This posture-improving standing desk has enough space for 2 screens

Keeping your focus all workday long can be hard. Boost your energy levels and improve your posture with the JUMBO DeskStand ergonomic standing desk.

This posture-improving standing desk has enough space for 2 screens
JUMBO DeskStand with a person working

Stop feeling sleepy while you work. Instead, use the JUMBO DeskStand ergonomic standing desk. This posture-improving standing desk features an adjustable height that fits a wide range of users. With its high-quality and modern-looking birch plywood, it adds a nice touch to your office, wherever it may be.

It’s 2:00 pm, and you start to feel drowsy at your desk. The trouble is that you felt a little sluggish before lunch, too. Before you invest in a higher-capacity coffee maker, consider switching to a standing desk like the JUMBO DeskStand. As the 6th generation of standing desks from the brand, it’s more ergonomic, durable, and versatile than ever.

Sit or stand with this ergonomic desk

The beauty of the JUMBO DeskStand is that it sits on your current desk, and you can adjust its height when you want to sit or stand. That way, you can type while standing and sit when you want to take calls.

Meanwhile, since you can place it on your current desk or work table, you don’t have to buy a whole new piece of furniture. And that’s good for both your wallet and the environment.

JUMBO DeskStand Ergonomic Adjustable Standing Desk
JUMBO DeskStand with a monitor and devices

Position the 10-slot ladder according to your height

Everyone has their preferred work position. Whether you like to work with your screen above, below, or at eye level, this posture-improving standing desk adjusts to your height thanks to its 10-slot ladder. So you get plenty of heights to play around with, and they’re easy to switch.

JUMBO DeskStand Ergonomic Adjustable Standing Desk
JUMBO DeskStand with a woman using a laptop

Fit two monitors on this standing desk

These days, many of us work on two monitors, a laptop and a desktop, or some other combination. Luckily, this posture-improving standing desk has space for extra displays. The top shelf holds two desktop screens or a laptop and a screen.

Then, the bottom shelf can hold your keyboard and mouse. That way, your entire office setup adapts to a standing work position.

JUMBO DeskStand in a video

Improve your posture while you work

Tired of slouching all over your traditional desk just to feel comfortable? When you add a sit-stand desk like the JUMBO DeskStand to your work setup, studies suggest that you can increase your energy, strengthen muscles, and stand straighter.

And who doesn’t want to look a little taller at work? According to the company, this 6th generation of standing desks is also 80% better for your posture thanks to upgrades in its design.

Go for a sustainable, biodegradable design

It’s always easier to be productive when you like your office. And this posture-improving standing desk’s Baltic Birch plywood material certainly adds a modern, Scandinavian look to your workspace.

But the company didn’t choose the material just for its looks. This particular wood comes from sustainable forests and is of premium quality. So it’s a desk you can feel good about and expect to last.

Meanwhile, DeskStand writes that it employs locally and trains its staff in woodworking techniques. In fact, all of its products are sanded by hand and use eco-friendly, water-based sealers. Even the logo is silkscreened onto the desk using water-based paint.

You care about the environment, and it pains you to think of your past furniture’s final resting ground. Luckily, unlike many ready-to-assemble furniture, the JUMBO DeskStand biodegrades once it reaches the end of its use, according to the company.

Feel good about the recyclable packaging

It’s disheartening to open an item you ordered online, only to discover outrageous packaging. The box is way too big for what you bought and is full of plastic wrap.

But this posture-improving standing desk’s packaging is nice and practical. The desk is packed flat to minimize shipping space. And it arrives in recycled cardboard packaging that uses all-natural, water-based glues.

Set your devices on the phone/tablet support slot

Finally, this desk even has a slot where you can set your smartphone or tablet in an upright position while you work. So you won’t even have to buy a dedicated phone or tablet stand with this desk. It also keeps your devices organized and out of the way.

You don’t have to put up with being uncomfortable and tired while you work. With the JUMBO DeskStand in your workspace, you can increase your productivity, stand taller, and support a sustainable lifestyle. Improve your workflow with this helpful standing desk.

Preorder the JUMBO DeskStand ergonomic standing desk from Kickstarter for $129. What sort of ergonomic office gadgets and accessories do you love? Let us know about your discoveries in the comments.

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