These AI home gadgets make your life easier

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic right now. From facial recognition to chatbots to cars to the health industry, it's difficult to open the news and not see something about AI. Many of us think of AI and think science fiction, but AI is being used in more daily applications than ever. And we're pretty sure you're going to be surprised and wowed by just how much AI you can have in your home.

These AI home gadgets make your life easier
Dyson Pure Cool Me Personal Purifying Fan by the Bedside

When it comes to artificial intelligence, there is a lot to chew on. Even if you might not realize it, AI is pretty much in every area of our lives. Newer car technology, the medical field, our home gadgets…AI is everywhere. And the thing about AI home gadgets is that AI is in places you might never have imagined, making your life easier even if you don’t even realize it’s there.

What is artificial intelligence?

We all have science-fiction images of what artificial intelligence is. Usually, the immediate image brought to mind when we think about AI are robots, particularly the lifelike robots we’ve seen on TV and in movies. Data on Star Trek, anyone?

But there are multiple kinds of artificial intelligence. Government Technology magazine has a great article explaining AI on their site. We won’t go into all of the details here, just the main ones, with an example of each. Otherwise, we could be here all day, and you didn’t click on this to read a novel.

Reactive Machines

Reactive machines are AI that are purely reactive. Have you seen chess-playing robots, and robots that can play Connect 4? Those are examples of reactive machines. They don’t have the capacity to interact in any meaningful way, and they’re good for one thing and one thing only. There is a lot of daily AI tech that utilizes this type of AI.

Limited Memory

These are machines that can look into the past and have temporary or short-lived memory. They can take information from the immediate past to make decisions. Self-driving cars are the best example of this type of AI.

Theory of Mind

This type of AI is more hypothetical than not right now. Remember that talk about Data? He’s an example of theory of mind AI. This type of AI would be able to interact with us socially, and seem, well, human. Psychology Today has a great article on what theory of mind is and how it looks in robots.


This is another type of AI that doesn’t exist yet, and the thought of it is often the stuff of nightmares and the subject of many a movie. There’s much debate as to whether this could even happen or not, and some robots have passed basic self-awareness tests, but some classic examples of self-aware AI are The Terminator, The Matrix, and I, Robot to name a few.

Where is artificial intelligence in your home?

The short answer, everywhere. And no, we don’t mean your Alexa listening to you or your phone tracking your every move and disseminating that information to god only knows who. Televisions that upscale from 4K to 8K? That’s AI. Facial recognition software in your security cameras? That’s AI.

And there are a whole host of other things that contain AI you can have in your home, many of which you probably never even considered. Or, you maybe never realized that they utilized artificial intelligence.

We haven’t put these items in any order, because it’s more fun to not group them, so you can see just how varied the list is.

LuluPet AI Smart Cat Litter Box Pet Health Monitor examines your cat’s waste

Cats aren’t always obvious about how they’re feeling, but you’ll have insider knowledge with the LuluPet AI Smart Cat Litter Box Pet Health Monitor. This intelligent litter box examines your feline friend’s urine and stool after they use the bathroom. It does this through the built-in camera. The purpose of this AI litter box is to make sure you’re aware of your kitty’s overall health, including their behavior and weight change. And it’s no problem if you have a dozen cats living with you—the LuluPet can tell the difference between them.

BIC Smart Shaver AI-Enabled Razor captures data when you shave

The Bic Smart Shaver AI-Enabled Razor gives you more information than you’ve ever had before about your shave. Designed by NextBICThing, this wet-shaving tool is much more than it appears. It may look like a typical five-bladed razor, but the BIC Smart Shaver actually captures data while you shave. You’ll get information on how dense your hair is, how fast you shave, and how much water you use while doing so. The razor obtains information, sending it to the cloud where an AI tool analyzes it to provide you with these details.

Google Visual Assistant Artificial Intelligence Projector responds to your voice

Control what you see using only your voice with the Google Visual Assistant Artificial Intelligence Projector. This device combines visual and sound information to produce new possibilities. Google Visual Assistant takes the idea of voice assistants on smart speakers a step further by incorporating it into more products. Utilizing Google’s artificial intelligence, space recognition, and speech recognition technology, the projector changes the way users interact with products. Likewise, you can simply tell the artificial intelligence projector to find a movie and sit back while it does the rest.

