Weekend Digest: 10 tech gadgets we are about to see at CES 2022

The countdown has once again begun for the biggest tech show of the year. CES 2022 is just days away, and we can't wait to explore all the new tech and gadgets from the show. Before we dive in, check out these 10 tech gadgets launching at CES 2022 that have innovative concepts and realistic functionality.

Weekend Digest: 10 tech gadgets we are about to see at CES 2022
Echelon EX-8s Connect Bike is coming up in 2022

CES is almost here, bringing an exciting time for tech enthusiasts. From the largest companies in technology industries to even the smallest outfits, there will be plenty of developers and businesses showing off products. While we won’t know for sure what will be revealed at CES 2022, we have a few ideas in mind.

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Here are the 10 tech gadgets we expect to see kicking off the new year. Let’s go!

1. RainStick Shower uses advanced recycling to help save water, and it features Wi-Fi connectivity.

RainStick shower on display

Anyone trying to save water or reduce their consumption will appreciate the RainStick Shower. It features a Wi-Fi-enabled system that filters water collected after it goes down the drain. Using a 3-stage process, the water is filtered and then bacteria is eliminated using UV-LED technology.

RainStick claims to reduce as much as 80% of your usage of both water and power. That’s a pretty significant saving if you ask us. Learn more about the RainStick Shower here.

2. LG tiiun smart freestanding indoor gardening system lets you effectively grow plants inside.

LG tiiun garden in a drawing room

LG is hitting the home gardening scene with a new product that’s perfect for houses and apartments. Meet the LG tiiun smart freestanding indoor gardening system. It’s about the size of a minifridge and uses a wide range of intelligent features to help you grow plants and herbs inside—all year round.

Using a dedicated app, you’ll be able to monitor progress and make all kinds of adjustments, too. The Tiiun already picked up an Innovation Award for CES, which seems promising. The product is currently available in Korea.

3. Bona BV351AA Robot Vacuum Cleaner has a trick up its sleeve that its competitors are missing.

Bona BV351AA robot vacuum cleaner product design

Another day, another robot vacuum. We get it. Can you blame us though? They really are quite handy, after all. What’s better though, is when a robot vacuum introduces a new feature that one-ups the competition in a way we haven’t seen before.

The Bona BV351AA Robot Vacuum Cleaner does everything you’d expect, but it also features ultraviolet light. This way, it can sanitize floors against viruses, germs, and microbes. Not only that, but it also uses advanced artificial intelligence for obstacle avoidance. Check it out here.

4. LG StanbyME battery-powered TV is adjustable and lets you place it anywhere without dragging wires.

LG StanbyME battery-powered TV demo

It’s generally rather irritating to move a TV around, but with LG’s StanbyME battery-powered TV, times may be getting easier in that regard. StanbyME lets you move it around on a rollable stand without any wires attached. This is because it runs on battery power and has wireless connectivity.

You can also adjust it in a myriad of different ways or remove the display from the stand entirely. There are even extra ports, plus touchscreen and NFC support as well. You can learn more about it from the official website here.

5. TCL X9 8K OD Zero MiniLED TV saves space and features 8K resolution and Dolby Atmos 3D audio.

TCL X9 8K OD Zero MiniLED TV

In the market for a new TV, yet short on room to put it? The TLC X9 8K OD Zero MiniLED TV just might be the answer. It features a minimalist design that efficiently saves space and is incredibly thin. It also has an 8K resolution for super high-definition visuals.

Not only that, but there’s also support for Google TV and Dolby Atmos 3D sound as well. This is a truly next-gen TV you’ll want to keep an eye out for if you’re planning on a display upgrade any time soon. You can follow TCL for updates here.

6. Audeze Filter AI-powered speaker is here to enhance audio for conference and video calls.

Audeze Filter AI-powered speaker

With so many people using voice or video calls these days, Audeze has heard the cries of those suffering from poor audio quality. Audeze Filter is a portable speaker that connects to your conferencing system. It then uses artificial intelligence and planar magnetic drivers to help produce clearer audio input and output, regardless of room or environment type.

This is especially helpful for professionals who tend to be mobile and don’t have a consistent place to make and take calls from. Follow the official website here for more updates.

7. PORTL Epic 2 conferencing booth is a large digital display that seemingly places the other party inside.

PORTL Epic 2 conferencing booth

One of the crazier gadgets set to make an appearance at CES 2022 is the PORTL Epic 2 conferencing booth. This large display seemingly puts a life-size representation of whom you are talking to inside. It can livestream imagery in a 3D-like manner that makes you feel like someone is really there.

It features AI, forward motion cameras, high-res audio speakers, and a 4K screen. This will be interesting indeed. You can follow PORTL here.

8. Canon EOS R5c could make an appearance as a video-focused version of its predecessor.

Canon EOS R5c

Canon may be updating its EOS R5 with a new video-focused version. This may include better protection from overheating along with a few other tweaks and enhancements.

For those who enjoyed the previous model, but felt that it fell short on video shooting capabilities, it seems this may be a noteworthy improvement. Canon fans will want to keep an eye on CES, because this may not be the only camera on display this year.

9. Enovix 3D Silicone Lithium-Ion Battery can deliver twice the power of standard batteries.

Advancements in battery technology are always welcome because it affects such a wide range of tech products. That’s why Enovix’s 3D silicone lithium-ion battery is so important. It can support active silicone anodes 100%.

Not only that, but it can also deliver twice the amount of power over the standard batteries we see in consumer products. That’s a significant jump up in potential battery life for devices where this would be applicable. Let’s hope to learn more about this at CES.

10. LG Display Virtual Ride stationary bike concept is a unique way to get in the cardio for your 2022 fitness resolution.

One particularly neat concept we may see at CES this year is the LG Display Virtual Ride stationary bike. It uses 3 different vertically placed OLED panels at 55 inches each. They create a unified screen that stretches from the ground up and over the rider.

LG Display says it will feature the largest curved screen it’s made so far. If you’re into the idea of an exercise bike with a digital screen like this, definitely keep your eyes peeled for new news during CES this year.

We’re looking forward to even more cool tech at CES

In addition to this list of gadgets, we still expect to see lots more at CES. There are always unique and innovative new gadgets and concepts, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store this time around. Stay tuned to Gadget Flow because we cover all your favorite categories and update our product listings as soon as new information becomes available.

Have something you hope will make an appearance at CES this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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