Is Your Dog Feeling Good? The Waggit Smart Collar Can Tell You

Is Your Dog Feeling Good? The Waggit Smart Collar Can Tell You

Most pets demand your care, and deliver cuteness in return. But owning a dog can genuinely transform your life for the better. Your canine friend is an unburstable bubble of joy who encourages you to exercise every day and explore new places. The health benefits for the owner are clear; but is your dog feeling good? The Waggit wearable activity monitor helps you track the wellbeing of your furry friend. The device can pick up the early signs of illness, and even locate your runaway pupper.

– Device records your dog’s daily routine, from running around the park to dinner time

– Mobile app alerts you when things seem amiss or your dog goes missing

– App also provides vital health stats

Feeling Good

Dogs are remarkably resilient animals. Even when they are suffering chronic pain, the signs are not always obvious. Your four-legged dynamo can limp on for years without crying for help. None of us wants that to happen.

Long before conditions reach this stage, Waggit can see the signs. This smart collar tracks your dog throughout each day and learns their behavior. If something changes for the worse, the companion app can alert you to the problem.

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In addition, this impressive wearable device has many other tricks — from nutritional stats to sleep tracking.

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Clever Collar

To understand whether your dog is feeling good or under the weather, this smart collar tracks their every move. But don’t mistake this device for a doggy Fitbit. Waggit is capable of much more than counting steps.

Through the companion app, Waggit lets you see exactly how much energy your pooch has burned. The smart collar also tracks your dog’s body temperature and resting heart rate, their respiration rate, and which body positions they adopt. It can even tell you whether Fido had a good night’s sleep.

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After a few days, Waggit starts to see the recurring patterns in this data. Should your dog start to breathe more heavily, for instance, the app will send you a notification. It might be nothing — it could just as easily be something your vet needs to see.

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The only real weakness is that the collar needs charging every seven days. Considering the functionality of the device, this is pretty good battery life — it’s just an inconvenience. That said, you will need a backup collar while it tops up.

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All-Round Health

But Waggit doesn’t just stop at diagnosis. In fact, this system promotes good animal and human habits.

For instance, you can compare your pooch with other similar doggos. Want to top the leaderboard? You need to get your walking boots on. Thanks to your competitive side, both you and your dog are getting fitter.

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The Waggit app can also help you track down your dog using GPS. This feature does drain the battery, but who cares when you can find your missing pet.

“The Waggit collar is the smartest collar your dog will ever wear. Fully equipped with the latest health, activity, and location tracking technology, Waggit makes proactively managing your dog’s health and wellbeing as easy as loving him!” — Waggit on Kickstarter

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What We ❤️

Because your pet can’t tell you when something’s wrong, this collar could genuinely save a canine life. By identifying potential health issues early, you can improve and possibly extend the life of your dog.

Future Designs

For version two, we would love some more battery life and a slightly slimmer design.


– Kickstarter: Until December 1st

– Pledge: $199 USD

– Delivery: May 2018

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