Walk with celebrities with Apple Fitness+ Time to Walk feature

Apple is encouraging you to stop staring at a screen and indulge in more walking with Time to Walk. This new feature accompanies your walks with personal stories told by infamous celebrities. Explore this blog to read more about Apple's upcoming launch.

Walk with celebrities with Apple Fitness+ Time to Walk feature
Apple Fitness+ Time to Walk feature on display

Walking is good for the body and mind. And we could all probably admit that we don’t do enough of it. Activity trackers can help us celebrate the triumphs of achieving a certain step in one day, but that’s not always enough to get you moving.

However, Apple has released Fitness+ Time to Walk—a $10-per-month subscription exercise service for watchOS 7.3, which features four celebrity-hosted walks. But these aren’t all athletes coaching you while you exercise, but sharing personal stories to accompany your outdoor ventures.

Time to Walk

Time to Walk three screen displays

What is Apple Fitness+ Time to Walk?

Time to Walk requires an Apple Watch and features walks ranging from 25 to 40 minutes. The wearable feature displays photos throughout your walk that accompany the topics celebrities are discussing.

You’ll have to use Fitness+ on your iPhone, which is paired with an Apple Watch. And the Time to Walk episodes will automatically download to the Watch’s workout app. You’ll then need to pair your Apple Watch to headphones to listen to the episodes.

Time to Walk

Time to Walk Draymond Green

What celebrities are featured?

Time to Walk is launching with walks hosted by Dolly Parton, musical artist Shawn Mendes, actress Uzo Aduba, and professional basketball Draymond Green.

In Parton’s 12-minute episode, she tells the story of her family. As she begins reflecting on moments with her siblings, a photo of young Parton is presented on Apple Watch. All the while, birds are chirping in the background to enhance the sense of nature and tranquility. The episode continues the episode talking about her hit song, 9 to 5. In particular, she shares the inspiration of this song when tapping her nails against a typewriter.

In addition, Shawn Mendes shares his experience of anxiety at the age of 15. And he discusses some mindfulness techniques he uses to remain calm when he’s feeling overwhelmed. And with each significant memory that Shawn reflects on, a photo follows.

We’re excited to discover further updates for new episodes. And who knows, maybe Apple will expand its celebrity list.

Time to Walk

Time to Walk Apple Fitness+

Overall, it’s interesting that this is Apple’s first creation that discourages you from looking at a screen. And each audio story exposes a personal, life-shaping moment from each celebrity. Therefore, you can let go of your daily worries and temporarily dive into someone else’s shoes. Plus, there’s a sense of togetherness with listening to the episodes as the celebrities are also walking while opening up their hearts to you. In fact, background noise, such as birds chirping, punctuates the stories.

At the moment, it’ll launch every Monday through April 2021. Will you be purchasing Time to Walk? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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