tech components like super-fancy radiators. No, they bring even more to Coolify by including a 3D airflow design. This design uses 36 different air vents to blow air toward your face and neck. It helps distribute the cool air faster and more evenly across the targeted area. The 3D airflow design also uses a 5000 rpm high-speed motor to produce 3x the airflow volume. Three settings adjust the intensity. It’s an immersive cooling experience, as TORRAS says.

Coolify portable air conditioner in action

Its hearty battery lasts all day long to support your routines

Now, you might be thinking, this seems like a lot to expect from a portable gadget. How long can it last? Well, don’t you worry. TORRAS has ensured that the Coolify can run all day long. A 4,000 mAh high-grade lithium battery can keep things running up to 8 hours, recharging in only 2.5 hours. This would be perfect for those who walk or bike to work, as they could charge in the office and be ready for the commute home.

Portable air conditioner with a low profile yet stylish design

Coolify’s portability is an asset to the device, which is further complemented by its stylish design. In addition to being easy to throw in a bag or wear around your neck, it isn’t obnoxious like some wearables can be. In fact, I could see it being easily mistaken for a pair of over-the-ear headphones. The portable air conditioner has a one-size-fits-all design that uses adjustable hinges and comes in 2 different color variants.

Chill out with this portable air conditioner that lowers your temp with 3D airflow
Coolify portable air conditioner fits around the neck

Coolify is a useful gadget that takes wearable tech to a new level

TORRAS’s Coolify is a device that should appeal to wearable tech enthusiasts who want to keep cool during the summer. There’s a wide variety of scenarios where this product could prove helpful, and the ability to easily throw it in a bag between uses is convenient. With its high-end onboard tech and low-profile design, it just might be what you need on your gadget wish list.

The TORRAS Coolify portable air conditioner will be available for $149. For more information, check out the official website.

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