This collapsible water bottle is ideal for both the gym and your outdoor adventures

Use one water bottle for all your sports and outdoor activities with the MODL water bottle. It transforms into a hydration pack, water filter, and more.

This collapsible water bottle is ideal for both the gym and your outdoor adventures
MODL and a man drinking water

Stay hydrated no matter your activity with the MODL water bottle. This versatile water bottle actually becomes a shower, hydration pack, water filter, and more thanks to its MODs. Plus, it attaches to pretty much anything.

Tired of having to buy a different water bottle for each sport and outdoor activity? Well, with the MODL versatile bottle, you can stop spending so much money on hydration. From kayaking to snowshoeing, this versatile bottle is convenient to use anywhere.

Loop this water bottle onto anything

While you have to carry most water bottles in your hand or place them in a dedicated holder, the MODL is so much easier. That’s due to its LifeLoops attachment loops. Incredibly strong with their silicone material, the LifeLoops keep your water bottle out of the way.

They allow this collapsible water bottle to hook onto what you have around you. So you can attach it to your hammock or tent’s interior. Meanwhile, if you want to use the MODL as a traditional water bottle, the loops fold down.

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Keep a grip on this multipurpose water bottle

When you’re trekking through a rocky pass, the last thing you want to worry about is your water bottle slipping out of your hands. For that reason, the MODL has GripStrips along its length. They add easy-to-grasp points to the bottle and keep the bottle in your hands, even during adventurous activities.

Swap the MODs to give this rugged water bottle new capabilities

Your water bottle doesn’t have to be just a water bottle. If you’re carrying it with you on a hike or during a camping trip, it’s helpful if it has more than one capability.

MODL verstile bottle
MODL with the Sling MOD

And that’s where the MODs come in. These swappable water bottle attachments transform your water bottle into things like a shower and sling carrier.

The Rinse MOD

Stints in the outdoors can get dirty. But when you add the Rinse MOD to your versatile bottle, you can use it to give your hands, four-legged friend, gear, and more a rinse. All you have to do is squeeze your MODL to release a gentle spray of water. It also reduces water waste on the trail.

The Flow MOD

If you’re kayaking down a river, a hydration pack is a convenient, hands-free way to keep water right next to you. And, luckily, the Flow MOD turns this versatile water bottle into one. It’s all the functionally you get from a large pack but in the convenient form of a water bottle.

The Pure MOD

Ensure you drink clean water anywhere with the Pure MOD. This filter attachment works with both the Flow and Go MODs. It has a life of 709 gallons and removes 99.9% of bacteria and protozoa from freshwater.

The Go MOD

Get quick access to water while you’re moving with the Go MOD. It’s a sports cap that makes drinking water during exercise simpler.

The Sling MOD

Add the Sling MOD to your MODL to make carrying your water bottle easier. This MOD boasts a buckle design with adjustable length, keeping water within arm’s reach.

Check out the dual-end design

Another unique feature of this versatile bottle is its dual-end design. It makes the bottle easier to clean and lets you use the MODL with two MODs.

So you could attach both the Pure MOD and Go MODs to drink clean, filtered water during sports. Or, if you’re going canoeing and want to free up your hands, use the Pure MOD along with the Flow MOD to drink filter water from the hydration pack.

Save space with the collapsible body

The typical water bottle also tends to take up a lot of space, especially when it’s empty. The MODL, however, collapses when it’s empty. This reduces the amount of space it takes up in a backpack or gym bag once your ultimate workout is over.

Use the MODL for pretty much any activity

You can use this one water bottle for anything from backpacking to fishing expeditions, and from skiing to afternoons at the beach. No matter what sport or activity you love, this versatile water bottle makes it easier to hydrate.

The MODL is an impressive water bottle. Not only can it morph into a hydration pack and water filter, but it also attaches to LifeLoops. Then, the grippy exterior and collapsible design make it a breeze to own. Add flexibility to your sports and outdoor activities with this practical water bottle.

Get it for $25 on the company’s official website.

What sort of gear do you take with you for camping trips and other outdoor adventures? Tell us about your favorites in the comments.

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