TrackR bravo is a Sleek, Coin-Sized Item Tracker That Makes Losing Items a Thing Of the Past

TrackR bravo is a Sleek, Coin-Sized Item Tracker That Makes Losing Items a Thing Of the Past

With the convenience of Bluetooth technology and an array of other functional elements, trackers have become one of the most explored areas in technology today. From personal fitness tracking to identifying the location of your pets, there are trackers to enhance your mode of living every single day. The best aspect of this new branch of technology is its compatibility with your smartphone which makes evaluation easy and effortless. Since the number of smartphone users have become close to 1.75 billion this year, the market potential of these trackers is huge too. Considering the world of item trackers alone, it’s actually a big plus to have more and more users take up the use of these trackers as they all come with a Crowd GPS enabling a community spirit in tracking items.

Bringrr was one such tag we reviewed sometime back but today’s story is about a Santa Barbara, CA-based startup company who had started developing efficient item trackers based on personal experiences. Their first products were the Wallet TrackR and the StickR TrackR GPS Smart Chip but the latest success that TrackR had on Indiegogo was about their newest tracking introduction which claims to be the thinnest tracking device ever made. Introducing TrackR bravo – an item tracker that looks elegant and works beautifully with all your daily necessities.

TrackR bravo tracks lost items

Thinnest Tracking Device Ever Made

As described on the Indiegogo campaign page, “The idea for TrackR began when Chris almost lost his car to the Pacific Ocean because he couldn’t find his keys, ultimately redefining the definition of beachside parking.” Their aim has always been about taking the headache of remembering the location of all your items out of your head and transfer it to your phone thus easing the process of item tracking once and for all. TrackR bravo has been made with this ideology in mind which looks no more than a coin-sized device but has enough power to track all your items once you lose touch with them. This could be anything like your bag, your pet, your bike or even your car keys. The sleek tracker can attach to any of your items and notify you of a misplaced one by using TrackR’s Distance Indicator or via Crowd GPS.

TrackR bravo

The tracker is an anodized aluminum construction and is a beautiful looking device which won’t draw away the charm from your accessories once you pair them up with the TrackR bravo. To make the most out of this tracking device, you need to connect them with the corresponding Android or iOS App that works as the database and keeps a list of all the items you pair with the TrackR bravo. At a time, a smartphone can manage upto 10 TrackR bravo devices on iOS. For Android, the number varies from 1-10. Each tracker has a suicide battery door that swings open, making battery replacement easy and convenient for all. It can be stuck onto any surface or tied on keychains or your pet’s collar using the loop. Everytime you lose track of an item, all that’s needed to be done is to turn on the app and then turn on the tracking symbol. This will make the tracker ring continuously until you find the device and stop it from ringing further. Since the TrackR bravo comes with a two-way separation alert, you may as well use it to find your phone incase it goes missing too (it works even if your phone is kept in the silent mode!).

TrackR bravo pet collar attachment

Pre-Order Price Starts From $29

You can also make good use of the Crowd GPS alert which comes handy if another user of the TrackR app comes within 100ft range of your lost item as this will give you a GPS update of your lost item. Each TrackR bravo also has the option of undergoing custom laser engraving to display a short message such as the return information or your pet’s name incase you’re using it to track your furry buddy. Apart from this, there’s the option of pairing it up with accessories such as a waterproof casing, pet collar attachment and a steel key loop in order to make the tracker merge with your daily lifestyle more effortlessly.

TrackR bravo tracks laptops

Currently available for a pre-order price starting from $29 ( a single TrackR bravo) ranging upto $99 ( for the 10 device pack), you can hope to make your daily tracking of items a bit more easy and smartphone compatible with these adorable and classy item trackers paired with your most precious items. Shipping starts this January, 2015! Happy Gadgeting!

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