When you are away, VARRAM will play with your pet

Left to their own devices, your pet might be pretty inactive without someone to play with. VARRAM is a robot that should encourage a little more activity, helping your pet to stay fit in the process.

When you are away, VARRAM will play with your pet
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  • How much exercise does my pet need? This varies greatly depending on the species. The bare minimum for most cats and dogs is 30 minutes per day. In addition, there are plenty of non-exercise ways to enrich your pet’s life.
  • What is the easiest way to keep your pet in shape? VARRAM is a robot that gets your pet up and running around. It stimulates all five senses to keep your cat or dog interested.

Being left home alone can be seriously boring for your pet. It’s kinda like being grounded as a kid — no TV, no friends, just looking at the four walls. It should come as no surprise that they just sleep the day away.

If you regularly have to leave your pet, VARRAM will keep them company. This friendly fitness robot is the perfect playmate, using artificial intelligence to provide entertainment. The idea is to keep your pet active throughout the day, thus improving their overall health and fitness.

How to exercise your pet

In most respects, being a pet is pretty awesome. There’s no hunting or foraging to do, and your home is completely insulated from the elements.

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A new fitness friend

When someone takes care of your every need, it’s natural to become lazy. But this isn’t a healthy lifestyle in the long run — our furry friends need plenty of exercise to stave off disease and nervous anxiety.

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No more snoozing

VARRAM could be the solution. Alongside walks and regular playtime, this bot encourages your pet to get up and move around. In addition, VARRAM can help your pet to overcome separation anxiety. You can even use the robot to play with your pet remotely while you’re stuck in the office.

Smart fitness robot

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Smart fitness robot

You can think of VARRAM as a smart pet toy. Instead of throwing a ball or playing with a toy mouse, you can simply send in this robot. VARRAM whizzes around your home on two wheels, using advanced sensors to detect and avoid obstacles.

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Set custom routes

The companion app lets you program the robot with set routes and behaviors that should grab your pet’s attention. Alternatively you can take full manual control from your phone.

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Keep them interested

To make sure your pet is fully engaged, VARRAM has a hopper for tasty treats. As the robot rolls by, your pet will want to follow the enticing aroma. You can also attach the supplied “cat tail” for a game of chase.

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Smart pet toy

To make the game more interesting, VARRAM uses nine touch sensors to sense when your pet makes contact. It can also dole out treats at set times to reduce separation anxiety.

Meanwhile, owners can interact through the VARRAM app and easily adjust the daily play schedule.

“VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot is the best lifelong animal companion. It is a five stimulus artificial intelligence robot that uses a snack reward to move a pet. ” — VARRAM on Kickstarter

Purrfect playtime

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The ideal pet companion?

For busy pet owners, using VARRAM is like hiring a personal trainer for your pet. It’s a great idea that uses smart technology.

Ruff edges?

We do wonder whether VARRAM will continue to hold the attention of pets in the long run. Time will tell!


– Kickstarter: Until October 18th

– Pledge: $89 USD

– Delivery: January 2019

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