PowerVison PowerEgg X Explorer AI Personal Camera recognizes faces

Ever wish your personal drone already knew what to focus on? Well, the PowerVision PowerEgg X Explorer AI Personal Camera does. Palm-sized with facial and object recognition, this drone-camera combination learns from you and knows what to zoom in on. Safe return intelligence lets the drone come back to you safely, important for solo travel and sports. Also, it’s gesture activated, so you can signal commands during shoots. What’s more, you can choose the PowerEgg X Wizard version of this little egg. It has waterproof accessories so it can land and take off in the water and fly in the rain.

Oral-B iO AI Toothbrush tracks your brushing

Brush your teeth like never before with the Oral-B iO AI Toothbrush. This new toothbrush uses 3D and AI technology to coach you on how to brush your teeth even better. It has a smart pressure sensor that tells you if you’re brushing too hard, and it lets you know if you’re brushing just right so your gums stay protected. You’ll receive personalized brushing encouragement delivered on the interactive display, and it even counts up to the recommended two minutes for you. This AI toothbrush features seven cleaning modes, and you can connect to the Oral-B app via Bluetooth.

KamiBaby Breathing Magnifier Baby Monitor lets you see your baby breathing

New parents will be able to rest a little easier with the KamiBaby Breathing Magnifier Baby Monitor. This baby monitor uses the last AI and Edge computing technologies to amplify your baby’s breathing. You’ll be able to check on your baby’s breathing on the Kami app anytime, anywhere. This baby monitor also keeps track of the temperature and humidity in the room, since those elements are important for a comfortable sleeping environment.

ALFRED A.I. Personal Assistant Robot develops its personality according to you

If you’ve been looking for something to help you manage your daily tasks, look no further than the ALFRED A.I. Personal Assistant Robot. This AI gadget will follow you to perform tasks for you. It even has a built-in scanner, 4K cameras, projector, and video-taking capabilities. Additionally, it features voice, face, and gesture recognition. Furthermore, it develops its personality according to you. That means your personal assistant robot will cue into your specific needs. Finally, ALFRED can connect to your smart home, has wireless charging, and streams your favorite services from its projector.

blurams Home Pro Intelligent Indoor Camera uses AI facial recognition

The blurams Home Pro Intelligent Indoor Camera is a smart addition to your home security setup. Using AI facial recognition technology, this indoor cam knows who belongs and who doesn’t. Thanks to this feature, your smart indoor camera won’t notify you when family members arrive home. And with its human detection feature, this home security camera can tell what is an object and what is a person. Finally, you won’t have to worry about your private information with this camera because this camera encrypts everything.

Miko 2 Advanced AI Kids Robot Teaches kids via conversation

Help your child learn while enjoying technology with the Miko 2 Advanced AI Kids Robot. More than just for fun, this clever AI robot educates, engages, and entertains kids. Unlike other robots, Miko 2 works with the conversational skills of children, creating a truly customized experience for your child. This AI home gadget can hear, see, speak, learn, and teach as well as sing. In addition, the robot implements facial and voice recognition to better engage, learning about your child as they converse. The robot will be able to recognize their face and voice, identify their mood, and even learn from its environment.

Square Off’s NEO & SWAP Automated AI Board Games move the pieces on their own

Looking for a real gaming challenge? Play with the Square Off’s NEO & SWAP Automated AI Board Games. NEO is the ultimate chess partner and includes personalized chess coaching. SWAP, on the other hand, combines multiple board games in one for never-ending fun. Or, you can go for an even bigger challenge with Blitz Chess which sees pieces zoom across the board. Both of these incredible board games use adaptive AI to help you play. In fact, the AI automatically adjusts its gameplay based on your skill level with 30 levels to choose from.

