Cool Down Anywhere With the IcyBreeze Portable Air Conditioner

Cool Down Anywhere With the IcyBreeze Portable Air Conditioner

It seems like winter just stopped dumping snow on us a few weeks ago. But now it’s hot and humid, and you’re starting to sweat more than you’d like to.

Years ago, there was a fix of some kind for this problem: You might decide to spent $5 and grab one of those misting fans – you know the ones that spritz a little water on you when you pull the trigger?

It appears we’ve come a long way since then. Thanks to one of the coolest (pun intended) new gadgets released in recent years, you and your friends are now able to escape the heat no matter where you happen to be.

In other words, if you’ve ever been outside on a hot day and wished you could take your air conditioner with you, well, now you can.

Introducing… The IcyBreeze

Meet the IcyBreeze, a portable cooler/air conditioner that lets you take cool drinks and temperatures with you wherever you go. The dual-purpose unit is extremely easy to use.

Thanks to the gear that’s installed on the inside of the IcyBreeze unit, this device circulates ice-cold water through a condensing unit that then blows out icy cold air. All you need to do is add water and ice.

The unit, which is powered by a battery, can last for as long as seven hours between charges (when you set the IcyBreeze on the lowest setting). And the unit’s flexible hose allows you to easily direct the cold air in whichever direction works best for you.

The end result? Air that’s as much as 35 degrees colder being blown at speeds up to 25 mph. In other words, you and your friends will stay comfortable no matter where you happen to be – the park, the beach, the garage – anywhere!

An Air Conditioner… On Wheels!

Available in blue, green or red, the IcyBreeze also features:

  • 38-quart cooler
  • Exterior: 18.5” (height); 23.5” (width); 16.25” (depth)
  • Interior: 11” (height); 11.25” (width); 18.5” (depth)
  • Holds up to 30 pounds of ice (or 49 cans)
  • Dry weight: 21 pounds
  • 110V battery charger
  • Wall and car power supplies available

Clint Donaldson, the inventor of the IcyBreeze, says he came up with the idea for it while watching a baseball game during an Oklahoma summer. If you’re able to enjoy a game from the comforts of your home (i.e., couch, refrigerator plus air conditioner), shouldn’t you be able to do enjoy it similarly if you’re there in person?

You used to be able to bring a cooler and a comfortable chair – two-thirds of the equation. But until now, no one had thought of – or at least followed through on – actually putting such an item together.

While the device might not remove common air pollutants like the units in your home do, you probably won’t want to use this bad boy unless you’re outside anyway.

Starting at about $349, the IcyBreeze might be an investment you want to make this summer. If nothing else, your friends will think you’re that much cooler (see what I did there again?).

What other go-to gadgets will you use this summer? Tell us in the comments section below!

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