This handmade leather collection makes your tech look natural

Want to make your tech stand out? Pair your smartphone and AirPods Pro with the accessories from VogDUO's Genuine Handmade Leather Collection. This iPhone 12 stand and AirPods Pro case protect and organize your favorite gadgets. They look gorgeous, too.

This handmade leather collection makes your tech look natural
VogDUO Genuine Handmade Leather Collection on a table with gadgets and accessories

You love your tech. Honestly, where would you be without your smartphone and earbuds? But those shiny glass displays and durable plastic exteriors can look a little cold. They can also be hard to locate in your bag. Thankfully, it isn’t difficult to add a warm, natural look to your favorite gadgets and make them easier to use. Not when you have accessories like the VogDUO Genuine Handmade Leather Collection. The iPhone and AirPods Pro accessories in this collection are made entirely from handcrafted, vegetable-tanned leather and help keep your tech secure and tidy.

The VogDUO Genuine Handmade Leather Collection includes an AirPods Pro case and an iPhone 12 stand. Both products feature a beautiful handmade design and a selection of vibrant colors. They aim to protect your devices and make them easier to use. But best of all, they look beautiful and add a natural element to your decidedly unnatural tech. Let’s take a closer look at the handmade wonders in this collection.

The AirPods Pro case keeps you organized

It’s easy to misplace those tiny AirPods in your bag or backpack, or even on your desk among papers. Fortunately, the AirPods Pro case keeps them more secure with their protective design. It also makes your earbuds easier to find since this accessory can clip right to your belt, bag, or backpack. Furthermore, the AirPods Pro Genuine Leather Case is pretty lightweight, so you won’t even notice you’re carrying around something extra with you. Best of all, using this accessory is super convenient since it’s easy to push your AirPods out of the case.

VogDUO Genuine Handmade Leather Collection

VogDUO Genuine Handmade Leather Collection with a laptop

The iPhone 12 stand holds your phone at a comfortable level

This handmade leather collection also includes the VogDUO iPhone 12 stand. It’s just 0.1 inches thick and is a DIY solution you can turn to when you’re out and about with your phone or remote-working. In just two steps, this stand snaps together and props your phone to a level that’s comfortable for viewing. So the next time you want to have a video chat at your desk or check your phone while you work on your computer, this stylish smartphone stand can help. The VogDUO leather iPhone 12 stand is compatible with iPhone 6–iPhone 12 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, Sony Xperia, and more.

This iPhone 12 stand gives you a tidy wireless charging experience

The iPhone 12 has arrived, and with it, a new true wireless charging experience and 5G connection. The VogDUO Genuine Handmade Leather Collection has adapted right along with your favorite devices, thanks to its stand’s neat and tidy wireless charging setup. It provides a cutout and cord management that lets you easily pair your wireless charger with the stand.

The VogDUO Collection has the ideal WFH accessories

If you work from home, you’ll love the convenience and style this handmade leather collection offers. The stand makes it easier to work with your phone from your desk. Meanwhile, the AirPods Pro case makes it simpler to have your earbuds at the ready any time you need to make a video call. These accessories are also great for travel and moving about your everyday life.

A leather sourcing process that’s unique

According to the company’s Indiegogo page, VogDUO’s leather sourcing process is intense and one-of-a-kind. It’s based on hundreds of trials, molding, and positioning models during the design phase. Also, the products use only vegetable-tanned leather obtained from traditional tanning processes. This avoids pollution from heavy metals. So the company takes great care to ensure that the materials are of top-quality and produce minimal effects on the environment.

These leather tech accessories are super durable

You won’t have to worry about the quality of this Handmade Leather Collection. Each design undergoes drop, bend, button buckling, and pull tests to ensure they’re up to the company’s standards. You can read more about the durability tests on the company’s Indiegogo page.

The company also notes that leather’s natural texture matures over time depending on usage, location, owner, and weather. It becomes darker and softer, the desired part of leather’s natural aging. And finally, since the products in the VogDUO Genuine Handmade Leather Collection are made of genuine leather, the products will cushion and protect your devices when you’re on the go and during use.

Each step of the manufacturing process is optimized

Care is taken at each juncture in the manufacturing process to create useful gadgets that are beautiful and high quality. Every phase undergoes critical conditions, including optimizations in dyeing, hand-stitching, braiding, leather carving, laser engraving, and more.

The VogDUO Genuine Handmade Leather Collection is a stylish series of tech accessories.  The AirPods Pro case protects your earbuds and makes their use more seamless. And the iPhone 12 stand props your phone to a comfortable height while you work. Both make great gadgets for work and travel. Building off VogDUO’s reputation for creating unique, humanized consumer electronics, this leather series gives users a durable, natural material for their favorite tech. They’re pieces anyone would be proud to own.

The VogDUO Genuine Handmade Leather Collection pieces start at $29, and you can preorder them on Indiegogo. What are your favorite ways to protect your tech and make the more aesthetically-pleasing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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