Samsung SelfieType Invisible Keyboard uses your phone’s camera

If you have tried to get work done from your smartphone, you know how difficult that can be. Soon, there will be a better solution for this issue with the Samsung SelfieType app. Created by the Samsung C-Lab program, this tech uses AI and your phone’s camera to give you an invisible keyboard. Imagine how much easier having a full keyboard would be when you’re on the go. Likewise, this camera tracks your hands’ movement as you type on the surface in front of the camera and translates it.

LG 2020 NanoCell LCD TV Collection offers stunning picture quality

You’ll seriously impress your guests with a television from the LG 2020 NanoCell LCD TV Collection. That’s because these LCD TVs offer stunning picture quality to immerse you in your entertainment. These new NanoCell TVs use the Alpha 9 Gen 3 AI Processor. With this, they offer special features that make the TV-watching experience more relevant to you. With an elegantly thin design, these TVs will practically blend into your wall and look like a piece of art. In fact, the 65″ size is less than an inch thick so you can put it anywhere.

OrCam MyEye 2 Wearable Vision Assistant helps those with visual impairments

If you are blind or visually impaired, you know how important it is to move about your day independently. The OrCam MyEye 2 Wearable Vision Assistant helps you navigate the people and text around you. The device is a small camera that attaches to any glasses frame. When you come across printed or digital text, it instantly reads it to you using AI technology. It also recognizes faces and announces them in real-time, letting you know whenever you’re near someone you already know.

OrCam MyEye 2 Wearable Vision Assistant

OrCam MyEye 2 Wearable Vision Assistant on a Woman

Ayi AI-Powered Smart Mirror can do it all for you

Start each day off with a personal assistant with the Ayi AI-Powered Smart Mirror. Ayi actually scans your scheduling for keywords, helping you complete what needs to be done each day. And, using your voice, you can access all your smart home devices and even create useful IFTTT automation. This AI gadget can also handle complex voice commands such as setting the temperature and turning on your music with one sentence. If that wasn’t enough, Ayi uses machine learning to give you powerful yet actionable insight into your health.

VEZO 360 4K 360-Degree Smart Dash Cam protects your vehicle

The VEZO 360 4K 360-Degree Smart Dash Cam records what happens around every angle of your car. So this car dash cam is an added layer of protection for your vehicle. If you leave your car parked on the street while you’re at home or at the office, this vehicle dash cam will keep an eye out. So if another vehicle happens to nudge yours, you’ll know exactly what happened. And because the 4K recording is extremely clear, you won’t be frustrated by blind spots. Additionally, this smart car camera has built-in AI. This impressive technology scans your face for telltale signs of drowsiness to warn you before you fall asleep.

Mookkie AI Pet Bowl knows which cat is eating

Make sure food goes to the right pet with the Mookkie AI Pet Bowl. Using a front-facing camera, this smart device scans your cat’s face. Mookkie then uses AI to determine whether it is the right cat. If it is, the bowl opens up to reveal the food inside. Additionally, the Wi-Fi connected bowl sends a notification to the app, allowing you to see footage of your cat eating. Thanks to the wide camera lens, you can easily see the entire food bowl and how much food is left. Furthermore, Mookkie makes it easier to manage diets if you have more than one pet at home.

Mookkie AI Pet Bowl

Mookkie AI Pet Bowl in Use

Dyson Pure Cool Me Personal Purifying Fan emits purified air

Cool down with purified air with the Dyson Pure Cool Me Personal Purifying Fan. This AI home gadget a HEPA filter, this device captures 99.7% of pollutants and allergens as tiny as 0.3 microns. Dyson Pure Cool Me helps improve the air quality around you while delivering cool, purified airflow. Featuring a unique dome mechanism, the personal purifying fan offers accurate airflow control. Offering smooth oscillation, the personal purifying fan can rotate from side to side. When it is time to sleep, simply set the timer to stay cool and comfortable throughout the night. Finally, the Dyson Pure Cool Me fan provides built-in reminders to let you know when your filter needs replacing.

So, do you have any AI home gadgets you were unaware of before? Like we said, it’s everywhere. And even though some people find it scary, it makes our lives better. Just take that dash cam, for instance. Anything that can make you a safer driver is better for you—and everyone around you. What type of AI do you have in your home?

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