Keep track of your essential items with this multifunctional smart tag

Monitor your stuff the—smart way—with the FIXED Sense smart multifunctional tracker. It tracks location, senses motion, and more.

Keep track of your essential items with this multifunctional smart tag
FIXED Sense on a laptop

Keep track of your keys, garage door opener, and more with the FIXED Sense smart multifunctional tracker. This multifunctional smart tag helps you find your lost items, notifies you of movement, and even works as a smart home controller. Your things have never been safer—or easier to find.

Tired of tearing the house apart, looking for your key fob just minutes before you have to leave? With FIXED Sense, you won’t have to deal with last-minute scavenger hunts anymore. Its finding feature helps you locate your essentials.

But this gadget isn’t just an item-finder: it tracks your gadgets’ movements, monitors your home’s temperature, and does much more. Move aside, AirTag, there’s a new smart tracker in town.

FIXED Sense in a video

Enjoy this smart finder’s Swiss Army knife-inspired design

Just like a Swiss Army knife, this multifunctional smart tag has a minimalistic design. Measuring only 4.89 by 0.6 cm, this gadget doesn’t take up much space, allowing it to fit discreetly on both large and small items.

Also like a Swiss Army knife, it boasts more than one useful function, unlike many other smart tags out there.

Protect your essentials with the motion sensor

Worried about someone nicking your laptop at the office? The FIXED Sense’s motion sensor can help. Simply turn it on to ensure your laptop’s safety. If someone moves it, you’ll get a notification right on your phone. It’s the same deal with the folding eBike you parked outside the grocery store.

The motion sensor also automatically creates a motion log. It lets you see all past movements of the item you want to protect, whenever you want. That way, no unexpected trip escapes you.

Find your stuff with the Bluetooth tracker

And, of course, if you lose a connected item, this multifunctional smart tag comes to the rescue. That’s thanks to its Bluetooth 5.0 tracker, which works with the Apple Find My network as well as Android devices.

It can show you your keys’ location on the map and their last logged location. And, with the beeping tracking system, all you have to do is follow the sound until you locate them.

What’s more, the FIXED Sense is multipoint, letting you connect to three devices. That means you can use the FIXED Smart application on your phone, tablet, and smartwatch to find your things.

Control your smart home

The control buttons are another cool feature. The FIXED Sense has two programmable buttons with three basic options. Since each of the options is adjustable, you can combine them in any way for nearly infinite functions.

What’s more, they operate via multigesture control as well as multiple clicks and long presses. You can assign these controls to turn on devices like your smart lights, smart blinds, and thermostat.

Analyze the temperature with this smart tracker

It’s helpful to know the temperature and humidity of your home’s air. That way, you know how to adjust the cooling and heating so that it’s comfortable for your arrival.

Luckily, this intelligent tracker regularly provides temperature/humidity updates in 1-minute to 24-hour cycles. And it even lets you know if the temperature or humidity exceeds preset levels.

Moreover, the app sends you a weekly humidity/temperature report by email. It lets you see how the climate fluctuates in your home throughout the week, allowing you to change your habits accordingly.

FIXED Sense Smart Multifunctional Keychain Tracker
FIXED Sense in color options

Connect to all FIXED Sense products with the FIXED Smart app

Best of all, you need only one app to monitor all your FIXED Sense tags. Use the app to find your phone, locate it on the map, and check its last location. Also, because of regular updates, this gadget is as stable and intuitive as it gets.

Furthermore, the FIXED Smart app is where you can set up safe zones, mute tracking, and enable night mode. You can even use it to connect to other FIXED Sense products.

If you’re looking for a smarter way to keep tabs on your stuff, this multifunctional smart tag is it. You can see the location of a lost item on the map and follow the beep until you find it. Also, it has a motion sensor that lets you know if your item is being tampered with. Finally, with smart home control and connectivity with up to 3 devices, you’ll want to have this gadget with you all the time.

The FIXED Sense smart multifunctional tracker costs about $21, and you can preorder it on Indiegogo. What items would you connect to the FIXED Sense? Let us know in the comments.

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