These unique titanium rings are what you want to wear

A beautiful, well-designed ring can be just the accessory you need to tie your outfit together or to make a style statement. It's even better if that ring is made in a unique way from a highly durable material like Oracle rings are. These titanium rings feature a modern design and come in a variety of colors. Best of all, they get their color through an electric current. Seriously.

These unique titanium rings are what you want to wear
Oracle Colorful Titanium Rings on a White Background

If you wear jewelry, you don’t want to put just any ring on your finger. No, you want the accessories you own to be as exciting and as unique as you are. That’s why you only buy something when it speaks to you; when it strikes a chord deeper than face value. These unique titanium rings are just that. They are one of a kind, yet simple, accessory that is sure to make you stand out.

Created by a true fashion lover, Oracle Colorful Titanium Rings, just as their name suggests, are made from titanium. And for color variety, they have been anodized. This means they’ve gone through an electrochemical process that makes the exterior decorative and corrosion-resistant. For the moment, the rings are available in widths of 9mm and 5mm. Both sizes feature beveled edges for comfort and style.

Why choose titanium for jewelry material?

According to the creator’s Kickstarter page, titanium has a lot of benefits as a jewelry material. Unlike silver and gold, titanium is hypoallergenic. So even if you’ve got sensitive skin, you could still totally wear these titanium rings. Also, as a material, titanium is antibacterial, so pathogens from your hands won’t be able to transfer onto this modern jewelry option. Finally, titanium is an extremely durable material. You’ll get years of use out of this ring that can stand up to your active lifestyle.

Why choose anodized rings?

I mentioned before that these rings get their colors from a process called anodization. But to go into greater detail, anodizing is a process of coloring metal by placing it in a special water bath and electrocuting it to a specific voltage. Different voltages result in a range of beautiful metallic colors. This way, no dyes or harmful chemicals are used in the decorating process. All the process requires is a power supply. And the water bath system is reusable, further cutting down waste.

Oracle Colorful Titanium Rings

Oracle Colorful Titanium Rings in a Row on a Black Background

What colors are available?

The anodization process results in a rainbow of unique color choices for these titanium rings. Currently, you can choose from Teal, Ice Blue, Blue, Purple, Indigo, Bronze, Gold, and Titanium. When you wear these rings, you’ll feel proud knowing that they haven’t undergone the typical coloring process. They’ve been tinted by electricity. Now that’s a conversational piece of jewelry and a bold design.

Oracle Colorful Titanium Rings

Oracle Colorful Titanium Rings Scattered

What styles do Oracle rings come in?

Oracle offers the rings in two styles: 9mm and 5 mm wide versions. The 9 mm version is excellent for wearers who like to make a bold statement with their jewelry. And the 5 mm option is for people who want thinner bands or who wish to stack multiple colors together.

Oracle Colorful Titanium Rings

Oracle Colorful Titanium Rings in a Row

How are these modern rings made?

Each of these titanium rings go through a careful manufacturing process. First, they’re cut on a lathe. Then they get beveled and sized. Next, they’re de-burred, cleaned, and polished using a hypersonic cleaner. Finally, they undergo the anodization process. Each stage in the production allows for maximum efficiency and quality.

Oracle Colorful Titanium Rings

Oracle Colorful Titanium Rings in a Circle

What is re-anodizing?

It’s true that over a long period with heavy wear, the anodizing effects of these titanium rings can wear off, and the rings may end up looking like a polished titanium ring. That’s why the company offers a one time, free re-anodizing for your ring up to two years after your purchase. They’ll also give it a clean, too.

Oracle Colorful Titanium Rings

Oracle Colorful Titanium Rings in a Line

Oracle Rings are durable, colorful rings that make a beautiful, long-lasting statement anytime you wear them. Best of all, the way these titanium rings are colored is genuinely unique. How many pieces of jewelry get their color from an electric shock? Not very many. Oracle rings make an excellent gift for the fashionista in your life or as a special treat for yourself. I know what cool accessory I’m adding to my holiday shopping list this year.

Oracle Colorful Titanium Rings cost $94 each, and you can preorder yours on Kickstarter.

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