How to Write a Perfect Crowdfunding Project Description?

How to Write a Perfect Crowdfunding Project Description?

Before we dive deep into discussing the techniques of describing crowdfunding project, let’s just evaluate a typical situation any shopper faces when they head for a purchase online. If you keep aside the thought of being a seller and look from a buyer’s perspective, what are those things you’d expect to see when you come across a good product online? Yes, the images are the first bait to draw any customer towards your platform but what happens thereafter is entirely on how you pen down your product’s features.

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In fact, statistics say that well written content can improve usability by 124%, as on NN/g. From stating the pricing to the key features, the idea should always be in helping any potential customer spend minimum time looking for the information they need. Nobody wants flamboyant literature on your crowdfunding project’s description. All that is required would be proper use of language in a simple and easy-to-read format.

Writing product descriptions

After all, every crowdfunding platform is entirely about exploring different products and not just one. Presenting some tips on how you can enhance your project’s description and make it easier for your potential customers to head for that “buy” button and not check-out with an empty cart!

Tips for a Perfect Crowdfunding Project Description

1. Always think from your customer’s perspective while writing a project description. In fact, try to look at the product and come up with questions on what you would have liked to know about it if you were heading for a purchase.

2. Identify your target audience and write your descriptions accordingly. So a product for women would be described in a different way as compared to those targeted for men and so on.

3. Don’t write an epic. When you’re describing a project online, you have to keep in mind that those who will read it won’t be reading for more than a minute or two. So jot down your points accordingly without using any kind of unnecessary exaggeration.

4. Make the first line the best line. It should describe your project as a whole so that customers will get to know what it does right from the beginning itself. You can then stretch with the detailed description thereafter. For example, if you’re selling a coffee maker with two outlets, make the first line read something like, “Introducing the XYZ Coffee Maker – prepare two cups of coffee at once.”

5. If you have too many features to list, try using bullet points. They are pretty easy to read and won’t look too cluttered at the same time.

6. Just to make your project description a bit SEO friendly, make sure your product’s name is included in the initial sentences of the description.

7. Specify the sizing, colors, models and all variety that exists for your product.

8. Don’t turn your project description into a storehouse of “superlatives”. To be honest, they don’t work as much as you think they do. Everyone knows you love your product. So, all you need to do is convince the others as to why they should have one too.

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9. Make sure you state your product’s benefits in a proper way. Help your potential backers realize where and how they can put that particular product to use.

10. Lastly, don’t forget to share your shipping details at the end of the description. Backers will have a clear idea as to when they’ll receive their package after placing an order.

Apart from these, what else do you think can make your product description unique?

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